Frantic Friday : The life lesson edition.... (prolly NSFW)

This may seem like it's a little all over the place today but stick with me here, there's a message in here somewhere!

Initially, I was going to discuss :

But we all know that's not really a Frantic Friday topic, nore my strongest suit if we were going to delve into NLHE. So I started thinking about what my strong suit really is. Naturally being Canadian, my real strengths came to me quickly. I know a lot about :

You see as a Canadian, there are obvious signs that tell the truth out there :

If you focus on the positive and combine Beer with a few of your other favorite pastimes, you just might find yourself in :

Now all of these things are difficult to consider at :

Mostly because of the threat of :

I mean it all starts out harmless enough right? But suddenly you get more focussed on :

and you're using all sorts of new :

This leads to you not focussing on your work due to all the :

So you see! This is one of the real problems with :

It can take you down the wrong path in your work life and lead to :

That's when it hits you! You wake up and take a good look at yourself in the mirror and say something like :

That's when you realize that you've got to stop being such a :

and force yourself to :

But for the better!

You see where I'm going with this right? I mean it should all start becoming clearer and clearer, to those really paying attention! I'm trying to really help you out here folks.

What you need to do is reach down real deep and grow yourself some :

Get dressed appropriately, grab the key's to your :

and :

Do yourself a favour! Grab a friend along the way, because everything gets done better with a little :

Drop all your misconceptions about the :

in life! Get on with it and sort out what it is that really drives you! Maybe it's Poker after all, maybe it's not. Maybe it's that you have a really bad case of :

like the F-Train does! If that's the case, GET ON WITH IT MAN! Grab life by the horns and ride it for all it's worth! See if you can find yourself some :

and start really enjoying your life.

And once again we come back full circle, to the real point of this little space on the intertubies. Live life to it's fullest! For as sure as you were born, it'll be over way sooner than any of us will ever want it to be.

Class dismissed.

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Day one and commuters in the cold ....

Looking back, I guess it's been around 19 1/2 years since I was nicotine free. Before that I was clean for 5 years and had only smoked for about two years before I kicked the habit the first time.

Peb's has been off the smokes since Monday. Can't begin to tell her how proud I am of her for making this decision! Her quitting however, can't be and isn't the only reason I'm making the choice. This has to be about me and stopping something that ultimately, I know is killing me.

So day one starts here. All encouragement offered, will be gladly accepted.

= = = = =

A funny thing about commuters and the cold. The vast majority of them, just can't wrap their heads around the rocket science of -34c (-29f) and shiny roads! I don't remember exactly what age I was when I learned all about water's freezing point. But I do remember learning it! As I recall from those lessons, water typically freezes at a point slightly above -34 Celsius.
(at least a degree or two I'm certain)

So why is it that on a three lane artery into the big smoke at 5:00am, with a start to the day at a snot inducing -34c, commuters see the shine on the blacktop and assume the roads are just wet?

My normal one hour drive to work today, took a little over an hour and a half. One may assume that driving at an appropriate speed for the conditions was the main reason for the addition of 50% more driving time. That actually only added probably ten minutes or so. No, the main reason time stretched out so much this morning, was from a group of us trying to avoid the 21, (TWENTY-FRIGGIN'-ONE !!!) idiots that we had drive past us at nearly Mach I and put their vehicles into either the ditch, or center guardrail.

Twenty one in just this one trip down, is a mind blowing number for me! I've seen 50 car pile-ups, rolled over tractor trailers, no less than five multi-vehicle accidents within a 16 km (10 mile) stretch of the highway and after missing an accident myself with some delicate and deft driving skills, I've had a Dump Truck pass within a foot or two of me at about 95 KPH (60 MPH) while the driver was trying to avoid the same pile up.

But to watch in amazement and realize that it was going to happen over and over again so I should start counting, as 21 moronic wastes of flesh made the same mistake of heading out to the fast lane that just looked "wet," so they could really make up some time over there, sends my brain into overdrive! Five days a week I drive with, near or around these imbeciles twice a day. At first, I started thinking that I should really fear for my life each and every time I take to the commute. But something happened as we reached the relative safety of the non-snow covered and dry pavement of the South. You see, when you do this at the same time everyday for long enough, you make driving buddies out of a few out there that also make the trek. Not buddies that you're probably ever going to sit down and have a beer with, but the type that will give you a wave or nod from time to time. Buddies that will either let you into a lane when needed, or know you'll return the favour for them some day out of courtesy for a fellow long-drive zombie. For the most part we all know to stick together, for we find safety in our numbers and know that we are all watching each others backs.

