I love to Poker on a Monday....

Monday nights TuckFard games were a pretty meh affair for yours truly, but only because of the end results. The crowd was fantastic as always, with SKI, Kat, Memphis, Muhc, Bay, Schaubs, Push, Lightning and Gentleman Jim all making appearances for a night of fun and laughter.

An under the weather brudder Carson and his lovely wife Suzy_Q, the red hawt RedNeckTuckFard and DonKaaa were also in on the night and the field for the TuckFard Open was rounded out by the Cancer kicking Fred and last but not least ShockerKitten, a good friend from the Sunday League games.

It means a ton that everyone always shows up to help make Monday one of the best nights of the week for me! There's just something fantastic about starting out the week with so many good friends and great laughs. Brudder Carson and Nutzy have been running these games for just over a year and one thing is for absolute certain, we've had some great support from friends in our community and I only see these games getting bigger and better, as word starts to spread about the value and fun that is had every single Monday night. Two games for $7.00 with a crowd like I mentioned above? You just can't beat that in my books!

My NLHE TuckFard Open started with a bang. I mean I was THE original cardrack of all cardracks. In the first thirty hands I had A-A five times, K-K twice, Q-Q three times and multiple runs of pocket pairs. What was even better was, not only was I getting opponents to join me in the pre-flop action by limping, min-raising and the odd three or four bet before the flops, I was usually hitting the hell out of those flops on a regular basis. I think I hit a set on the flop around eight or so times in the first 3 orbits. It was really quite something. Here was just one example, it was the hand I managed to collect the bounty for ShockerKitten on.

I checked my flopped set and with just over half of a starting stack, SK shoved them all in.

Then the tide really turned on me. I went on a brutal run of A-rag, K-rag that started to drive me insane. There was always action on every hand and I was never in any position to make a move of any kind. What was making it far worse however, was the fact that my folded crap almost always would have come out as the best hand in the end. Here's just one example of the dozens of hands I should've played.

Naturally, this lead to the mind set that is disastrous for me and one of my biggest leaks in my game. I can play any two and it'll all just work out. (insert Hee-Haw sound here) So natch I get into a few pots with way less than stellar hands and flop zilch. Folding the hands after a few calls, a few small raises and a few re-raise steal attempts were made. Can you say, "goodbye large stack."

In my last hand of this game, brudder Carson limped into my BB from the SB. That doesn't really tell me too much but we've played together long enough, that I felt a little too comfortable that I could narrow his possible holdings down to two or three hand selections. BIG mistake me! I made an assumption and set my mind to it, rather than actually playing the damn hand. I just checked my BB instead of putting a little pressure on him, to see if I could gain a little information. For some egotastic stupid reason, I was sure I knew what he had. "The Carson Nutz." When the flop came 5-9-5 and he checked, it convinced me even more. So I checked as well. Then when what I thought was a beautiful card for me in the form of a Jack came on the turn, I really thought I had him. So his bet was called instantly. When he bet out the river 6, I jammed my stack in so fast it was ridonkulous. Even though I thought I really was good, he knows my favorite hand and I thought the fast shove might just make him reconsider anything he was holding, with the exception of presto of course. Nope! He called instantly and in my failure to raise pre, I let him hit one hell of a flop on me.

So in a matter of one hour of play, this Donkey went from chip leader to out in ninth. Hee-frickin'-Haw!

Big congrats to the lovely RedNeckTuckFard for taking the TuckFard Open down. I watched for a little bit and all I can say is, I know where my early on cardracked'ness went to! I kid, I kid. There was lots of skill involved I know. A well deserved win Y !! Good on you.

The Tuck II was a simple game to report on for me. I never saw a single playable hand. Not one! The whole game. I basically folded my way to a seventh place finish. I went out in a blaze of glory though, as a steal attempt was made against a player with a huge draw and two cards to come. I'd made the same move against him once earlier and it worked to gain me some chippies, so I figured it might just work one more time. (insert recurring theme of BIG mistake me here)

Congrats to Gentleman Jim for not only winning the second game of the night, but for defending his win in the Tuck II last week. Gotta' be proud of those back-to-back wins ! Also it appears my nagging may have actually paid off. It seems that in Pursuit of Mobney is back up and running as a blog again.

Thanks again to everyone for the fun. Maybe next week, I'll get to play with you all, just a little bit longer. I know, I know, probably not. But I do have these Big Ass-perations after all! A kid can hope!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Memphis MOJO said...

Good tournament as always and great recap!

Wolfshead said...

Glad you enjoyed yourself. Sorry I didn't make it but had a chance to make my live game and took it. Especially needed it as Sun after the Bird's game we headed out to the deli and I was all set for that pastrami reuben and when we got there it was closed for renovations so I needed to console myself weith some corn dogs, which I hadn't had for a month either.

Baywolfe said...

Not that I have any room to talk, since I finished DEAD LAST. But, with a six-handed table you have to play Ace Rags to the flop just to see if you hit anything.

Remember, the chances of anybody else having an Ace if you have one and the board has one is small, even on Full Tilt! :-0

Great tourney, as usual, I'm sorry I couldn't stay longer.

23skidoo said...

Thanks for hosting as always, and good luck with kicking the cancer sticks!!!!