Shit that makes me LOL....

Go ahead, it's Friday!
You know you want to.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Just wondering....

Can you tell that these guys are from Bedrock?

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


JJ is right, "MEH"....

JJ says, "Meh, it's OK."

Hand #1 ~

Guy jams me on the flop after calling a 4x raise;

no doubt that turn and river were coming at all.

Hand #2 ~

When Muhctim isn't scared of the board,

I feel the need to let'em go.

Hand #3 ~

Same game,

better result!

I did have a lot of fun in that PokerSlut game Sunday night though. The format was LHE (which I despise) but since Zooks and Scotty were both playing, I thought I'd donate another $5.50 to the kids. Charity is just what I do.

I pulled a HOY against SmBoatDrinks early on. Actually surprised me that I could get away with it, considering it was LHE!

But then I got Buddy

AND PokerGeek (with a much better hand! ;) )

Good frickin' times right there!

My donking around with suspect starters however, eventually lead to my demise. Big surprise huh? You can probably figure out how this hand went down all on your own.

It is entertaining though, to watch the suck, re-suck, then totally unnecessary boat over boat violence at the end. More good times!

So instead of donating, I guess I now have a few more PokerSlut buy-ins instead.


*HUGE congrats go out to Josie, who just scored a 3rd. place finish in the first WBCOOP event. IN OMATARD of all things!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....