Some good reading and life's little update ...

The good Dr. has this months issue of Truckin' up now. Lot's of good reads and fun for everyone.

Check it out.

*Life update*

We've settled and calmed ourselves a little, since the events of last week. We're taking it one step at a time for now. Monday should give us a better idea how this will all shake out.

Thanks to all you invisibles for your great support. I just can't wait to say that in person! Like a kid at Christmas, counting sleeps 'till the big event is fun! But why is the clock moving soooooo damn slowly?

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


The Wife said...

Glad to see you're getting a little more perspective. DrChako always says "It all works out in the end." Sadly, as much as I could punch him when he says that right in the middle of something bad, to date, he's been right.

I hope his philosophy holds true for you and Pebbles in the end, too.

And like you, I am very excited. I find myself already trying to decide what to wear! That sounds so much like a girl.

Go Packers!

The Wife

Dr. Pauly said...

Thanks for pimping Truckin'.