The Anthems of Blogging....

Sitting out on the deck and listening to all of the sounds that nature has to offer, is truly one of my favorite things to do. But sometimes, those sounds just don't do the trick. For that very reason, there's a couple of 150w Bose speakers just hanging around, waiting for me to abuse the old eardrums. Last Sunday afternoon, was one of those days.

Our neighbours in Bedrock, aren't exactly close. To make matters even better, there's a fairly dense tree line that helps create an even better separation and sound barrier for my cause. In Bedrock, tunage always = crankage!

So last Sunday as I tried to work off the Margarita head thumps with a little bit of rock thumping, Pebbles wanders by and asks me about the smile on my face, just as another classic starts to wind it's way up to tune.

"This song will always remind me of Kat." I said.

With a brief smile, she wandered off to do her thing and leave me to turn the volume up just a touch. After a bit of time, Peb's sat down and asked, "OK, now who is it?"

"Now who what?" I responded.

She wanted to know who the next particular song was making me think of.

"You kidding me? Drizz....... natch!" I said.

"And this one?"

"Honey come on! Doesn't this make you think of The Rooster?" It always does me.

And so we went on all afternoon. Until finally, Peb's takes the time to stand around in front of me, look me directly in the eyes and say, "I think we just figured out what to do for you 200th. post."

She was right. I was creating a list of Blogger-Anthems.

Now heading into this list, a few things need to be cleared up. Firstly, each and every song is on my play list and at no time did I go searching for the perfect song for any blogger. At the very first few beats of these songs, I honestly associate them immediately with the blogger, (or blog) in question. It may be that we've met, had time to chat and get to know each other, or perhaps it's just that I read certain things into the way you write. Maybe it's a tone in the blog that presents itself as a continuing or recurring theme from life. Maybe it's something I know about you, (or you know about me) that just fits with the tune in question. Whatever it is that gets me there, I've somehow associated a blogger or blog with each of the tunes I'm about to list.

You should also know, I have a rather diversif..... uh... better go with eclectic taste in music. Saying I have everything from A to Z doesn't even cut it anymore. So there might be one or two on the list, that aren't exactly chart toppers.

If it matters to anyone out there, there's not one negative thought that creeps into my head, as a result of the link between blogger and song. Each one honestly makes me smile every time the association process begins.

So I give to you dear readers,

Bam-Bam's list of The Anthems of Blogging :
(In no particular order)

Katitude = Hot for Teacher
The Rooster = Bad to the Bone
Drizz = Satisfaction
Dr. Chako = The Key to her Ferrari
The Wife = You're Beautiful
AlcantHang = Have a Drink on Me
Raising Cayne = Can't Stop the Rock
Riggstad = Boooooom
Mookie - The Kids
Pauly = Kashmir
Nat Arem = Raise a Little Hell
BWoP = Foxy Lady
Schaubs = Eye of the Tiger
The Corporation = Youth of the Nation
Fuel = Fuel
DrewFours = Hush
Mr. Bankwell = Can't keep no Good Boy Down
PokerTart = Into the Night
Otis = Copperhead Road
LJ = Voodoo
Hoy = I know why you wanna' Hate Me
Astin = Blow at High Dough
G-Rob = Subdivisions
F-Train = Break Stuff
Evy = Refugee
Carson = People are Strange
DonKaaa = Surfin' Bird
Falstaff = Bad Side of the Moon
BadBlood = Pinball Map
G-Cox = Come as you are
Baywolfe = Bark at the Moon
Iggy = Half the man I used to be
Donahue.org = Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Instant Tragedy = So Happy
Good Waffles = Behind Blue Eyes
Evil Waffles = The BJ Song
Two Black Aces = Demon Speeding
Poker Enthusiast = Patience
Corron = Pain

And of course, I should have one.

Bam-Bam = I don't Wanna Stop

and for my baby,

Pebbles = Suavemente

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Special Ed teachers, need apply....

In the Bam-Bam world of all things financial, I'm having some serious issues with the Hold'Em account. Even after posting a couple of wins over the last few days, I still haven't managed to keep the balance up where I'd like it to be.

The STUD account on the other hand, is THRIVING!

