Frantic Friday : The Dear Reader Edition.... (NSFW)

My Dear Readers :

Hi gang, it's Bammer.

I know this is supposed to be one of those great Frantic Friday's where all you have to do, is drop in and check out some

or something like that.

But honestly, all the IM's, emails and letters you send trying to get me to keep this up every week, are starting to take their toll on me!

I mean come on! You all know I'll do whatever it takes to warm you up a little, on any given Frantic Friday. But I did say early on in the year, I WON'T be doing this every single week!

So let's get back on regular speaking terms right off the bat, shall we?

How about we start with a great big

I don't know about you, but that sure made me feel better!

Now a few of the comments about the lack of Frantic Friday's around here, have actually gotten a little heated. But I need you to listen up. Don't go getting all grumpy and shit! Of course, I'll still continue my search for the

just for you my dear readers.

It's just that I need to slow down a little. Here's a great example of why.

As you know, I'd do damn near anything for you out there! The other day as I realised it was almost a perfect example of a hot and

day in the

I made my mind up that I would have to take advantage of the situation for my readers.

That meant that FOR YOU, I would have to take the great trek

and make my way down to the waterfront.

As we all know where there's water, there's going to be

and once you find the beach, you'll always be able to find

willing to step up the competition.

Well this day was no exception. I mean, the grounds were covered with potential candidates for Ms.

and no matter where I looked, I was totally getting the show I was looking for.


Then one special lady caught my eye.

So she's down at the beach and both she and her friend, had this real Canadian

theme thing going on.


In fact it may have been a little too hot for me, as I suddenly found myself belting out a great big

that was loud enough for everyone to hear.

Then came the trouble. I was busted!

This incredible vixen was heading right in my direction too!

Busted, busted and SO VERY, VERY BUSTED!

She walked right up to me and asked what my problem was. What would you do? Think about that for a minute. What would you really do in that situation?

I didn't think at all. I did what came naturally to me and said, EXCUSE ME,

I think I got off pretty easy in this situation! Kira was very cool about it all and after she was done laughing at the idiot in front of her, we grabbed her buddy Jan and had a drink at the beach bar.

I just got lucky that they both had a good sense of humour.

How good was it?

Well when I also got busted checking out the killer

Jan was sporting, all she said was that she knew one thing!

I know one thing too.
Chicks with a sense of humour just plain RAWK!

So I avoided disaster this time and got away with one at the beach. That's why I think I need to slow down just a tad. I don't want to go pissing anyone off in my search. So stick with me and I'll do my best to take care of your needs dear reader.

Thanks for your interest in the fun that is, Frantic Friday.

Now if you'll excuse me, Kira and Jan have asked if I'd take some pictures for them today. They really liked the ones I took the other day and have actually called me a "photographer."


I hope they're thinking along the same lines as they were before, because I know one thing for sure. Despite the incredible heat of that day down at the beach, I don't think I've ever craved a

more than I did right then!


My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


One of those nights....

So I make it at the very last second, and somehow manage to beat late registration for The Mookie. I bust out seconds later, gifting BWoP my stack by jamming the Asian Jew into well, THE Asian Jew! Natch she held a pair of ones and I was done. It's all good though, my mindset was all screwy to begin with so I probably never should have signed up in the first place.

Not ready to call it a night just yet, I sit in on an 18 player SnG where I am gifted every chip on the table by a few of the worst players I have ever been lucky enough to have sat down with. YAY me!
~ I think I now understand what it's like to be one of THE OTHERS when we sit down and have a pushfest! We were down to 7 players in 16 minutes and I had already quintupled up at that point.

So what's next? OH look! The Dookie is about to start and it's..... wha?.... PLO/8! Looks like it's going to be a late night after all.

With four minutes for first break, I head out to the great outdoors for some uh.... relief and a smoke. I turn the corner of the house and wham! Well actually, it was more of a grunt and some chattering, but I think you get the idea. I run into a Porcupine at the corner of the house and suddenly, I need a pair of pliers. Don't worry about me though, picking them out of a dog you've loved for a decade or more is far, FAR worse.

Maintaining the appropriate theme on the night, I make final table despite constantly seeing some split game hands like this.

You know the ones. They aren't really pretty, they just look that way!

Then keeping me awake with laughter, I'd get one of the real hands for the game AND someone to shove their stack in for me,

just so I could watch that unfold.

At the point where I can't believe anything else could go wrong,

how about we bubble the cash!

Not that it was that much or anything, I was just disappointed that I couldn't beat a player that was playing some serious four-card bingo at the table. It's a friendly game I know and the price is certainly right, I just kept getting it in good and losing to hands that I'll never understand being played. Riggs thumped him! So did Warsaw! They'd get it in good, hold and scoop a pot against kloper at least once an orbit. I get it in good pre, good flop and good turn, just to lose to some sick beat on the end. Losing when you play pretty good, well that just sucks but then again, it was just one of those nights..

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


It's all I can Bear....

Choosing this particular location for the cave, was a decision based on several key factors.

