Frantic Friday: The Birthday Edition (NSFW)....

It's Birthday day!

NO! Not mine.

NO! Not Peb's or not-so-mini-Peb's either!

It's The Wife's Birthday today kids and to me, that's a special enough occasion to do something a little different around here for a change.

You see, The Wife is one of those very special friends to me. Not that your not all special in your own ways of course, but once you've shared a few of the moments The Wife and I have together, I don't know! The bond just feels like it can never be broken.

We are and always will be, BFF's.

UH.... That's Butt Feeling Friends, by the way.


Normally I know that you'd all drop in to see some

doing a little sumpin' sumpin' right?

You're here because this is THE place to check out the weekly

that has become, your beloved Frantic Friday.

Let's face it kids. When all the planets align and I do my job on a Frantic Friday just right, even

will show their appreciation.

I'dunno, it's just what I do I guess.

The Wife you see, is kinda' like the mime of us Bloggers. Constantly proving that

There's also the fact that if you're lucky enough to run into The Wife at any of our Blogger functions and you see how she puts herself together, you'll soon come to the realization that


I don't really think calling my BFF The Wife a

is actually appropriate though.

She does however have a multitude of exceptional talents that can and will, never be underestimated by yours truly, or anyone else that recognizes how truly special The Wife really is.

As an example, we ALL know how incredible her

abilities have paid off, for some lucky dude!

I mean really, she did all the work right?

Now he's just flying around,

Don't get me wrong here, I love the man like a Brudder!


I do!

But with The Wife at his side and a Ferrari to go cruising, I can occasionally get my jealousy thing going, sometimes causing me to mumble something about


Anywho again.... Here on Frantic Friday's I try my best to do what I can, to provide you my dear readers, with something that I call "Wife worthy." Because beyond the kisses, the butt grabs, the hugs, the strippers, the JUST CAN'T BE PRINTED ANYWHERE ON THE NET experiences, that we've both had one or two parts in, I'll never forget the first time I actually laid eyes on The Wife.

I feel that no words can properly describe how that all went down but you know what?

It was

If you know me, you may just be shocked and amazed at what's about to happen here. But that's how much The Wife means to this kid.

For the first and probably, (hopefully!) only time ever during a Frantic Friday, I present a Birthday present that hopefully, hits the "Wife worthy" spot.


Wrong one.



Here's a couple more just for you "M"

Happy Birthday The Wife and to everyone else,

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Ups & Downs are like....

Treading water!

Up = Went to dinner at the boss' house and had a great time.
Down = It was Ma & Pa Canada's way of telling me that they just couldn't afford me anymore, despite how well everything was going.

Up = Made 7 buy-ins on a hot streak of epic proportion at the local Casino.
Down = Peb's lost 3.

Up = Made three additional trips back to said Casino, all on the same funds from the first one.
Down = After the 3rd. trip failures, initial bankroll now sits at only + $85.

Up = Rumour has it that our economy is thriving and overall hiring, well they say it's back to the levels of the late 1990's.
Down = I checked and you know what? There wasn't that much hiring going on back then.

Up = I actually took the time to throw a post together for this place.
Down = It seems to be getting harder to do so.

Up = I'm married to my best friend.

Hmmm....... things are looking up after all!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....