Frantic Friday : The Waterfront Edition.... (NSFW)

Hello again Frantic Friday lovers!

Welcome to a very special, "inside the mind of Bam-Bam" edition. I know, I know! Getting inside there just has a scary ring to it doesn't it?

There really is no need to be afraid though afterall, I'm in there and look how I turned out!

Oh.... I see what you mean.


With the weather being so unusually warm around Bedrock these last few weeks, I made the decision that we all needed a day off here at the cave. Everyone including myself had been showing signs of being run down and totally drained, from such a hectic Frantic Friday season.

So I simply told everyone that we we're shutting Bedrock down for business on Wednesday and the day off with pay, was completely on me!

There were actually cheers let out, when I told the crew that I was taking them down to

for our day off.

Now I know what you're thinking! 'Man that Bammer's a great guy.'

Well honestly I feel the need to share a little secret with you. You see, taking

down for a day at

is not exactly without a few fringe benefits for yours truly.


So as we all romped around and had an amazing day down by the water, it truly became a great way to say

and release all the stress and strain, from the grind that can be our Frantic Fridays.

Now, I mentioned those fringe benefits right?

It wasn't long into our fun in the sun that Thelma from Sales and Marketing was

out to me that three of the little hotties from the office, had forgotten to bring their bathing suits.

Like real troopers though, this DID NOT deter them in the slightest. Even better, (to me!) than going skinny dipping, they just mixed up what I thought was a great combination of

I just couldn't take my eyes off of them!

That's when Thelma and a few others mentioned, that they thought I had a bit of a fetish going on.

I totally denied it at first but you know what? They might just be on to something here. I mean like any normal kid my age, I was really into that Farrah poster. You know the one right? The red bathing suit shot!

I also despite never watching the show for any real entertainment value other than

always seemed to have B.J. and The Bear on my TV in my younger days.

So quite possibly it is true. I just may have a bit of a nipple through clothing fetish after all!

Come to think of it when Women's Tennis is played under the exact right conditions, meaning relatively high

I can't manage to turn my head away from the game!

Oh well! I think there's way worse fetishes to have than this one right gang?

I mean what's really wrong with a kid having a thing for a good game of

after all?

Considering the big picture in the scheme of things kids, there could be a lot worse fetishes for me to have than just thinking that a hawt women in a wet or sheer top looks



Man that is one great pic though huh!

Stuff like that get's me all wound up alright! Maybe I can talk Peb's into a nice long HAWT

when she gets home from work tonight?


just thinking about that!

I'd best be getting my mind on other things now. Let's go back to the day off at the beach shall we?

One thing I did forget to mention to many of the newbies that came out for the day was, how

the salt water can be on dainty and delicate materials.

Man did that ever make for some interesting times!

But that's not going to get my mind off things, is it?

I know! I'll tell you all about how how even despite a massive storm in the middle of our beach soccer game, everyone was having so much fun that no one wanted to stop for a


I've got it pretty bad don't I?

It's OK though because while I was loading that pic into the site, I looked this shit up in some of the top medical journals.

What I have may be a bit of a fetish for certain, but it is very common amongst kids my age and it's commonly refered to as


Thankfully I have a brudder who's a Doc and just maybe, he can be the one to snap me out of my little issues!

Man oh man! Why couldn't I have developed a much simpler form of fetish, for say something like


I think I just did!


That's all for now kiddies!
So as always, until next time....

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Tick....Tick....Tick ======>

Just look at how SLOW, that little counter over there is moving!

I mean seriously!
Cooooooommmmmmmmme ooooon right?

I see that the initial wave of WPBT excitement posts have started rolling in now. That always get the anticipation building within me.

It's always in these pre-trip days that I remember Kat's very first and might I add QUITE correct advice, when we discussed my first visit out for the gathering.

"Plan not babes. The best things just kind of happen."

I used that advice for that first gathering and of course, for EH Vegas. It stuck with me for a silly G-Vegas weekend and also for my first BASH. Every single time so far, her words have rung true and helped me have a great time at every single event. So being the smart cookie that I am, I'm running into this WPBT Winter Gathering with the best game plan possible.

Pretty much none!

Crap! Re-reading all those links, just makes me want to get there even faster now!

So in one of my random acts of kindness I offer up here occasionally, may I suggest you do the same. Kat's advice is so solid and letting the things happen, generally does make for one of the best trips you could imagine having. Now having said that, there are of course the standards that no one should miss, if other plans haven't already been made.

They include, (but are never limited to)

- Thursday night at The Imperial Palace Geisha Bar.
There is drinking, -EV table games and just about the only shot you'll ever get at watching a Rock N' Roll Hippie, dance to the Freddie Mercury Dealertainers performance.

