It's not biting, if they don't really feed you....

Let's get this crap out of the way first.


I should also mention that the opinions brought forth below are in NO way, meant to be a reflection on my friends that work, write or participate in the activities of or for Pokerstars AT ALL! I love my daily reads over there and I can't imagine not having your great work available to me every single day.

I defended and defended what a great deal the WBCOOP was going to be for all of us, knowing that the pay out was better than the work required. I mean, there were thousands of dollars added to our games and all we had to do was play good and write it up afterwards. Simple right?

So I play good in two of the events and somehow I manage to take down a $33 ticket for SCOOP, in the one that I didn't bubble. Then miraculously, I'm sent an e-mail from Stars explaining that my blog work came in as runner-up! This effort was also worthy of an additional $33 ticket. WooOOOooT me! My crappy little $12 left on Stars, finally had some company!

So when the SCOOP schedule came out, I did what any self-respecting gambler would do right? I searched for the diaper crowd and found my dream games! I found two $33 buy-in STUD games and was set on building up my account.

One problem! I can't get into either. I don't have enough funds and my tickets, NO GOOD! I write support and support, explains how to use the tickets.


I try again, and again, and again and finally, one more time. NOPE!

I write support once again and support, explains how to use the tickets again.

After several dozen attempts to get into a game I think I stand a shot at, I frustratingly give up and head out to find a NLHE game for $33. I figure they must have locked the tickets into the NLHE events. Only to see the same message I got from both STUD events once again.

I check my ticket status and find,

I still have two $33 tickets available to use.


So running out of time in the events, I do what I think I can to save the tickets value and try to waste a $33 ticket on a $22 event that I think I can play in if all goes just right. Only to see this.

I write support.

What do I get? This!

Are you cerial?

After further contact with support to figure out what the hell is going on with my tickets, I find that they were only good for certain events that Stars deemed I was allowed to play in. Not one of which is convenient for my schedule.

So in short I was given $66 for my efforts but in reality, I did the work for nada. Thousands of SCOOP events and two tickets to play in it, as long as I play on their terms. Pretty good deal right there!

As long as your Stars.

Now at the same time as our WBCOOP, they did add $1000 to our last longer gathering prize pool. That is something I will never forget to thank them for! Actual cash and actual value! But as for this SCOOP thing, the bitter taste in my mouth may take awhile to subside to say the least.

I feel like I've been had. I guess that makes it a pretty bad time for Stars to have sent me this!

Hopefully Vanessa gets a good chuckle out of my response!

Despite my honesty with the frustration involved in this whole thing, I did manage to keep my answers simple and polite. I am after all, Canadian!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Memphis MOJO said...

That really sucks.

KenP said...

I am after all, Canadian!

Down a few Molson or some single malt. That'll turn you into a Yank for the duration.

Don't they have a sell your ticket option there or using one of the online places?

BWoP said...

Yuck :-( Sorry to hear that Bammer.

I won a T$215 ticket in the WBCOOP main event and was able to work with support to have them break that down into each of the tickets that I wanted for the low buy-in SCOOOPs. If I had known you were having this much difficulty, I would have put you in direct contact with the person I was dealing with at PokerStars.

Bayne_S said...

Stars last longer contribution was $1500 (total) and a trophy for each member of glorious winning team.

God bless Stars and thanks for taking Schaubs off Gnome and my team.

Alan aka RecessRampage said...

I shall also thank you for taking Schaubs off as that allowed me to join the winning team.

Team Roach FTW.

Schaubs said...

Just another reason why that site (I can't even type their name anymore) SUCKS BALLS.

I rest my case.

Oh, and in response to Bayne and RR, I AM CANADIAN and I came to represent.

Worth much more than the dust collector and the $$ you won.