Some big news from TuckFards, The Riverchaser and the fool... ...

Grab a Bronto-Burger and a Cactus Juice, (make mine a double!... Uuuhhh. Maybe a Triple ! ) There's BIG News from the TuckFards.

This will be re-donkulasauras for sure !

After losing my Mookinity, I figured what the hell? I might as well jump in with both feet right? So jump I did. Right into the good Sir's Riverchasers game on Thursday nights. Not only did I have a great time with all my invisibles out there again, but I was treated to total randomness, (as requested when I started this crap) when I found myself moved to a new table. My new table included none other than S.A.C.H himself, Mookie, IG, jjok, Evy35 and others. Even the rail-birds were worthy of (far above) honourable mention, Fuel55 & Waffles were there, and even Maudie had returned to chat us up a bit after busting out at my original starting table. Of course brother Carson who would never let me down, stopped by for a well timed hey.

I had a blast !

Highlights :
I made a 'reasonable' guess on catching Al stealing. (my opinion) He and Evy were my immediate right and 2nd. right players. One or both always raised into me. I had crap and could not fight back. After about 7 or 8 orbits, I noticed Al had bumped up his raise x2. ( to about 6x BB ) It stunk of a play to me. If I was wrong, well I go out looking like a Fard. I figured, "I am a Fard" so, I re-raised the raiser. Then I waited, and waited, and waited. Now I knew I was right! Presto-foldo and I'm back in the hunt. Oh, by the way Al, I think I had a suited 6-9 there. (I think?)

I took another good sized pot off one of the blogger's best internet players, XxMagicianxX. This was a good hand. He had middle/bottom 2P. I had T2PTK and we had a short dickswing to build the pot up. Blanks on the turn and river gave me a good stack early.

Finally, I took my 3rd. player out by slow playing the ladies. My early min-raise wasn't enough to scare 'Kev' away at that point, so he came at me with a re-raise. I called after running 15 to 20 clicks off my clock. The flop brought the Qh-3s-7d. I waited until top dead center of my 15 second count and checked. He bet pot. I waited until the exact same moment and raised him 1/2 his stack. He instantly pushed and I hit call before his chips had slid into the center. I saw "GG" in the chat box before the cards opened up. I could not figure out how I could be behind. I wasn't.
He had crap, no pair, no draw & no Ace?

***Bonus points *** This was the player that sucked out on me on Wednesday at the Mookie. I smell a re-match !

Low-lights :

I went out on the 6's. Like I said, either Al or Evy raised my BB for 7 or 8 hands in a row. I was getting sick cards and my favorite 6's looked pretty damn good after all of that. I got my money in, in a pretty good race situation. That's not how I like to play typically, but I wasn't crushed when she flipped over the A-10........ I was when the Ace hit, right in the door.

If you haven't played in a Mookie or Riverchasers event, you don't know what you're missing. Do what I do and it's free every week. Play in the SnG's and build the bankroll. In PLO, Head's up or NLHE, you should be able to get $22 in a heartbeat and these events are worth every penny.

Kat's, (::sigh::) Donkament is tonight. (here's the fool part) I will not be playing. :o{

The lovely Pebbles will be stepping up to the mouse for her first foray into the on-line degeneracy. Why fool? I'm letting her start her illustrious career at the Donkament. She'll kick my ass when she see's some of that play !

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It was my first time, it was supposed to be special...

*** Note *** This post is rated B/G , (Blogger Guidance) for crude language and it’s mild sexual inferences. Any similarity between this post and the eminent future discussions between mini-Pebbles, and myself, is strictly coincidence and shall not be thought of again, for a really,,,, really,,,, really……LONG TIME !

It was supposed to be special. That’s what I’ve heard from everyone else I’ve ever talked to. The build up leading to the first time is a sensual frenzy for the mind and soul. With each tick of the clock passing and the time getting closer and closer, my body was writhe with anticipation. I was on sensory overload. I had made up my mind and it was going to happen last night. I’d found the one that had wanted me, as bad as I wanted them. It was time. At 10:00pm on Wednsday November 14th, 2007, I lost my Mookinity.

It was supposed to be special. The foreplay leading in was incredible. It was easy to see now, how all the others before me had been drawn into the same dark and unforgiving place that I was headed for. With subtle words like “hey Bam” and “glad U could make it.” I was lured ever closer to the big moment. Then others joined in and made me feel as if I belonged somehow. “Bam-Bam !!!” came screaming out at me as if to say, “I am so glad to see you!” It was IG, she’s always one to make me feel just right. Then I look to my left and sense a warmth and familiarity, totally intended to welcome me to the fold. Ah Drizz. What a great feeling it was, to have my favourite Purple Poker Player around to protect me should anything go awry. I took a look around to see who else would help, should I need it in an emergency. I should have known! Carson has always been there for me. Anytime I’ve ever needed anything, he gets it done and just shrugs off his support by saying, “that’s what friends do.” Despite the comfort of having these friends here during my moment, for a short time I was uncomfortable. Very uncomfortable! Something just wasn’t right. You know the feeling I’m talking about? I thought it was nerves about whether or not I could do everything right and not look like a fool. Then suddenly, my surroundings lured me even deeper into their spell with a soft and gentle “Bam-Bam!” I simply replied, “Kat.” Now, all was just puuurrr-fect for my special night. I slipped deeper into the transe-like state my partner, or partners were hoping I would succumb too. It was working.