Well as we reached the top of the city and found ourselves on way more manageable pavement, on four separate occasions one of my "buddies" drove past one by one and looked over and laughed. With their arm, (or arms) in the air and a grin that was obviously meant to say, "can you fucking believe that?" each of us went our separate ways. I'll see all four of them again on the way home tonight, (I always do) and I'm sure there will be more laughter about this mornings trip. Maybe in a sick and twisted way that only long time veterans of commuting could ever understand, laughing at the destruction and danger that occurs is the only way to handle it?

Maybe I should be the initiator and make the first move? Perhaps I should make the universal signal for, 'let's go get a drink' to all my "buddies" on the road? Then we could sit down and discuss everything we've ever seen on the highway to hell over the years. There would be some fascinating stories in that conversation I tell you!

But I'd better not. That beer and all the laughter would lead to two, and two would surely turn into a Scotch. A Scotch would lead to me looking for a smoke and a smoke would be me failing at something miserably. So instead I'll look over and give a nod or a wave, maybe share a grin or a laugh and then go along on my merry way.

It is day one after all!

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I love to Poker on a Monday....

Monday nights TuckFard games were a pretty meh affair for yours truly, but only because of the end results. The crowd was fantastic as always, with SKI, Kat, Memphis, Muhc, Bay, Schaubs, Push, Lightning and Gentleman Jim all making appearances for a night of fun and laughter.

An under the weather brudder Carson and his lovely wife Suzy_Q, the red hawt RedNeckTuckFard and DonKaaa were also in on the night and the field for the TuckFard Open was rounded out by the Cancer kicking Fred and last but not least ShockerKitten, a good friend from the Sunday League games.

It means a ton that everyone always shows up to help make Monday one of the best nights of the week for me! There's just something fantastic about starting out the week with so many good friends and great laughs. Brudder Carson and Nutzy have been running these games for just over a year and one thing is for absolute certain, we've had some great support from friends in our community and I only see these games getting bigger and better, as word starts to spread about the value and fun that is had every single Monday night. Two games for $7.00 with a crowd like I mentioned above? You just can't beat that in my books!

My NLHE TuckFard Open started with a bang. I mean I was THE original cardrack of all cardracks. In the first thirty hands I had A-A five times, K-K twice, Q-Q three times and multiple runs of pocket pairs. What was even better was, not only was I getting opponents to join me in the pre-flop action by limping, min-raising and the odd three or four bet before the flops, I was usually hitting the hell out of those flops on a regular basis. I think I hit a set on the flop around eight or so times in the first 3 orbits. It was really quite something. Here was just one example, it was the hand I managed to collect the bounty for ShockerKitten on.

I checked my flopped set and with just over half of a starting stack, SK shoved them all in.

Then the tide really turned on me. I went on a brutal run of A-rag, K-rag that started to drive me insane. There was always action on every hand and I was never in any position to make a move of any kind. What was making it far worse however, was the fact that my folded crap almost always would have come out as the best hand in the end. Here's just one example of the dozens of hands I should've played.

Naturally, this lead to the mind set that is disastrous for me and one of my biggest leaks in my game. I can play any two and it'll all just work out. (insert Hee-Haw sound here) So natch I get into a few pots with way less than stellar hands and flop zilch. Folding the hands after a few calls, a few small raises and a few re-raise steal attempts were made. Can you say, "goodbye large stack."

In my last hand of this game, brudder Carson limped into my BB from the SB. That doesn't really tell me too much but we've played together long enough, that I felt a little too comfortable that I could narrow his possible holdings down to two or three hand selections. BIG mistake me! I made an assumption and set my mind to it, rather than actually playing the damn hand. I just checked my BB instead of putting a little pressure on him, to see if I could gain a little information. For some egotastic stupid reason, I was sure I knew what he had. "The Carson Nutz." When the flop came 5-9-5 and he checked, it convinced me even more. So I checked as well. Then when what I thought was a beautiful card for me in the form of a Jack came on the turn, I really thought I had him. So his bet was called instantly. When he bet out the river 6, I jammed my stack in so fast it was ridonkulous. Even though I thought I really was good, he knows my favorite hand and I thought the fast shove might just make him reconsider anything he was holding, with the exception of presto of course. Nope! He called instantly and in my failure to raise pre, I let him hit one hell of a flop on me.

So in a matter of one hour of play, this Donkey went from chip leader to out in ninth. Hee-frickin'-Haw!

Big congrats to the lovely RedNeckTuckFard for taking the TuckFard Open down. I watched for a little bit and all I can say is, I know where my early on cardracked'ness went to! I kid, I kid. There was lots of skill involved I know. A well deserved win Y !! Good on you.

The Tuck II was a simple game to report on for me. I never saw a single playable hand. Not one! The whole game. I basically folded my way to a seventh place finish. I went out in a blaze of glory though, as a steal attempt was made against a player with a huge draw and two cards to come. I'd made the same move against him once earlier and it worked to gain me some chippies, so I figured it might just work one more time. (insert recurring theme of BIG mistake me here)

Congrats to Gentleman Jim for not only winning the second game of the night, but for defending his win in the Tuck II last week. Gotta' be proud of those back-to-back wins ! Also it appears my nagging may have actually paid off. It seems that in Pursuit of Mobney is back up and running as a blog again.

