With all apologies Al....

I'd never be stupid enough to be the Donkey that spites his own face.

Obviously, FullTilt Poker has taken care of us as a core group and it's greatly appreciated from this kid's perspective. I honestly can't say thanks enough.

But Sunday Peb's was in the Deuce and the MFTOPS.

Check this crap out!

Giovanni at FullTilt says,

"We understand situations like these are frustrating. However, we have determined our servers were fully operational at the time of your disconnection, and we cannot make adjustments because of Internet conditions beyond our control."

Can any of my friendly "geeks" out there, explain how it's possible that our connection had anything to do with that message?

Not much in this world gets my blood all worked up. Giovanni's B/S response, may just be the worst excuse for customer service that I have ever seen. If it was me, who gives a crap. I would just laugh it off and register for the next game.

Giovanni says, "We have reviewed your play history and confirmed that, fortunately, you were able to reconnect to the software and finish your tournament."

Peb's was booted out with well over $4000 in chips. She came back to $65 all-in, in her BB. How "fortunate."

Just sayin'...FullTilt could learn a thing or two about customer service.


My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Katitude said...

I've had that lovely little message a few times myself, even in games where bloggers can see me sitting out and I can't get back in. And yes it is on our side...something about the string getting wet between the two tin cans that cross the border.

Memphis MOJO said...

That's ridiculous!

BWoP said...

YIKES. That is a huge huge REMON :-(

TanOrpheus said...

I call BS. Full Tilt disconnects if your internet connection is unavailable and you get the "Deck spreading" connection image. If you not connected FT's software would not have been able to give you a message that that tournament was not available.

I would ask to speak to a higher authority if I were you

Snuffy said...

Whoa, that is an error message that I have never seen before.

KenP said...

No, the error was a server reported error. That popup was from them and that can't happen over a dead connection.

Chou Gang lost a $30K ring pot due to a disconnect that he was and stayed ahead on. Linda tried to get answers on that and got similar pap.

The UIGEA eliminated -- pretty much -- competition for our play.

Disconnect happen every day at tables I sit at. The ISP TOS states they don't guarantee there won't be disconnects. FT give 90 sec to the first so the play is even more disjointed than when there was all-in protection.

Inconvenience players with rules that give support an out seems to rule the day.

Support at all the sites is mediocre at best. We laughed a PokerRoom a half-dozen years ago. Their stock answer was "Clear your cache" That probably was a problem out a couple of decimal places. But, they used it in any and all situations. It became a joke that explained bad beats and life changing situations.

Fred aka TwoBlackAces said...

I've had this error as well, and have received the same dose of dopey CS. Frankly, I think all of these CS people are AI auto bots, but that's just me, and by the way, very little on the Intelligence part.

It's a cost of playing on FT, and since I get rake back, I just consider it as a cost of doing business...although at times, it can sure be very costly.


Wolfshead said...

Sorry but that is not a disconnect, that's server error. As stated before if you were disconnected you couldn't get a message, either the table just sits there or you get the disconnect message from the client on your computer. If you decide to pursue it further you might want to point that tidbit out to the peckerwoods. Good luck.

PokahDave said...

Move to PokerStars after the BBT and all that is done. Full Tilt has the worst support of any site ever. They don't care because they don't have to.

joxum said...

That is so Full Tilt customer service, and one main reason why I moved to PokerStars.

The other reason was the disconnects which in the end became unbearable.

That wasn't the usual disconnect you had, though. Definately looks like it's a FTP-connected issue.


lightning36 said...

I've been fortunate to have few problems with Tilt. However, I do not know anyone who has been satisfied with Tilt's customer support.

Today I dealt with a customer support person from my health insurance company. It reminded me that there are some customer service people who are excellent.