It was supposed to be special. With my surroundings becoming more and more comfortable by the minute, it was easier to find my environment more inviting than I could have imagined. Welcomes, banter and chat intended to create the image needed to seduce my very soul. It was wonderful. All the foreplay made me warm inside and I let myself go, I reveled in the lusciousness that I was becoming. Those responsible, ( Yes ! there were many of them for my first time! ) for making me feel so amazing and powerful, would come and go with only whispers of breath and gifts for my stack. It was all so…………so……….. SEXY! Although I am new to the game, I believe that I know how and what I was feeling. It was definitely sexy. I had tripled up on the stack of goodies I brought to the party. I was sitting in my own piece of my own personal heaven.

It was supposed to be special. There was a hand, or maybe two, that rubbed me ever so slightly the wrong way. But I knew I would make a mistake here and there, It was my first time after all. At least I was learning from them. I proved that point to myself and those around me, when I grew tired of the one that was touching me inappropriately. I made him go away and I kept all that he had brung to my big night. Message sent loud and clear, this is supposed to be special for me! Pardon the play on words but, DON’T FUCK WITH ME TONIGHT! It took almost no time for that message to get around to all the others. All the others save one! As I not only stayed around for, but actually paid quite a bit extra for more of this lovely play, this one wanted to barge in. Sometimes, when push comes to shove, I can get pretty bossy. This was one of those moments. I had my girls with me and they weren’t going anywhere. In fact my girls were very good and brought their sister by, just in case. So there we were, me, three girls and what must have been a lonesome and angry sole, playing with his cowboys. Me and my girls sent not just a strong message, but we forced ourselves down ‘this cowboys’ face as if to say, 'I’ve got your number buddy. There’s nothing to see here, move along.' He wouldn’t budge. In fact he was pushing back at us, all the while saying, “I guess I lose.”

It was supposed to be special. Instead, he brought out another cowboy that he’d picked up out by the river. Together, his three cowboy’s raped me. Right there in front of my friends, they removed every shred of decency and pleasure that was involved in my special night. I was raped, violated and had no manner of sense at what had just occurred. Friends tried to console me and I tried to listen. I wanted to strangle the bastard and cut up him AND his stupid fucking cowboys. But it wasn’t his fault. I know that. You see, he too was lured just as deep into this degenerative world, as I was. He had his cowboys and a horse named kicker. What was he supposed to do? Could I really expect him to act like a gentleman and just lay them down softly, so I could have my way with them? Not likely. Instead, he got what he wanted, not me. Now I’m finding out, that this is actually closer to the true story of most peoples first time! That's a shame. It is supposed to be special.

It was supposed to be special…… instead I got raped. I still feel a little dirty, despite trying to wash it away several times already.

To my freinds I say thanks. We'll do it again, don't worry. It just won't be my first time anymore.

To my lovely Pebbles...... Thanks for being the one "true" love of my life. You make everything else, seem like nothing but a post.

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Heeeeeee...........Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw !

Well wasn't this a damn fine day.......... !!!!!!!!!!
Take that random.... I am soooooooo back... bee - atch - es !

Thanks to Ron the Technical Representitive - Trainee.
(exactly how he signed his advice e-mail)
The FullTilt world is stuck with me. 79 miles worth of dial up and I'm in.
Kat.... I feel you this Friday. Donkament, I'm all-in!
Look out Mookie... Here I come !
TuckFard Freeroll... U got me !
Sir Al... Cheers ! Riverchasers here I come ! It was great chatting with you tonight. Too bad I'm bad luck... :o( ..... The shots are definately on me good sir.

I say read it.... and be humbled too !

My daily chirp about whatever the hells going on in my little corner of Bedrock..... Is officially on hold.
I made the best mistake I have made in some time today. I read blogs before posting my thoughts. I would like to ask my measley few readers here, to make sure they read DRIZZ today.

As a would be writer-type, I am humbled by this post.

Please let him know what you thought of it in his comments.

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The weekend that was ....

Green Bay Packers 34 ....... Minnesota Vikings 0 'Nuff said !