- Peace
- Beauty
- Livable property
- Immediate access to nature
- Neighbours, but not too close

The peace is rarely disturbed up here, typically more by an Oriole or Cardinals song than anything else. The occasional howls of the wolves creating more of a soothing effect on the soul, rather than disturbing the peace.

The beauty as I see it, is just plain everywhere! It's country living at it's finest. The red, yellow and white wildflowers cast against the brilliant white and silver birches, bringing a constantly new definition to the natural HD of colour.

There's just a couple of acres of property that require any kind of maintenance. Almost the perfect number is this two. It takes just long enough to maintain, so as to give you time to clear your brain of the days clutter and confusion. But not long enough that it actually becomes one of the daily chores that task your desire to do so.

There's also that 48 acres of unkempt bush in the background. A zone of nature where we become the intruder, the deeper we decide to penetrate it's core. The Osprey, Coyotes, Deer, Wolves, Beaver and Bear all have managed to remind us in someway, that this is their place we trespass upon while visiting.

Occasionally, the boundaries blur to a nothingness for us all. Making it possible for these creatures to present themselves in our backyard, just as we may appear in theirs. With the simple respect required by all parties involved, it's not that uncommon for us to gather at a twenty to thirty foot distance on either side of the imaginary border. Although surreal and incredibly wondrous moments for this kid, I've tried to maintain the respect between us that keeps it all in order. I like to send the simple and understandable message to my neighbours of the wild that says, "Hey, good to see you again. Like you my friend, I'm just passing through."

I don't feed and I don't hunt. Not that I think either is actually wrong in any way. In fact, I come from a very long line of hunters on Betty's side of the family. Then on Barney's side of things, I'm told that my Grandfather actually helped keep the Deer population alive around his neighbourhood, during several of the harshest Winters the area had seen. Both can be necessary, neither is evil. I just choose to belong and for me, it's what's worked to make the balance I so enjoy.

Sometimes a form of entitlement creeps into my peanut brain, causing one of my neighbours to remind me just how much bigger and stronger they actually are and exactly why I should remain, just a passer by in their world. Being a somewhat educated kid, the message is typically received loud and clear. Then other times just a short and very casual thirty minutes down the road and on a very similar plot of land to ours, a man my exact age has this happen to him on his own soil.

As in Poker, life itself is all about balance and variance. Allowing entitlement to rear it's ugly head within your own, often leads to nothing but the true ugliness that can occasionally define us as a species.

We may belong but we must also always remember, WE DO NOT OWN!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Have you given thanks today....

There have been rumblings and whining and of course, there always will be. Let's face it, any time you challenge yourself to pick out names from a group the size of ours, someones feelings are bound to be hurt. I'll just offer up one small piece of advice.


As if the effort, dedication and hard work he put in for us in the previous FOUR other BBT's wasn't enough, just take a look at what he's put together for us in round five of The BBT!

Have you actually considered what's involved in our little T.o.C. game for prizes?

Remember just a few posts ago, I was bitchin' about not being satisfied with some 'other' sites ability to let me use the $66 they owe me? Now FullTilt is throwing out another $4,000 our way in the form of The Battle Royale.

I mean.... SERIOUSLY?

Of course FullTilt just plain rawks but you Sir AlCantHang, know that it does NOT go without saying around these parts that you good Sir, YOU ARE THE MAN!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


BBT5 Freeroll report....

Well THAT was bizarre!

I actually played a little poker in the game last night.

Things started out like they always do. Me getting dealt "The Bammer" on the first hand, is merely par for the course.

Around hand #43, I forced things a little with a marginal starter.

I basically stayed alive early on, by constantly hitting flops like that.

The cards early on in the game, just kept getting worse and worse. I was forced to pick a spot here and there, then make a move when I thought it would work. Kinda' like these three beauties.

I get Astin here.

I drop "The Hammer" on DRIZZ here.

And after holding it for what had to be the 40th. time in 160 hands or so,

I drop, show and win with "The Bammer" for the fifth time in the game so far.

There is then a lot of really, REALLY boring crap hands that continue to come my way, until one magical little moment!

With several players interested in seeing a rather expensive flop, I decide to set mine with what seemed like only the second pocket pair I was dealt all night.

Pretty good decision too, don't you think?

Yes I busted Roy Winston there but honestly, I screwed up by missing a bet on the river that I think could have made me a few chips from the others. I was first to act and as I had all along the way, I checked figuring someone would show a little aggression. I think I should of bet out on the river card and hoped for the caller. Opinions?

So as often happens, that one big hand made the difference for me. It propelled me to a spot where I was comfortable enough in chips, that I could actually play a little poker as I went.

All that to say, I did this.

I have to admit, I'm pretty happy with being in the group of names that surround me there. Finishing around players who actually play the NLHE lottery, makes it all the more sweet for me.

I'd like to thank The Academy, my fans and of course, the great support from my friends and loved ones. Actually though, thanks for the fun rail and support RIGGS! Always special to 'see' you, wherever it happens to be.

Oh and of course, my thanks for the kiss of death goes out to Josie! Once I knew she "picked me" as her horsie, I pretty much figured I was done.


Thanks as always go out to Al and Fulltilt! What you do for us my hippie friend, is NEVER wasted on your true supporters.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....