Frantic Friday : The Fred Edition.... (NSFW)

Well hopefully that's it!

If all goes according to plan, our Fred has successfully navigated his way through a pretty tough year of Chemotherapy treatments. Yesterday the crew at the Hospital presented him with a pretty cool certificate, symbolizing his strength and determination through the entire process. Pretty cool thing to do actually.

So I figured I'd dedicate this Frantic Friday to Fred!

Fred has always loved his sports. He's really a huge Rugby fan, but he also has a real weakness for some Footy.

He was so wound up about watching that Chelsea vs. Barcelona match the other day. But I was very surprised to hear he was shutting it off with about a minute to play though. He said the Referee was, "ruining the game."

There must have been some brutal calls being made, because none of the players looked too happy after the match either.

He was pretty upset about it all and I had to think of something to take his mind of that mess. If there's one thing that can always bring Fred around and out of any funk he may be in, it's Fishing!

So we discussed all kinds of things that had to do with Fishing. We talked about trips we want to take together. Places we wanted to go and all the different species we were going to try and catch. We even had a discussion about what trips we'd need a Boat on :

and what trips would be a little more laid back. Spots where we'd be just fine, Fishing off the dock.

Yeah, Fred and I are really looking forward to a little downtime after all of this big "C" mess but I also realize, I've got to get him back into good enough shape so that he can take all of the activity. The Doctors recommended all kinds of activities and excercises that he could or should be doing. I made the decision that he should start with the really low impact plan, that'll get him the most bang for his buck. So I got him an Aquarobics Therapist, to do a little work with him.

He naturally protested at first but once she got into the pool with him, he seemed to be coming around just a bit.

I'm going to also spend a little time, focussing on getting him out of the house a little more. Even if it's just to get out for a drive, (Lord knows he loves his Sports Car!)

or maybe we go down to the Lake for a little walk.

Hell, maybe I'll just take him out to give his baby a good scrub!

Well, I better keep an eye on him though. I don't need him overdoing it just to keep his damn car clean! I'll need to help him out with that for sure, but for those times that I can't always be around to help, I've found Fred someone else who's willing to help him out when needed.

It was about then that I realized, maybe I should be taking a look at the bigger picture here? I mean, Fred & Wilma are going to need a lot more help than just cleaning the car and getting out of the house.

That's when I decided to get them some help with the day-to-day chores. I got them someone that can do the bulk of the cooking and cleaning, and take all of those worries away as well.

Fred seemed really pleased with my choice in helpers too! It makes me so happy, to make Fred happy!

The last step in the revitilization and healing process, was to find the best person for the in home therapists position. I interviewed dozens and dozens of candidates over the last few weeks. All highly capable and very worthy of getting the job. But during the dexterity and hands on portions of the interview, Fred said he thought there was just something "special" about how Nikki went about drawing his bath.

Since this is about Fred being happy on his way to recovery, who the Hell am I to argue?

So Fred, there you have it. If you think there's anything else you may need, just let me know. You've gone and gotten me all Jammed up™ about how this is all going to go down now, so I don't want to hear any :

out of you now!

I really want to see you succeed through this thing, so you can get back to being focussed on that charitable part time job you were so interested in. I know one thing, I think you'll make one helluva' :

Know that you're loved Fred!

Now let's do what this family always does! Let's get working on the next step back to normality.

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I'll take what's in a name for 401....

According to the statisticians keeping track of such crap, I supposedly posted #400 yesterday. I swear it seemed like just last Fall when I started up Bedrock and got to putting nonsensical mutterings out there for the masses. Where the Hell does the time really go?

Apparently I've been at this blogging thing for almost three years now! Who knew? Post #400 came exactly one day after this little spot turned 1 1/2 years old and I have to admit that when I started all this up, I honestly didn't think of numbers like 400 posts or keeping it up for 3 years. I certainly didn't even remotely consider anything like the number of you, who have become such great friends over the last few years.

Also according to my stats, for some bizarre reason THIS POST was hit on over 60 times yesterday. I guess someone really liked the idea and sent out a mass linkage or something! That often happens when someone stumbles upon and likes our little Frantic Friday's, but I found it amusing that they may have just really liked the idea and had some fun with it. Perhaps it was all of your Blogger "Porn Star" names instead, who knows?

