Tick....Tick....Tick ======>

Just look at how SLOW, that little counter over there is moving!

I mean seriously!
Cooooooommmmmmmmme ooooon right?

I see that the initial wave of WPBT excitement posts have started rolling in now. That always get the anticipation building within me.

It's always in these pre-trip days that I remember Kat's very first and might I add QUITE correct advice, when we discussed my first visit out for the gathering.

"Plan not babes. The best things just kind of happen."

I used that advice for that first gathering and of course, for EH Vegas. It stuck with me for a silly G-Vegas weekend and also for my first BASH. Every single time so far, her words have rung true and helped me have a great time at every single event. So being the smart cookie that I am, I'm running into this WPBT Winter Gathering with the best game plan possible.

Pretty much none!

Crap! Re-reading all those links, just makes me want to get there even faster now!

So in one of my random acts of kindness I offer up here occasionally, may I suggest you do the same. Kat's advice is so solid and letting the things happen, generally does make for one of the best trips you could imagine having. Now having said that, there are of course the standards that no one should miss, if other plans haven't already been made.

They include, (but are never limited to)

- Thursday night at The Imperial Palace Geisha Bar.
There is drinking, -EV table games and just about the only shot you'll ever get at watching a Rock N' Roll Hippie, dance to the Freddie Mercury Dealertainers performance.

-Friday Night at The MGM.
There is drinking, the above standard fair of tables set up for some mixed games and usually, one of the best opportunities to hook up with someone you were really hoping to spend a little time with during the trip.

Oh and there's also this little Steel Panther thingy going down. Of course it's only for the real young at heart and under no circumstances EVER, should anyone be allowed to sleep through it!

The one firm plan I do have and also added to the roster for the very first time this year I believe, is Golf! We have a great core group committed and it's going to be a blast for sure! Special thanks go out to the bestest partner I could have ever asked for, in helping get all of this together.

You just plain RAWK CK!

Unique Friday events have been brought to the gathering by several others. I know that The Pinball Hall of Fame was a huge hit with the kids last year. There are also several planned Photography sessions for the avid fan of such things. Including a trip to the Neon Graveyard, that sounds like a really great opportunity for some amazing pics.

-Saturday of course, the Poker Tourney runs at Ceasar's.
Huge thanks to April, (assisted to perfection by F-Train I'm told!) for putting together such a great format and doing all the work for us degenerates.

-Sunday is a day of rest. BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
You'll most likely find the majority of the crowd at The I.P.'s Sports book. Watching and wagering on a game played with a spherical ball with points at each end. Oh and do I need to mention, there may be drinking involved.

So there's the rough basics but honestly, "plan not babes."

One last bit of advice if I may.


It's amazing how these gatherings go by in a blur. So much fun and so much on the go. Plans get made, then change and then, they get changed once again. All in the name of fun. At the end of every single gathering I get told something along the lines of, "I saw you Friday and figured, we'd just hook up again on Saturday." But we never did.

I really look forward to meeting up with all of my old friends and hopefully, I'll catch each and every one of you. But honestly, I get pretty stoked about meeting as many of you that I haven't had the pleasure of hooking up with as of yet. So if you see me or one of my friends points you in my direction, PLEASE stop by and say hi. I'll be doing my best to do the same.

Now on to the important bits.....

Are we there yet?

How 'bout now?


Come on!

Are we there yet?


My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


lightning36 said...

Yo -- can't wait to meet you in December, Bam-Bam!

jjok said...

looking forward to it

VinNay said...

Sadly, it looks like I'm not making it this year. Have fun, and give me some dial-a-shots while you're there.

The Wife said...

See you soon, BABY!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!