I played two live games and went into three on-line events over the weekend. I had what I would have to call, a decent showing. I finished 4th. on Saturday night when the only mistake I think I made all night, was running jack’s into king’s. I had said earlier on in the night that I hated jack’s, this is why. They look so damn pretty. In particular, when you are down to four-handed play. They can be so damn hard to let go of for me. I need to learn how to just let them go. Fourth is a decent finish in our crowd. Everyone has a good shot at making final table and for the most part, play is pretty good. With 20 of us always fighting to get to the final eight, I’ll take 4th. place for the night I had.

Sunday was quite the ride. A 40 player tournament playing down to the paying final table of 10. Pebbles and I both got there. Carson, NutzFirth and DonK got close, but no cigar. I felt terrible for TotalTilt! She busted out on the final table bubble after playing some damn fine poker. The last two guy’s at her table could not stop commenting on how well she played. The one fellow admitted that “if it wasn’t for some good luck for me, I would have been gone a long time ago.” I like that my favorite pair ‘O’ T’s left them with that “be afraid of me” impression. In the end, Pebbles ran out of time, patience and chips as she was just plain card dead. She managed a 6th. place finish. For no cards, she got the best out of it that she could. I took it to third place. I was playing well and had a good read on my competitors. I made some moves at the final table and they paid off huge. One of which made future plans for tightening up a bit, waaaay more effective. After I had been continuation betting my completely missed 6-8 off-suit all the way to the turn, I made one more bet when the ace hit the river. I told the guy, “since I really think you liked that Queen, I’ll over bet now!” He took three seconds to get his cards into the muck. I flipped up the useless 6-8 and tossed them dead center of the table. The next two hands I was in, I got calls from everywhere. And bad drunk beside me would always raise if I went in after that. I had two hands where I let him build the pot for me. I just called and went for the ride. I know he missed completely once, and the other I made him show me bottom two pair to my flopped set. It pisses me off the way it ended ‘cause my man Carson stayed right to the end to rail me. I didn’t want to waste his time, you know? Bad drunk guy got me in the end. I read him for a draw and I had TPKK. I raised him fairly aggressively and was not surprised that he called. The guy was bombed. The turn was a scare card for the hand I put him on but it still was gapped on both sides. If I was right, he'd need the middle to get the hand. I hit the pot again a little harder this time. He ‘hiccup’ calls and I didn’t even look at the river card, I bet while it was still in the dealer’s hand. He semi-attempted to focus and called all-in. If he had it, I was screwed. I called and showed my top pair. It took 2 or 3 minutes to find out but…. He had it. He personally had no idea that he had it in my opinion. Carson thinks he slow-rolled me. I guess that’s possible ‘cause the guy was a bit of a dick. I just think he was too drunk to actually think about being an ass. I’ll watch for and listen for it to happen again in the future. If I see or hear about him doing it again, I’ll kick his ass.

Oh yeah, the on-line games! Uh…. I won ‘em all. I am going to ride this SNG train until it decides to kick me off. Tons of profit? No. But profit none the less and I’m having fun doing it.

Oh yeah again……. BIG NEWS…… I think, with the awesome help of “Ron-Tech.Representitive – TRAINEE” (I love that part) I might actually have a real fix for
My no FullTilt in the Boonies problem. We’ll know tonight! Everything’s crossed that can be, without excruciating pain that is!

Kat's Donkament awaits !!! Yippeeeeeeeeee...................

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What to do, what to do ??

I should probably go HUGE and be a celebritory dick! But that's just not me. It doesn't help that poor Drizz's Vikes, didn't even show up for the game. Well, the majority of them didn't. There were a couple of guy's you could tell still had some pride in what they were doing.

The Pack played a good solid game for The Wife and I, and we're safe from "the colour wearing" challenge in Vegas in December. I wasn't officially in the thing but like a true packer-backer, I wasn't letting my team mate go down alone. Now it's Drizz that'll be sitting in fashion and style, looking all GQ in the glorious Green & Gold.

My question now is, what do I do? My adopta' Barney is a huge Vikings fan. He had a jersey all picked out for me to wear in Vegas for the day. Needless to say, it will not be making the trip. I do however still have the very retro, Purple/Gold Chuck Taylor's that I pulled out just in case. I forgot how much I loved those shoes. I'm leaning towards bringing them along on the trip. I feel a little bad for Drizz that it wasn't much of a game. Maybe if I wear the shoes while he's paying off his debt to The Wife, it'll be that little moral support he needs to get through the day just a bit easier.
We'll see ?

34 - zip... ............... Wow !

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Some good reading and life's little update ...

The good Dr. has this months issue of Truckin' up now. Lot's of good reads and fun for everyone.

Check it out.

*Life update*

We've settled and calmed ourselves a little, since the events of last week. We're taking it one step at a time for now. Monday should give us a better idea how this will all shake out.

Thanks to all you invisibles for your great support. I just can't wait to say that in person! Like a kid at Christmas, counting sleeps 'till the big event is fun! But why is the clock moving soooooo damn slowly?

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....