But it did make me think that it may just be time for another Blogger You-You. In fact, I know it is. So let's see what we can come up with for your "Bloggers on Broadway" stage name.

The rules once again are very simple.

1) Your first name this time, should be the name of a current or most recent pet that you can recall. (this does not have to be your pet. A friends or neighbours will do)
2) As they all seem to have some type of middle name in Theater, this name should be the last thing you shoved in your mouth.
3) For a theatrical last name, how about we go with the name of the street you currently live on.

If you feel like playing, that would be great! Just flop your Broadway, (see what I did there?) name down in the comments. I'll try and update fairly regularly.

Bam-Bam = JoJo Water the 10th.
Riggstad = Junkyard Skoal Wellington
JamyHawk = Vegas Highlighter Dylan
Baywolfe = Patrick Cinnabun Springwood
Astin = Spike Rosti Simcoe
Schaubs = Franklin Toast the 64th
CK = Jade Werthers Delta Rio
BLAARGH = Cotton Waffles Penis Frost
VinNay = Ruby Marlboro Lafayette
Katitude = Cleo Brio Thorncliffe (love it!)
PinkyStinky = Duffy Copenhagen Market
Pokah Dave = Bruin Spaghetti North
Pokertart = Weaver Cookie Marlborough
Oh Captain = King Popcorn Ridgeview
DrewFours = Duncan Hershey Newport

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Heed my Pandemic fools....

So much going on today, I honestly don't know exactly where to start!

I don't have the time I'd like to, to do all the links necessary. But you should just go and read the great work over at Truckin'. Once again, I have a hard time believing that you'll be disappointed. I love it every time Truckin' comes out! I think I'll have to make a dedicated effort to get a piece of my own finished up and submitted to Pauly for an issue. I may not be no Betty, (but then again, who is?) but I have had one or two experiences that just may be able to hold someones attention for a minute or two of reading. We'll just have to see how that goes.

The second item on the agenda today, is just a touch scary! In a good way of course, but scary just the same. JamyHawk asked me to spread the word about, FROG DAY at the Mookie tonight. The idea behind it, is to get everyone using the Frog to have a screen full of Donkavatars. If you don't know what a Donkavatar is, we've really got to get you out a little bit more!

Now I sans-skilled last night so there'll be no mookie love for this kid, but you should play.

I took the time to hit and chase that damn little white ball again last night. Phenomenal Spring afternoon/evening, with just a hint of northern insectabotheration in the form of pesky little Black flys. Once they're deep into the ear canal however, they're really not much of an eyesore anymore! Northern Canadian living at it's best, always seems to have a little something to keep you on your toes in order to really enjoy it.

Spring here means biting insects. So since I proudly call myself a hearty and natural Canadian, I say let the Bloodletting begin!

Speaking of little pests! The once greatly exaggerated rumours of the other-worldly little fellow making an appearance in Bedrock, seem to be gaining a little traction of late. It appears that there just may be some truth to this story after all. Peb's and I have dusted off the spare rock in the back corner, just in case. If The Blogfather really is blowing through town on his way to eliminate Northern Ontario of all of those pesky fish, he may just need a place to wind down and really un-plug. Lord knows Bedrock is the place to un-plug!

Now if we can just get some kind of word from The high society mucky-mucks in the Medical community! There were rampant rumours running around at one time, about a great northern get-together. Nothing has been reported on this since however, and it has been sent to the back burners of the Blogger gossip stove. Here's hoping that the topic gets brought up again sometime in the future, before the "further" West claims it's newest Daughter and Sons.

Now on to the bad news. Well........ REALLY bad news I guess! I may be responsible for the next great pandemic I'm afraid. You see, as I returned home from Golf last night, I wasn't quite ready to stop the bleeding as it were. So a little time out on the back deck seemed in order. That was when it happened! I totally went and got myself into just about the worst situation possible in these times of pandemic despair.

I just simply looked up and apparently, that was enough.

That's right! The Swan Flew!

Despite the tens of thousands of you out there that will catch some form of actual flue, we should probably shut down the World right now, to prevent the spread of this here monster. If we don't, the next thing you know we'll be overrun with avian germs the likes this planet may have never seen before. I mean come on people! These are avian disease carriers we're talking about. This is not a laughing matter of the bovine variety! What if this leads to the worst case scenario?