-Friday Night at The MGM.
There is drinking, the above standard fair of tables set up for some mixed games and usually, one of the best opportunities to hook up with someone you were really hoping to spend a little time with during the trip.

Oh and there's also this little Steel Panther thingy going down. Of course it's only for the real young at heart and under no circumstances EVER, should anyone be allowed to sleep through it!

The one firm plan I do have and also added to the roster for the very first time this year I believe, is Golf! We have a great core group committed and it's going to be a blast for sure! Special thanks go out to the bestest partner I could have ever asked for, in helping get all of this together.

You just plain RAWK CK!

Unique Friday events have been brought to the gathering by several others. I know that The Pinball Hall of Fame was a huge hit with the kids last year. There are also several planned Photography sessions for the avid fan of such things. Including a trip to the Neon Graveyard, that sounds like a really great opportunity for some amazing pics.

-Saturday of course, the Poker Tourney runs at Ceasar's.
Huge thanks to April, (assisted to perfection by F-Train I'm told!) for putting together such a great format and doing all the work for us degenerates.

-Sunday is a day of rest. BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
You'll most likely find the majority of the crowd at The I.P.'s Sports book. Watching and wagering on a game played with a spherical ball with points at each end. Oh and do I need to mention, there may be drinking involved.

So there's the rough basics but honestly, "plan not babes."

One last bit of advice if I may.


It's amazing how these gatherings go by in a blur. So much fun and so much on the go. Plans get made, then change and then, they get changed once again. All in the name of fun. At the end of every single gathering I get told something along the lines of, "I saw you Friday and figured, we'd just hook up again on Saturday." But we never did.

I really look forward to meeting up with all of my old friends and hopefully, I'll catch each and every one of you. But honestly, I get pretty stoked about meeting as many of you that I haven't had the pleasure of hooking up with as of yet. So if you see me or one of my friends points you in my direction, PLEASE stop by and say hi. I'll be doing my best to do the same.

Now on to the important bits.....

Are we there yet?

How 'bout now?


Come on!

Are we there yet?


My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


BBOC review....

Last night FullTilt ran a charity event to help put a Bad Beat on Cancer. Fifty percent of the $10 buy-in, went directly to the charity. That was good enough reason for me to get involved. But then you add in that there were twelve FullTilt Pros AND AlCantHang making an appearance, I was just going to have to be there!

My first table draw found me sitting with The "Hendon Mob's" Ross Boatman. He was quite a bit more social in the chat than any other Pro I've ever had sitting at the virtual felt with me and honestly, quite the gentleman.

I do have to talk to him about his avatar though! You'd think that with all of his money and FullTilt backing him while he's on-line, that between the two of them they could've discussed a more accurate avatar with Julius Goat and Bayne!

Take a look at this shot and you'll see what I mean!

I mean seriously, mine is much more realistic looking right?


For the most part I TAG / Ultra NIT my way through the first hour of play. I got dealt a few hands, made a few draws and mostly took notes on who and what the action was all about. Nothing major really, I was just doing enough to stay alive.

Three spots to my right, there was a player with an penchant for what appeared to be blind stealing. He/She almost never got to a flop. It was raise pre, raise pre, raise pre and take down the blinds over and over again. This probably happened about 95% of the time, when ever it was my big blind. I had a moment here where I was just pretty darn sick of it. So after the typical folds between the two of us, I popped it back up and watched him fold immediately.

The moment I had though was,

I showed.

This brought on the best chat session of the night by far.

BamBamCan:keep on coming
rocky453:I will
BamBamCan:Hope so!
banjovian:I sooooo wanted to do that
banjovian:name change. you should add that to rocky453

I got my first real chip stack here, on the 125th. hand.

He jammed on the turn and with me holding two of the kings, I just didn't believe I was up against big slick. I guess pocket Queens was possible there, but I went with my read and prayed for just the one Queen.

The only other hand of any real note, was a bizzare gut feel I went with. I don't know what it was exactly, but the hand played out really, REALLY weird! The betting, the timing and most of all the amount bet on the river to me, just didn't make any sense. Now I'm far from a NLHE expert my friends, (I think we all know that for certain!) but something just didn't seem kosher to me.

When I made the call here on this hand,

it was either hero or zero!

I went on for about three hours of good Poker and had myself a lot of fun. I love it when something charitable can go so well!

I busted out 55th. of the 314 runners that came out to the game.

I DO NOT have enough singles to discuss my losing hand, so we'll go with my opponent made an excellent read.

Ya...... uh..... that's it!

After all! He had 50% of the four players in the hand crushed AND, there was still one card in the deck that he could beat me with.


My sincerest thanks for dropping by....