Frantic Friday : The Force is with me Edition.... (NSFW)

Over the course of the development of these silly Frantic Fridays, something has happened that has given me more joy, than I ever thought imaginable. No it hasn't been all the Boobs and Butts! I mean, they're great and all and they really do make me happy. But there's been something else going on. Something that I didn't see coming at all! But DAMN! I sure am happy about it.

I've always had a reader or two, that show up in the trackers as Canadian Military from overseas. Seeing these IPA's always brings a smile to my face. Conversely if they don't show up for a few days, I get all stressed out and worried about those friends that are working to protect my freedom and my rights.

I've typed out the phrase here a few times already, but just in case you're not sure where I stand on the subject, I'll let you in on the secret as well.

It's my opinion that if you're not willing to stand behind our troops, you're certainly welcome to stand in front of them!

So what's happened over the last several Frantic Fridays that's really made me happy is, the increase in the number of hits from our troops. With 36 hits last Frantic Friday from some not very safe or peaceful areas, it appears that someone over there likes what we're doing over here in Bedrock. So today's Frantic Friday, is all about support.

One thing that can be said about us around these parts is, we're all about getting behind our troops!

I can't begin to imagine how rough it must be for all of you over there right now. I do know that it's certainly no day at the beach.

When I read the weather from the area, I really feel for how hot, sweaty and dirty you must be all the time!

Some of you mention that there's really nothing to do but wait and see what happens next. I can't imagine that existence! I'd go stir crazy for sure and probably end up losing my mind in your situation. I'm glad that the facilities that some of you are staying in, allow you to work out to occupy your time.

I will be up front with you all though,

when I asked what you were missing the most, I sadly expected silly answers like a coffee from Timmies or a bottle of Canadian. I should have known better, shouldn't I?

Since you stop by here every Frantic Friday without fail, answers like a good Canadian girl

or the nice Canadian girl next door,

really shouldn't have come as a surprise to me at all.

Unfortunately, I need to keep this Frantic Friday a little shorter than most.

But please know that you have the full support

of everyone here in Bedrock!

Everyone around these parts, is behind

you all 100%.

So in closing I'd like for you to consider three very important bits of information. First, there are a lot of those good Canadian girls missing you too right now.

Second, many of them are telling me that they can't wait for your safe and healthy return, so they can put you through a few of their own 'night maneuvers.'

And my final thought for you dear military friends, comes right out of your day-to-day combat handbook! Always and I do mean ALWAYS! take good care of your boots!

Listen, if any of you end up finding yourselves in the Bedrock area, please look me up! I'd love to get the opportunity to thank you in person for what you've been doing for me and my family. I mean it! Please stop by. I tell you what. If you do, I'l take you for a ride in the ol' convertible

and we'll see if we can hook you up with one of those fine Canadian lasses. There's loads of them around these parts, that will gladly show you how well they stand behind our troops!

My sincerest thanks for all you do!

And my sincerest thanks for dropping by....


A pinch in mine, is ruining nine....

Not much time for any Pokery goodness of late, what with fighting FullTilt on just about every subject they could possibly bring up as a concern and all.

There's also the Weather factor though. It's WAY too damn nice, not to be outside doing something. Normally I'd insert Golf in that sentence, but apparently I have forgotten how to go about the game or something. Oh I've been out at the course several times and I've even whacked around that little white demon a bit. But as for calling it Golf? I don't think so. At least not like any Golf I've played in my life.

I have a pinched 'something' behind my left shoulder blade. No matter what I try, I can't seem to shake it out. I may actually have to go and see someone about it though, as it seems to get more and more aggravated with every swing of the club. Frustrating as hell actually. This growing old crap is for the birds!

What's really driving me batty, is not being able to take full advantage of the two new holes they've opened up and put in play. The course is getting 9 new holes in total, but the rest are just starting to get to a maturity where they may be in play in a few more weeks. I want my damn back to be well enough by then for sure. The new #8 is a 162 yard PAR 3 with an Island green! WoooOOOoooT ! (Pics to come in a few days or so!)

I took Peb's out for a few holes last night and we did play the two new ones. I even gave myself a chance at Birdie on both, but I just couldn't convert the very makeable putts. As it has for almost a year now, my putting stroke continues to elude me. Since putting is the single biggest factor to your score, my inflating handicap has literally been a growing concern.

Back at it tonight for Men's League with Brudder C.C. however and hopefully, I can focus on my putting because everything else is going so well! I've got a few new stretches to try out and if they don't work, there's always the Beer!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


There's readin' and then, there's reading....

Since I'm still furiously duking it out with FullTilt on all things Pebbles right now, I thought I'd do the best service I possibly could for anyone out there that stops by to read my drivel.

Something has been taking shape and developing over at a friends place, that I thought I'd like to share.

There are currently five parts to this read, but it all starts HERE.

I think it's great work and thus, have definitely put it up on Bam-Bam's recommended reading list. I hope you'll take the time to have a look. I have a hard time believing that you'll be dissapointed that you did!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


With all apologies Al....

I'd never be stupid enough to be the Donkey that spites his own face.

Obviously, FullTilt Poker has taken care of us as a core group and it's greatly appreciated from this kid's perspective. I honestly can't say thanks enough.

But Sunday Peb's was in the Deuce and the MFTOPS.

Check this crap out!

Giovanni at FullTilt says,

"We understand situations like these are frustrating. However, we have determined our servers were fully operational at the time of your disconnection, and we cannot make adjustments because of Internet conditions beyond our control."

Can any of my friendly "geeks" out there, explain how it's possible that our connection had anything to do with that message?

Not much in this world gets my blood all worked up. Giovanni's B/S response, may just be the worst excuse for customer service that I have ever seen. If it was me, who gives a crap. I would just laugh it off and register for the next game.

Giovanni says, "We have reviewed your play history and confirmed that, fortunately, you were able to reconnect to the software and finish your tournament."

Peb's was booted out with well over $4000 in chips. She came back to $65 all-in, in her BB. How "fortunate."

Just sayin'...FullTilt could learn a thing or two about customer service.


My sincerest thanks for dropping by....