Frantic Friday : I can haz Springz Edition....(NSFW)

Judging from the comments, I/M's and E-mails, I'd say you're all a bunch of degenerate perverts! Not that there's anything wrong with that mind you but honestly, before you all start moping around giving me

whenever our paths cross, the answer is NO!

When it comes to our Frantic Friday's NO, I did not

I stated very clearly at the beginning of the year, that Frantic Friday's would probably become a little sporadic going forward.

Have no fear though, I'm still on my life's mission and my search for the

will continue.

And trust me as soon as I find it, you my dear readers will most definitely be the first to know!

So don't worry kids, all things Frantic Friday are still

as usual!

It's just that Spring is trying to make a grand appearance here in

and that has me focussed on a few of my other favorite things, like

and of course, doing a lot more

out on the back deck.

The weather has really swung around nicely these last few weeks and one thing is for certain, I can tell you I'm not going to

one little bit!

Lately there's been so many great signs that

is just around the corner.

Always a dead give away, are the

packed with all the kids I love to play with.

I just love to waste away my day, playing in the

don't you?

It was actually so nice yetserday, that a whole whack of the kids went and got

I can't eat the stuff. I always eat it too fast and then, I get one of those headaches. You know the one I mean? The one where as soon as it starts, you start

I hate those headaches!

Like I said though, it was a pretty nice day. A few of the kids were even thinking about jumping in the bay. Way too cold for me though and honestly, I'm not really a swimmer anyhow. It'll usually take something pretty

to happen, before

Another sure sign of Spring around here is, all of the competitors for our annual Spring

have started to show up around town.

They're really good for our little community economically speaking and it really doesn't hurt at all, that most of the ones that showed up to watch last year looked like

I really <3 spectator sports!

OK that's it for this edition of Frantic Friday but before I go, I'd like to leave you with one little thought.

Since we're talking about Spring here and I like everyone to think that hope does in fact spring eternal, try to consider the following at all times kids!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


My thanks to the Irish....

NO.... I will not thank anyone for green Beer!

Today however, I will celebrate the Irish for the things that they have brought into my life over the years.

#1 for my Tastebuds - Irish Whiskey

Yes I'm a Scotch drinker, but I'm NOT a Scotch snob! The fundamental difference between Irish Whiskey and Scotch is, Irish Whiskey is distilled from a mash of mixed malted and unmalted grains (referred to as “pure pot-still” whiskey) whereas Scotch is either distilled exclusively from malted grain or from unmalted grain. It's a deviation that creates a product as intricate as lace panties and if you know me, you'll certainly know that I GET THAT!

Well now that I'm sorta' on it, I guess we'll stay with that theme.

#2 for my Loins - Meav Ni Mhaolchatha

So very easy on the eyes isn't she?

For those of you that may not already know of her, Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!

I think you just might find that Meav is also pretty easy on the ears, no matter what language she's singing.

#3 for my Heart - Ceilidh (pronounced kay-lee. Gaelic for party)

The debate goes on and on about if this is of Irish, Scottish or English Gaelic origin. Since I personally learned of them in Ireland, I give them full credit for teaching me the word. It was at a Pub called The Goat in Claremorris in the west of Ireland, where I first heard the words, "For what's the sense in living at all, if your not going to enjoy the time and friends you've been given."

A belief so strong within in me since then, that my daughter was given a permanent reminder by name.

#4 for my Smile - The Pogues

Mixing the styling and lyrical cynicism of The Clash with classical Irish musical styles, I don't know, just makes me smile.

*RIP Kirsty.

And finally #5, the entire Irish package.

Peter Seamus Lorcan O'Toole

One man that to me, embodies so very much of what it is to be Irish. At least, the Irish that I've been lead to believe is real. Work ethic, devotion to his heritage, humour, drink and most importantly, an understanding of just how short this life can be. A celebration of all of those things, rolled up into one complex yet simple package.

For these five things I give my thanks to the Irish and say to all, Happy St. Patricks Day everyone.

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Blogger hits big....

Back during the WBCOOP, I was lucky enough to have been sat at a table with one of our friends. Not that I knew or recognized this friend right away, as a new on-line name was being used for Pokerstars. New to me that is.

Our conversation during the event was all geared towards me trying to figure out who it was exactly, that was sitting directly on my left. That was tons of fun and honestly, mostly at my expense. Good times. Hey, I can laugh at me, there's some pretty good material to work with there! ;)

I'm slow and old to begin with so, this friends clues were not exactly helping me discover who it was I was having so much fun with. "I placed second to you in the first skills game." Dude, that was a century or so ago. "Don't tell me you're looking it up!" I finally figured it out with the clue, "I like big butts." Like I said, I'm a bit slow! You see ILIKEBIGBUTTSASAURUS, was my clever little play on TwoBlackAces.

Anywho.... if you get the chance, drop over and say GG to Fred for his $25K+ big win.

He's never been anything but nice to yours truly at the virtual tables and whenever I get the chance, I'm thrilled to be sitting down at them with Fred. That is, except for the thrashing he usually puts on me at NLHE!


I always say it and I mean it, it's really nice to see one of the good guy's of blogging do so well.

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