That's right! No one ever notices The Pigeon Flew do they! Well think about it now. At the very least, 80% of New York City wiped out in just one wing beat, all because we lacked the foresight to shut this planet down after what I saw last night! Heed me now folks, or forever regret your decision to ignore The Swan Flew.

What's next?

Oh yeah, last nights Skillz..............

Where the EF to start with that mess? I think the game time decision to play was best summed up in my little tweet.

"Skillz PLO.... stoopid decision, but I made it just the same...."

Bombed up on Sunshine and Scotch, clicking "REGISTER NOW" was just about the dumbest thing I could have done at the time. I acknowledge that I'm an Omatard at best and add in the multiples of the Glenlivet factor, this donk should've just said no! But it's $11 and there were an awful lot of friends entered in the event, so why not? Oh yeah right, Lucko! Another classic beat on a good read, all the while being the dominator in the hand. That is, all the way to chase street. I got sucked out on when I made the right play, that of course leads to another case of me going on Donkey tilt and building up a stack by doing the very thing that drives me so friggin' crazy. Yes! I chased one down with no regard to the play, and sucked out like the azz I was being. But I had no interest in playing the game. I just wanted to shoot the shit with Riggs, Goat, Ski, Gcox and Pauly and let the cards fall where they may. Short story made shorter, I had a little fun and sucked at cards once again! Congrats on hitting BINGO and taking it down, go to Jordan.

Finally, Dom.

If you know what that means already, my heart goes out to you. We've lost one of the best character acters and funny men of my era. Captain Chaos indeed!

The World is suddenly not as funny as it once was.

R.I.P. Dom Deluise.

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Dial-a-shot =1, Technology = no score....

One of the key features about Bedrock and life at the cave is the social distancing when I really want it. Not to say we're hermits or anything. Just that it's great to be away from any type of hustle and bustle as we see fit.

The downside? Technology forgets that you exist way out there. Despite satellites flying hundreds of miles overhead dispersing signals all across the globe for anyone to pick up and use to run something as simple as a cell phone, Bedrock is what it is, a no signal zone of sorts. Best friends with the highest technological advancements in a phone, can get a signal with no problems. All they have to do is stand just about dead center of the driveway, (six and 3/4 inches to the West of center and 18 and 1/8 to the North to be exact) while holding their left leg slightly pointed to the South and planting tongue in cheek ever so slightly to the East, ought to cover it.

It's never been a big secret, that I am not exactly the biggest geek going out there. My technology limits know lots and lots and LOTS of bounds. This is also by design however, as I deem it important to be in control of who can contact me and how. But again, there is a downside.

Sitting out on the deck with nothing to distract me from the wonders of nature, makes me happy beyond content. It's my time to enjoy the life I live and take in the surroundings I've worked my azz off to enjoy. Nothing says happiness to me like the birds, the warm sun, a hot wife and a cold beer out on the deck, in the late afternoon of a beautiful Spring day. Last night was one of those most incredible of evenings. Just switch the cold beer to a Scotch for me, a Margarita for my Peb's, and you should be able to picture the perfection of the moment.

Occasionally something else will come along however, that also makes me pretty damn happy. This was going to be one of them. Last night I had an opportunity to have my first dial-a-shot with a friend. Although the shot went down and the basics of the conversation were semi-coherent at best, it would have been great to just sit down and shoot the breeze with Baywolfe a little bit longer. It just wasn't going to happen with my connection. With my Scotch in hand and hoisted in a generally South-Westerly direction, cheers and salutes were offered to a long-time albeit currently invisible friend. We'll have to do something about that invisible bit soon though. That shot went down a little too natural for a first time attempt. Something tells me we may be in a heap of trouble when we make the effort to do it in the flesh! Now that's something I can really look forward too!

Trouble at the bar, just seems imminent!

Speaking of bars! Have you taken the time to say congrats to the latest in the not so esteemed line of scum-bag Lawyers? My favorite little bendy Asian hawty, is all legal like in Las Vegas and ready to bring corporate America to it's knees. No doubt in my mind what so ever, that she'll be handing someone their azz in the court room, just like she does at the Poker tables.

