I'll take what's in a name for 401....

According to the statisticians keeping track of such crap, I supposedly posted #400 yesterday. I swear it seemed like just last Fall when I started up Bedrock and got to putting nonsensical mutterings out there for the masses. Where the Hell does the time really go?

Apparently I've been at this blogging thing for almost three years now! Who knew? Post #400 came exactly one day after this little spot turned 1 1/2 years old and I have to admit that when I started all this up, I honestly didn't think of numbers like 400 posts or keeping it up for 3 years. I certainly didn't even remotely consider anything like the number of you, who have become such great friends over the last few years.

Also according to my stats, for some bizarre reason THIS POST was hit on over 60 times yesterday. I guess someone really liked the idea and sent out a mass linkage or something! That often happens when someone stumbles upon and likes our little Frantic Friday's, but I found it amusing that they may have just really liked the idea and had some fun with it. Perhaps it was all of your Blogger "Porn Star" names instead, who knows?

But it did make me think that it may just be time for another Blogger You-You. In fact, I know it is. So let's see what we can come up with for your "Bloggers on Broadway" stage name.

The rules once again are very simple.

1) Your first name this time, should be the name of a current or most recent pet that you can recall. (this does not have to be your pet. A friends or neighbours will do)
2) As they all seem to have some type of middle name in Theater, this name should be the last thing you shoved in your mouth.
3) For a theatrical last name, how about we go with the name of the street you currently live on.

If you feel like playing, that would be great! Just flop your Broadway, (see what I did there?) name down in the comments. I'll try and update fairly regularly.

Bam-Bam = JoJo Water the 10th.
Riggstad = Junkyard Skoal Wellington
JamyHawk = Vegas Highlighter Dylan
Baywolfe = Patrick Cinnabun Springwood
Astin = Spike Rosti Simcoe
Schaubs = Franklin Toast the 64th
CK = Jade Werthers Delta Rio
BLAARGH = Cotton Waffles Penis Frost
VinNay = Ruby Marlboro Lafayette
Katitude = Cleo Brio Thorncliffe (love it!)
PinkyStinky = Duffy Copenhagen Market
Pokah Dave = Bruin Spaghetti North
Pokertart = Weaver Cookie Marlborough
Oh Captain = King Popcorn Ridgeview
DrewFours = Duncan Hershey Newport

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Riggstad said...

Junkyard Skoal Wellington

That's sooo HOT!!!!

jamyhawk said...

Vegas Highlighter Dylan

Baywolfe said...

Patrick Cinnabun Springwood.

Actually it was a "Big Texas" Cinnamon bun, but that's a bit too long for a middle name.

Astin said...

Spike Rosti Simcoe

Schaubs said...

Franklin Toast the 64th

Memphis MOJO said...

Dude, congrats on 400!

BWoP said...

Jade Werthers Delta Rio

(Might work better as porn name than Broadway name . . .)

BLAARGH! said...

Cotton Waffles Penis Frost

VinNay said...

Ruby Marlboro Lafayette

Katitude said...

Cleo Brio Thorncliffe.

really don't know what to make of that, lol

PinkyStinky said...

Duffy Copenhagen Market

PokahDave said...

Bruin Spaghetti North

pokertart said...

Weaver Cookie Marlborough


OhCaptain said...

King Popcorn Ridgeview

DrewFours said...

Doin' some catching up and this one looks like fun and would make me:

Duncan Hershey Newport