What to do, what to do ??

I should probably go HUGE and be a celebritory dick! But that's just not me. It doesn't help that poor Drizz's Vikes, didn't even show up for the game. Well, the majority of them didn't. There were a couple of guy's you could tell still had some pride in what they were doing.

The Pack played a good solid game for The Wife and I, and we're safe from "the colour wearing" challenge in Vegas in December. I wasn't officially in the thing but like a true packer-backer, I wasn't letting my team mate go down alone. Now it's Drizz that'll be sitting in fashion and style, looking all GQ in the glorious Green & Gold.

My question now is, what do I do? My adopta' Barney is a huge Vikings fan. He had a jersey all picked out for me to wear in Vegas for the day. Needless to say, it will not be making the trip. I do however still have the very retro, Purple/Gold Chuck Taylor's that I pulled out just in case. I forgot how much I loved those shoes. I'm leaning towards bringing them along on the trip. I feel a little bad for Drizz that it wasn't much of a game. Maybe if I wear the shoes while he's paying off his debt to The Wife, it'll be that little moral support he needs to get through the day just a bit easier.
We'll see ?

34 - zip... ............... Wow !

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

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The Wife said...

We can be pleasant in the blogs - but I have no shame in taunting the day of "The Wearing".

Do we have to make him wear it all day, or just long enough to be seen and photographed?

I'm thinking of seeing if I can find some hot little GB tank top to wear too!

The Wife

PS: As a GB fan, the Chuck Taylor's are a little blasphemous. But as a friend, its sweet of you to try to soften Drizz's obvious pain at such a bad showing.