Thanks again to everyone for the fun. Maybe next week, I'll get to play with you all, just a little bit longer. I know, I know, probably not. But I do have these Big Ass-perations after all! A kid can hope!

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An oldie, but a goodie....

STUD was always the game of choice. Some variation of the game would make up about 90% of the games, as we rotated Dealer's choice. Simple 7-Card, probably took up about 75% of the game in total. A group of six of us made up the core. There were four others that rotated in and out on a weekly basis but, the core was a dedicated crew. The others served as occasional filler for games here and there, only making the trek to the cabin when the urge suddenly hit them to play.

"Stumpy," was one of my best friends, before all of the dope issues. Trust me, there was absoloutely nothing 'performance enhancing' about his drugs of choice! Unfortunately yes, that does read "was." The Stumpster's body finally succumbed to the years of abuse he had put it through. At the ripe old age of 36.

"Gilly" was a real country bumpkin. His nickname was a natch, once you got the chance to meet him in person. "Y-Y-Y-Yo-You g-g-g-g-gonna' eat all that?" One helluva' man though and probably the best pure STUD player I'd ever come across in my days. His keen ability to have total focus on every action at the table, is something I have tried to emulate my entire life. Yeah you read that right. "best pure STUD player I'd ever come across." Gilly was taken in an avalanche while climbing just outside of Whistler, back in 1993.

"Kegs" was never the greatest player of the game but having him around, always made for a better night. His humour, his ability to pound back the beer and his shear love for being around the group of us that he loved, always showed themselves no matter what the occasion. But on Poker nights when this man would bare his soul, it made every single one of them truly incredible. I heard that Kegs was killed by a drunk driver back in '97. The same driver that he trusted to take him home safely that night. The very same driver that had said Kegs, "had too much to drink." The driver that took the lives of four others that night.

"Wilbur" also came by his name honestly. The man a was pure and utter Pig! Not in the dirty, rollin' around in the mud Pigpen sorta Charles Schultz kinda way, but in the foul mouthed, treatin' women bad and using them up on a weekly basis kind of way. He played STUD in more way's than one, if you get my drift. Wilbur passed in 2000. At the hands of a thief in another man's home. With that other mans Wife. They were both shot for the approximately $105 worth of jewelry the thief managed to find for his booty.

"Said" earned his nickname from being the quote master. I don't know if any of you out there know anyone like Said, but he had one for any and every occasion. Pot's would be drug in and Said had something to say. The door would open or the wind would blow through the mountain cabin in just that certain way, Said would come up with the appropriate comment from a movie, song or other famous quip. Said was also the oldest in the group. The Patriarch of the bunch, I guess you'd say. I found out through a mutual friend getting his Sister in touch with me and quite by accident, that Said passed away last week due to a heart attack. Hard to believe actually, Said had one of the biggest hearts I'd ever come across. Giving when needed and giving more, when he thought it was the right thing to do.

An hour or so ago......... I found out the truth.

That leaves yours truly, the last of the original six from days gone by.

The last of a group that made today's little Poker get-togethers, look like something that needs to be made for TV. We were dedicated to surrounding each other with..... well..... with each other. One night a week no matter what, the six of us each knew where everyone in the group was going to be. Together!

It's an odd feeling really. It's not like we stayed in touch over the last 15 years or so. But the memories of the eight or nine years we were inseparable, come flooding in at a time like this. I can see each and every one of their faces as clearly now, as I could when we met at the cabin for a little game of chance.

One game in particular makes me smile in a time of realization about my own mortality, as five friends have passed before me. Not because of a big win or loss, and not because of a single hand that was played the entire night. It's because of being snowed into that cabin, on a very cold and blowing February evening.

There were two additional players from the stragglers that wandered in and out of our game, but don't ask me to name names. I couldn't tell you who the hell they were! They left the game quite early as I remember, worried about the weather ahead and the probability of being snowed in. The "core" as it were, had no issue with waiting out the storm and heading back to town in the morning. We lowered the stakes accordingly, (as to not cause anyone to be busted, when we'd be playing for so long)and played on and on through the night. The typical conversation at the table turned from, "you're an idiot" and "what the hell?" to stories about ourselves and our families, courtesy of a Gilly classic, "Y-Y-Y-You know......... Y-Y-Y-You assholes....are-are-are- about as clo, uh clo, uh close to family as I'd ever want!"

We had spent close to seven years playing together at least once a week, every single week. But we learned more about who each and every one of us really was, on that one snowy and cold evening in the cabin. All walls were broken down, all barriers removed. Each of us was fair game and the banter was completely priceless and totally un-believable, to those that didn't take part.

