BBT5 Freeroll report....

Well THAT was bizarre!

I actually played a little poker in the game last night.

Things started out like they always do. Me getting dealt "The Bammer" on the first hand, is merely par for the course.

Around hand #43, I forced things a little with a marginal starter.

I basically stayed alive early on, by constantly hitting flops like that.

The cards early on in the game, just kept getting worse and worse. I was forced to pick a spot here and there, then make a move when I thought it would work. Kinda' like these three beauties.

I get Astin here.

I drop "The Hammer" on DRIZZ here.

And after holding it for what had to be the 40th. time in 160 hands or so,

I drop, show and win with "The Bammer" for the fifth time in the game so far.

There is then a lot of really, REALLY boring crap hands that continue to come my way, until one magical little moment!

With several players interested in seeing a rather expensive flop, I decide to set mine with what seemed like only the second pocket pair I was dealt all night.

Pretty good decision too, don't you think?

Yes I busted Roy Winston there but honestly, I screwed up by missing a bet on the river that I think could have made me a few chips from the others. I was first to act and as I had all along the way, I checked figuring someone would show a little aggression. I think I should of bet out on the river card and hoped for the caller. Opinions?

So as often happens, that one big hand made the difference for me. It propelled me to a spot where I was comfortable enough in chips, that I could actually play a little poker as I went.

All that to say, I did this.

I have to admit, I'm pretty happy with being in the group of names that surround me there. Finishing around players who actually play the NLHE lottery, makes it all the more sweet for me.

I'd like to thank The Academy, my fans and of course, the great support from my friends and loved ones. Actually though, thanks for the fun rail and support RIGGS! Always special to 'see' you, wherever it happens to be.

Oh and of course, my thanks for the kiss of death goes out to Josie! Once I knew she "picked me" as her horsie, I pretty much figured I was done.


Thanks as always go out to Al and Fulltilt! What you do for us my hippie friend, is NEVER wasted on your true supporters.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


lightning36 said...

You played a great game last night, bro. The final table was up for grabs.

Wolfshead said...

I was watching your table for awhile and wondered what was going on with those timid bets you had been making and then I saw this hand and screamed wtf were you thinking of when you checked that river and I saw your hand. Noone was going to lead out that hand with Roy being all in unless they had a damned good hand but you in position throwing out a bet might have gotten a caller. Worst you could have done was the same result as your check. C'mon man, get with the program.

Wolfshead said...


nice finish

Memphis MOJO said...

Nice finish - sorry it wasn't higher.

DrChako said...

Let me know if you get a t-shirt for busting Winston. I busted him two weeks ago, and so far nothing.

Nice run.


BWoP said...

Nice job on the cash :-)

Josie said...

Nice Blog! Congratz on the Cash! But kiss of death???? Oh, You're CANADIAN! That explains it. ;)

Wolfshead said...


why did you and lightning have to pick on poor Roy :->

He was chip leader bwhen I started watching the table then you 2 took him apart.