Corporate America however seems to be fighting back in it's own regard. Seems someone was actually intelligent enough out there, to recognize the true talents of another of my friends of the red hawtness variety. Apparently Vice Presidents really do wear power shoes to make the right impression after all!

Hopefully these two never have to take each other on............................................

Wait a minute! They have! AND I WAS THERE.....

OK so that's another thing that makes me happy and content. So there is always that.


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May the fourth be with you....

Another classic weekend of sucky pokering and debauchery, but just have to love life right now! What a beautiful weekend it was out in Bedrock. Sunshine shining and blue sky being as blue as I've ever seen it. To make my weekend even better, the love of my life spent every single minute of it, right by my side.

Peb's and I spent the entire weekend cleaning up around the cave. I always find it amazing what can hide under a few feet of snow. Oh well, such is the country life I guess. We pretty much burnt anything that would and organized piles of the stuff that was still too wet. After a bunch of walking the property and bending and picking up of branches and twigs, it was great to just sit around the fire with the love of my life and just enjoy the moment with her.

Of course if I give Peb's a chance to, she'll come up with some pretty memorable quotes during these times. This weekend was no different!

After a hard day at it on Saturday, we were up pretty early on Sunday to get a few of the lighter jobs completed. We were pretty much done everything but the burning by 9:30 am. Peb's said she was really thirsty so I handed her a drink.

This brought out a Peb's weekend quote :
"Oooooh Beer! WAAAAAAAY better than water!"

Friday night Al put on a freeroll for 899 of his closet and dearest friends. I was pretty juiced up by 22hrs. and was really looking forward to donking it up appropriately for the occasion. Then one hand hit and a little later on, so did another. In the first twenty minutes or so, I'd doubled up my 1500 chip starting stack. Then I was dealt Aces and had a big stack push back at my raise. My hand held and I was sitting on a 4x starting stack. Insane! All the while, I was chatting with Al and watching the action at his table as well. After all of that fun, he had me out chipped by about 165.

Then the typical card-deadedness managed to find me but that was alright. I had enough in the stack to wait it out for quite a little while, as the blinds were still incredibly low. So wait I did, and wait and wait and wait. I go out and grab another Scotch and see, I missed absoloutely nothing while I was gone. As I sit down however, pocket-rockets once again. There is a raiser ahead, a shove from a shorty with about 900 in chips and then a call from an absoloutley awful, (Yes if I'm saying that, they have to be pretty damn bad!) player to my right. That's enough interest for me, so I make it 4x the pot to go. The initial raiser tanks into his clock and then finally folds. The player to my right flats. Leaving 200 back?

This also brought out a Peb's weekend quote :
"I swear that's a sign to FullTilt. You just know he's going to hit now don't you?"

The flop came down a beautiful Q-A-3 rainbow and my pal to the right, insta-shoved his last 300. Easy call with top set and we show everyone what we are holding. Shorty holds 10-10 and my esteemed opponent got his whole stack in with, Jack-King off. Turn brings a deuce and the river of course, one of the two outs he had in the form of a 10 to fill out a straight. Brilliant I say. Just bloody Brilliant!

I believe Peb's quote was :
"How did you not see that one coming?"

Sunday I took a shot at The Brit Bloggament as well. I haven't had much of an opportunity to play in this rendition of the BBT so far. What with the 4:30am. wake ups and the starting times of most of the games, there really isn't that much of a window for me to play. But I saw a chance to participate yesterday, so I gave it a run. It was good to see a few friendly avatars at the table. Even better to see all of the Donkavatars come out to play. IMHO at least.

I got nothing and even worse, I tried to force that nothing into some pretty strong somethings along the way. So it was small chip up, small chip up and then monster chip spewage. Lather, rinse, repeat and there you have it. At least I can say I 'participated' in the BBT4 right?

This result brought about another Pebbles classic :
"Bam you should've tried to finish higher..... by pulling a Vinnie Vinh."

Hard not to love a women after having a beer with her at 9:30am. around the campfire AND she also knows you THAT well.

Side note to the weekend, we've somehow managed to keep all of our bird friends around for some Spring nesting. It appears that the favorite songs of Bedrock will once again be choruses sung by Orioles, Cardinals, Goldfinches and others. Even the Hummingbirds got into the act yesterday.

Sure felt like Spring to this kid this past weekend and I say, bring it on!

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