Well deserved thanks and YES ! I was out of my mind ....

Since it’s been a very clear runaway for the month of December, I'd like to say my sincerest thanks to this months top five referrers.

The Tao of Poker
Sir Al
The Wife

I’ve received dozens of new visitors courtesy of the little plugs and links from each of you, and I am very grateful for the hook-ups. It’s because of your kindness in mentioning this little place I rock out in, that Bedrock actually doubled up the number of visitors in only the second month of virtual existence. I always try to return the favour and I hope my little corner of the world helps you out in some small way as well. As i've always said, if you are a reader here and you do not frequent any of the sites listed on the right side of this little joint, you don't know what you're missing. From entertaining stories to solid poker lessons and advice, you'll find it all from those fine folks in blogdem.


I plead temporary insanity…… That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

If I look at my strengths in any competitive atmosphere, the one thing that I would say I can always depend on to get me through anything, is my ability to focus on the task at hand. In poker, this trait is how I manage to go deep and often win a lot of the larger live MTT’s locally. Yeah you need luck and of course cards to get you where you need to be in the field. But if one can stay focused on absoloutely everything that’s going on, everything becomes easier as you go. Your reads will be sharper, the hard folds will be so much easier and the toughest call you may ever have to make becomes an actual decision, rather than a coin flip. Focus and attention to the job just makes the live game so much easier to play.

With an ITM and 2nd place finish in last weeks Riverchasers game on the resume, I was really looking forward to improving that by one spot last night. At 8:45pm last night, I realized that I had not yet registered for Al’s game. I was really involved and focused on being in a fairly good situation in a rather serious $5.50 SnG at the time. I also, for some bizarre reason, had another $2.20 game on the go as well. Yes Carson! I was ‘multi-tabling’ on-line poker.
(we’ll give it a few seconds for the laughter to subside…………)
If you know me at all, (or actually read the above paragraph) you should know that I need to focus to be successful. Last night was an attempt at broadening my attention span and more importantly, keeping me interested in on-line poker itself. Pebbles and others do all kinds of other activities while playing on-line. I think that’s great. It’s just not for me. Oh I’ve tried. Let’s see, there were puzzles, games, reading and just about anything else you can think of. Then I’d look up at the screen to see a large chunk of my chips sailing away to someone else, as it turns out my set was no good against the flopped straight. When I’m on and paying attention, I see it coming and can get away from the hand. With no focus I end up playing the cards I hold and not the actual game itself. I’ve seen it happen to so many beginning players and I love to take advantage of it when it happens. But this here Bam-Bam guy, IS NOT A NEW PLAYER!

So with a massive chip lead in the $5 game with 5 seats still filled, and a solid 2nd of 3 players going in the $2 game, I did what any right-minded person who wants to throw away $11.00 would do. In my first attempt at multi-tabling on-line, I opened up a third screen and got set for the Riverchasers game. In the $2 game, my opponents were content to hack away at each other with crap. I figured I’d let them. I went in every once in a while and took a pot from the short stack when I could. He was getting pretty low and I figured that it would only be a matter of time before he was in a push only situation. In the other game, I had busted the first player with flopped quad’s and put a good dent in the stack of another with the nut flush on the turn. I had about 2 ½ stacks to play with in less than one orbit. To say play went a little tight.. would be an understatement. I didn’t need to focus on this game too terribly much at this point in time.

So I get into the Riverchasers game a bit and feel all “funky” about myself for having so much on the go. “I am the kid” I tell myself. This typically is when I wake up and go back into reality mode to save myself great pain and expense. Not last night though. Last night, I see a move being made against me in the $2 game. I expand it a bit and settle in to see what’s really happening. I catch the guy and of course, I move back at him. Here is his push situation and I’m pretty darn sure that I’m far enough ahead of him, that I can afford the race. He does, I call, my cards hold and he’s out. Perfectly according to plan. I love when that happens. I see my BB is up in the $5 game. Better get over there and see what I need to do. Damn, BB in the $2 game too! Hey! I’m SB in the Riverchasers now. Click-Click-Click-Click-Click-Click-Click all ends up amounting to a win, another player gone and WHAT !!!! I’m OUT OF THE RIVERCHASERS ! How the heck?

This is what happens when I am not focused. I played my weak two-pair in the Riverchasers as if I was “heads up” in the $2 game. There are ever so slightly better players up there on any given night. (yes I’m being facetious) The play at Riverchasers is usually very solid and needs to be respected at all times. I lost focus and tried making a play at someone who could see it coming from a mile away. The higher two pair takes me down easily despite there being a pair on the board. I played it like a set but did so, so poorly, that had I been on the other side, I think it would have been an easy call to make.

The good news is I won the other two games and made a small profit for the night, despite launching $11 from the account for no good reason at all. I can say that I will not purposely be making another “donation” like this anytime soon. Those of you capable of playing and staying at +EV while multi-tabling, I take my hat off to you for sure. But as for myself and last nights genuine mind melt down moment,
I plead temporary insanity……


Finally, I heard one of the best one-liners from the mouth of babes yesterday afternoon and I want to share it.

Man: "What's that ribbon you're wearing son?"
Kid:(maybe 7yrs old) "It's ta' support our troops."
Man: "Oh that's very nice of you."
Kid: "My daddy's in Aftaganistand."
Man: "You mean Afghanastan."
Kid: "Yeah there."
Man: "Well I think it's wonderful that you support our troops son."
Kid: "Well I think anyone who don't stand behind our troops, should go stand in front of them."

I tend to agree completely.

On that note. I think it would be prudent to make contact with anyone that you personally know that is working in the military and helping make this world of ours a better place. If you stopped by Bedrock and don't know anyone in this situation, I would consider it a personal favour if you dropped in HERE to say a quick hi in the comments. It would only take a minute of your time to put a smile on a face in Iraq. That surely has to be +EV to everyone.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by….


OK, OK, OK ..... I give. I'll do it !

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My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


The art of giving and an old man's tears ....

At first, it felt sharp at the edges and solid in form. Then there was the wrapping paper, it gave no hint of the contents within. The look of 'the gifter' gave me hope that love went into the gift that I was about to open.

As I opened it up to reveal it's true meaning, I cried for the first time in front of my daughter. Well, the first time since the day of her birth anyways.

The gift was was not significant because of cost, or value to the world. It was a true Christmas gift. Made by hand and with love. And a sincere desire to give what needed to be gotten.

You see, not-so-mini-Peb's is a Photographer. To say her work is stunning and incredibly pleasing to the eye, is only the largest of under-statements. There is little wonder why she won the very first competition that she entered. Her art is classical black and white. Her method is to send a message through her work, for all, (or in this case) for one to see.

Her gift was a true self portrait, in all of it's ultimate meaning.

As I gaze at the beauty and it's wonderment, I stand humbled by the two most obvious of facts. The talent she has to create such beauty, and the beauty she carries with such dignity at the age of only 17.

We can "rage duo" in all our glory, at some ear bleeding metal "Boo."
But nothing say's Christmas to me my daughter, like the gift I was given of you.
The portrait tells me who you are, and why you are this way.
The woman inside let's me know for sure, I should be prouder every day.

Merry Christmas not-so-mini-Peb's ! And thanks for making the old man cry.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by ....