We may be strange, but those Cowboy's....

Occasionally we see things that make us shake our heads in disbelief and wonder. Sometimes the scene is one of horror, say a car crash or a miss-treated child. Sometimes the scene is one of humour, like blooper shows on TV or AlCantHang dancing in the aisles of the IP. Whatever the case may be, these scenes also have some type of addictive quality to them. You know you really should look away but somewhere deep inside you, there's something stopping you from turning your head.

After Golf Friday, Peb's and I got cleaned up and headed out to the MGM for the fun. That was where we came upon one of those special moments where we both knew we should just look away, but neither of us could avert our eyes from the spectacle.

The spectacle that was, Table #16!

A $1/$2 table that at that point in time, had approximately 4,500 - 4,800 dollars in play on it. It was The core G-Vegas crowd and a few select others, including IGGY and DRIZZ. Stacks ranged in size from massive to minuscule and one thing seemed evident right from the start, every hand could generate a monster pot and most likely, probably would.

I did my best to pay attention to the play, despite also wanting to spend a little time chatting with the likes of Waffles, Rooster, Derek and others. As good as it was to see everyone and get a few moments to get caught up with each of them, the table drew my eyes back to it repeatedly.




"The NUTS."

"Two pair."

"Quad Ducks."


"Nut Boat."

"Ace high."

"You're good."

"Rebuy on #16"

Followed by the roar of laughter.

I can't be positive but I am fairly certain that as I was talking to Waffles, I think I saw one hand played totally blind. But not your standard deal it out and we'll see what happens blind. More like an entire table betting on their blind hole cards based on the flop, turn and river kind of blind!

I think one of my better quotes of the weekend happened at this table, when I noticed BadBlood was sitting next to Otis' monster stack. BadBlood's stack may have contained five or six chips at that point.

"I want a stack and a story!" I exclaimed.

At first it was a joke of course but not being an actual part of that game, I'd love a little insider view of what was actually going on.

As the folks of our WPBT crowd came and went like the surf lapping up onto a warm beach, the dynamic of the area around table #16 changed incredibly. With each wave of new bloggers to the area, came new stories. There were new ideas of what to do next and most certainly, new laughs and smiles with the meeting of friends old and new. If there is such a thing as joyous electric AND eclectic, it was happening on the border of the MGM Poker room.

At a lull in the action both at table #16 and in the general area, Peb's and I snuck out the back door for a little one on one time. Just enough time to shake out a few cobwebs from the early am. cold, but hopefully not enough to miss out on anything too terribly special that might happen. $20 should do it I thought to myself. "Let's go grab a Penny slot and a drink or two Peb's." I said hoping to see that grin. Well I didn't even get the word slot out, before she'd grabbed my hand and smiled in that way that makes me melt.

She'd found her Lobstermania game and almost immediately after dropping the $20 bill in the machine, our drink orders were in and we were well on our way to laughing like idiots. I've said it a thousand times I know but I still have not clue one, how the hell you win anything at Penny slots! When betting 15 lines, a line of 5 seagulls pays you 4 credits. Yet with the same bet and the seagulls scattered all over the bloody screen, the damn thing chimes off 150 credits to the good for you. The only thing I do get on this one particular game though, is the Lobster fishing BONUS part. Pick the traps and hope for biggin's!

As I was sipping on an exceptionally good Scotch, (to me for $20 into a Penny slot, a 15 YR. old Glen anything seems like gold!) and Peb's was spinning her magic, I saw Doc Chako and The Wife heading right towards us. NICE! I looked around for Julia, (The keeper of the over-poured and under paid for Scotch) to order a quick round. The couple-Chako appeared to be in no rush as they were meandering down the aisle, all the while making simple moves together to avoid the staggering masses in a rush to somewhere important to them.

"They make such a great looking couple don't they hun?" I asked Peb's.

Too focused on the line of crap that seemed to be paying her 400 credits at the time, she replied "Who does?"

"The Chako's."

She finally took her eyes of the screen in front of her and must have noticed the direction I was focusing towards.

"OH. They do look great don't they!" I heard her say.

That's when it happened. They just strolled right on by us, oblivious to our presence before them.

"OH NO THEY DID NOT JUST DO THAT!" I exclaimed. I jumped out of my seat beside Peb's and ran after the two of them with a purpose. But what purpose? "What do I do when I catch them?" I actually said out loud, to no one but myself. And that was the moment that I made what could have been a pretty dangerous decision.

I grabbed The Wife's ass!

At the very last second, I found myself ducking in preparation for the soon to come right cross to the jaw. What was I thinking? The Wife is a farm girl at heart. Sure she's all executive and shit but deep down inside, she has to know how to protect herself. As she spun around in shock, I saw the partially formed fist that came natural to her. Thankfully and mercifully for me, we made eye contact before I needed an excuse for my newly minted black eye! And then we laughed. We laughed a lot! The old saying "what comes around goes around," certainly came to life for the two of us, as The Wife paid me back completely and in full, as I made my way to the Poker Room on Saturday morning. Right there in the main aisle of Ceasar's Palace and in front of a packed bar of spectators, The Wife grabbed my ass and made me practically jump out of my skin. Fine then, we're even! (until we're not anymore!) :)

After parting ways with both Chako's, Peb's and I cruised back to see the wrath of Table #16. A quick count of the stacks I could see, revealed that the table was now holding somewhere around six large! INSANE!

We made our way around the sportsbook and right there in the middle of a bunch of crappy slots, sat my baby from my Vegas days gone by.

The Electronic Horse Racing machine!

If you haven't ever played on this thing, you MUST! It used to be just outside of Gilley's place at The Frontier. You grab a roll of quarters and bet anywhere from one of them to all of them, on any combination of two out of the five horses in the field. Odds are given early and you have about 30 seconds before each race to bet. It's a riot on it's own but considering that there's room for around 12 players to play in every race, it really lends itself to a social atmosphere unlike anywhere else in the town.

Picture if you will on one side of the machine, it's four deep in Cowboy's. The other, four deep in drunken Brit's. At the far end there was a small group of twenty somethings blasted out of their freakin' minds and on the other end, me and my Peb's. Let the battle begin!

$20 in quarters, a very rough count of a half dozen scotch, at least the same in beer and I think Peb's managed to scarf down somewhere between 5 and 6 Rye and Gingers later and we had what Peb's would call all day Saturday, "A SCREAM!" Anyone that saw me early enough on in the day Saturday will attest, I was all "SCREAMED" out!

I made money on Cowboy's betting both with me and against me. Folks were dropping $10 bills over my shoulder and challenging me to win again. In many case I lost a quarter on the race itself, only to then pick up the $10 and shove it in my pocket because I "lost." Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

The one weird spot however was as I was in the Men's room doing the beer reduction process, a stranger showed up behind me and stood there.

"What size are your feet?" I heard from his general direction. I looked back and asked, "Excuse me?" "Your feet. What size are they?"

Now I'm so freaked out, it's just not funny.

After apologies for disturbing me and some of the really freaking weird dissolving from the situation, it turns out that he was making me an offer to trade his boots for my shoes.

Cowboy's in Vegas are really, REALLY fucking strange!

That's it for now.
Let's try and Poker in the morning, shall we?

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


PokahDave said...

heh...he may just as well said..."you got a purty mouth"....

Subconscious said...
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The Wife said...

I don't know how we didn't see you, but I sure LOVE the way you caught our (my) attention!

Glad I could get your "attention" as well, baby! Love you.