Some big news from TuckFards, The Riverchaser and the fool... ...

Grab a Bronto-Burger and a Cactus Juice, (make mine a double!... Uuuhhh. Maybe a Triple ! ) There's BIG News from the TuckFards.

This will be re-donkulasauras for sure !

After losing my Mookinity, I figured what the hell? I might as well jump in with both feet right? So jump I did. Right into the good Sir's Riverchasers game on Thursday nights. Not only did I have a great time with all my invisibles out there again, but I was treated to total randomness, (as requested when I started this crap) when I found myself moved to a new table. My new table included none other than S.A.C.H himself, Mookie, IG, jjok, Evy35 and others. Even the rail-birds were worthy of (far above) honourable mention, Fuel55 & Waffles were there, and even Maudie had returned to chat us up a bit after busting out at my original starting table. Of course brother Carson who would never let me down, stopped by for a well timed hey.

I had a blast !

Highlights :
I made a 'reasonable' guess on catching Al stealing. (my opinion) He and Evy were my immediate right and 2nd. right players. One or both always raised into me. I had crap and could not fight back. After about 7 or 8 orbits, I noticed Al had bumped up his raise x2. ( to about 6x BB ) It stunk of a play to me. If I was wrong, well I go out looking like a Fard. I figured, "I am a Fard" so, I re-raised the raiser. Then I waited, and waited, and waited. Now I knew I was right! Presto-foldo and I'm back in the hunt. Oh, by the way Al, I think I had a suited 6-9 there. (I think?)

I took another good sized pot off one of the blogger's best internet players, XxMagicianxX. This was a good hand. He had middle/bottom 2P. I had T2PTK and we had a short dickswing to build the pot up. Blanks on the turn and river gave me a good stack early.

Finally, I took my 3rd. player out by slow playing the ladies. My early min-raise wasn't enough to scare 'Kev' away at that point, so he came at me with a re-raise. I called after running 15 to 20 clicks off my clock. The flop brought the Qh-3s-7d. I waited until top dead center of my 15 second count and checked. He bet pot. I waited until the exact same moment and raised him 1/2 his stack. He instantly pushed and I hit call before his chips had slid into the center. I saw "GG" in the chat box before the cards opened up. I could not figure out how I could be behind. I wasn't.
He had crap, no pair, no draw & no Ace?

***Bonus points *** This was the player that sucked out on me on Wednesday at the Mookie. I smell a re-match !

Low-lights :

I went out on the 6's. Like I said, either Al or Evy raised my BB for 7 or 8 hands in a row. I was getting sick cards and my favorite 6's looked pretty damn good after all of that. I got my money in, in a pretty good race situation. That's not how I like to play typically, but I wasn't crushed when she flipped over the A-10........ I was when the Ace hit, right in the door.

If you haven't played in a Mookie or Riverchasers event, you don't know what you're missing. Do what I do and it's free every week. Play in the SnG's and build the bankroll. In PLO, Head's up or NLHE, you should be able to get $22 in a heartbeat and these events are worth every penny.

Kat's, (::sigh::) Donkament is tonight. (here's the fool part) I will not be playing. :o{

The lovely Pebbles will be stepping up to the mouse for her first foray into the on-line degeneracy. Why fool? I'm letting her start her illustrious career at the Donkament. She'll kick my ass when she see's some of that play !

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

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Yabba Dabba Doobie (and I dont smoke da weed anymore)!!

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