I've always tried to put into words, how that trip to the cabin felt for me personally. It just never comes out the way I think it should do.

We finished that game on Sunday around 6:00pm. Our games at the cabin, always started on Friday's around 8:00pm. We literally sat at that Poker table for about 46 hours straight. Sometimes we played us some STUD, sometimes we opened our souls to each other for judgement. Occasionally judgement was delivered with a pain that shall always be reserved, for only the truest of friends. Most times however, judgement was nothing more than howling laughter that meant nothing more than, "I hear you my friend. I so hear you!"

God's speed my friends.

And just for you Said...........

"Thanks for the memories!"

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Poker, The Canadian news....

Another Canadian on-line qualifier takes down the whole deal!

From The Canadian Press

PARADISE ISLAND, Bahamas - Poorya Nazari of Richmond Hill Ontario, is leaving the Bahamas US$3-million richer after winning the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure over the weekend.

The 22 year-old biochemistry graduate won his seat on the PokerStars online gambling website in a $33 triple rebuy satellite tournament, investing only $700 to win his trip to the Caribbean and a seat in the PCA Festival of Poker main event held at the Atlantis Hotel.

"It hasn't sunk in yet," said Nazari. "It feels unbelievable, surreal. I can't believe it's happening."

He was one of 1,347 entrants in the $10,000 no limit hold 'em event - a number that smashed all records for a poker tournament held outside the United States and created a total prize pool of more than $12.5 million.

"It was only (Saturday) that I started thinking about winning," he said. "At one point Friday I was down to virtually nothing but I got off to a good start (Saturday) and at that point I thought I might have a shot."

Nazari, who graduated from university last month, has also a won a seat in the EPT Grand Final which takes place in Monte Carlo from April 28 - May 3.

More information can be found at Pokernews, in an article very well written by this guy.

= = = = = =

In other Canadian Poker news, Peb's took down a 7th. place finish in a 90 player MTT on Sunday. Saying, "I was the chip leader for most of the first two hours, only to run so card dead in the late stages of the game, that I was virtually blinded out in 7th. while holding A-J sooooted. My hand was no match for my opponents J-K off, which naturally turned and rivered the set of Kings."

= = = = = =

The TuckFard Open NLHE and Tuckard II Omaha/8 run tonight on FullTilt. The P/W for both is Donkey and at only $3.50 a game, I don't think you can find any better value in fun for the price. The Open starts at 7:00pm EST, with the Tuck II getting started at 8:05pm EST.

= = = = = =

Speaking of the TuckFards, I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks to everyone that took the time to drop by and congratulate TotalTilt and NutzFirth on their new addition.

Peb's and I are really looking forward to meeting young Brody this weekend, as the Tucks will be holding a game on Saturday night. In a brief interview with Carsino host brudder Carson, I discovered that there may be up to forty runners possible for this event! It's been a very long time since everyone managed to get together at one time. But I think for the chance to have a little fun at the tables AND see the first "full-blooded" TuckFard ever born, the crowd should be right up there with those numbers.

Can't wait !!!

Interesting concept on the buy-in too! Along with the cash for your buy-in and bounty, a box of Diapers is required to get your seat! Great idea! Lord knows they'll be needing one or two of those over the next little while!

= = = = = =

I had mixed results in Poker over the weekend, going 50/50 in the double or nothing games over at Stars for a pretty "Meh" feeling after it was all said and done. Then I ended up bubbling the cash in back-to-back 90 player games as well. That was far more frustrating, as I played some good solid Poker to get that far, only to have a hand against a hand in both situations.

In the first game, the chip leader was to my immediate left. He was playing not just aggressive, but WAY too often IMHO. On what I had as his 7th. straight hand played, he fired a 3x raise to my BB, from UTG. It was folded around to me and I was holding Q-Q. I decided to just make the call, with hopes of setting him up for a little later in the hand. I get a dream flop of 2-Q-8 rainbow and an opponent firing a pot sized bet into my set. I shoved and was very happy to see the insta-caller had A-A. That of course, was right up until the river. An Ace comes and sends me packing.

In the second game, I went out courtesy of a flopped straight losing to a four flush that just couldn't let go no matter what the price! (I believe it was 3/4 of his stack!) That hand crippled my stack and just two hands later, I was dealt the pocket rockets. My jam was only 2 1/2 times the BB and not too many were going to leave the pot alone for that. Three callers all check it down to show K-K, A-K and 9-9. I lose to a set of 9's.

Again, I feel like I'm playing NLHE a lot better than I ever have, and I think my deep runs into so many of these games is a good sign. I just need that little nudge to get me over the top. I do feel like it's coming though, so I'm going to keep plugging away until it does.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....