So here I am, faced with the same dilemma I manage to reach over and over again. To transfer, or not to transfer? That is the question.

I never sweat the transfers for events like the TuckFards games, Skillz, Mookies, Riverchasers or even the odd Donkament. They are where my friends are and I'll damn well play those games if I want to. These events are basically why I work so hard at my games of choice. I just try to make enough so that when the opportunity to get out to any one of them presents itself, I'm just a click away from making it happen.

It's the transfers for the continuous 'learning' curve of NLHE that's starting to make me wonder. I found myself asking the question, "why am I doing it?" Am I having fun playing NLHE? Am I trying to make money at it? Am I expecting it to be exactly the same as my chosen games? Do I really have the patience to continue? I think that's really the big question.

Last night I sat, I chatted and I drank. This lead to a flame out in the mookie in the bottom quarter of the field but like I've said many times before, I don't go into a mookie seriously looking for a win. They start at 10:00pm local and with my daily routine of getting up around 4:30 am, a mookie is really about having an hour or so of fun with friends.

It's the damn NLHE that I have been taking seriously, that's got me pondering. Last night for example, Peb's and I watched intently as a battle of epic proportion was taking place, right in front of our eyes.

Here's the deal;

9 handed table, $10 + $1 SnG...... first hand of the game.

UTG limps in
3x raise from UTG +1
Bam-Bam folds (10-10)
pot raise
Button makes it all but $2 to go with a raise.
SB folds
BB is all in

Six callers and we have a 7 way all-in at an $11 game, on the first hand.

Seat #3's 4-8 off suit takes down the pot, as A-J, A-Q, A-K, J-Q, 2-2, 7-7 and 3-4 all go without improvement, after a flop of 6-7-5.

Expecting poker to happen in NLHE sometimes, takes the wind right out of your sails. But I think I should transfer some over anyways, and continue on the path to getting better at the game. I just need to find the correct special Ed instructor, that can help me understand the real complexities of such a skilled and well thought out game.

I better get working on something for #200. I do have an idea.......
It just needs a little fine tuning.

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Post 198.... Karma she's a beyatch?....

Karma's been kickin' my butt lately, end of frickin' story.

I stopped and changed a tire for a poor old girl, stuck out on the highway.
(Lose with trip Aces that night)

I see a guy all stressed out about something and take the time to ask what's up?
I find the wallet he lost, just over in the long grass by his car.
(Lose with a flopped boat, to a rivered over boat that night)

Last night, I pulled a guy away from picking up a quarter, because the forklift heading his way, didn't have enough time to stop.
(lose my $11 buy in with a flopped straight that night)

With post 200 coming up, I'm sweating the HUGE stuff...... to make an appropriate "EH-Lister" qualified entry. I'd hate to let The Rooster down!
(He's bad to the bone!)

BUT !...... Weird freakin' things are happening in NLHE. I posted last nights 9 max. SnG win (while basically blasted out of my gourd)and for some bizarre reason, I won a 90 player MTT tonight. (Freaky! NO?) A small profit from a little $11.00 90 player SnG but you know what? I'll take it.

So with a portion of the winnings, I bought into the mookie. ('cause he don't BLOW!)

No idea WTF is going to happen. I just know someone else has paid for my transgressions. Come on variance............. swing this kid's way.

I say BLOW me Karma.......
I've done my bit!

***** UPDATE *****

Busted out of the mookie in a billion'th!

Folded Aces twice to flops from hell, and pushed with absoloute BS.
NLHE is the greatest thing since sliced KARMA!

Saw great friends though, so........

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Let's face it....

Katz r' definately sleepin' with Dogz!

What's next? A mookie?

I see post 200 is coming up. I better consider this some kind of omen... NO!

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Everythings just perfect....

Friday night started out the same way each and every night has gone, for about the last two months or so. My faithful companion and newest, bestest friend was just sitting on the front porch, patiently awaiting my arrival.

Bloggers...... meet Jojo.

You might not be able to tell from that picture, but Jojo is an "Ignatiously challenged" Doberman.
Yeah, she's a midget!

A cute one though, don't you think?

Jojo's probably the best pet in the world too. She sits and waits for me to get home. Her ears perk up and her eyes light up the second I drive into the driveway. Then she spends every moment possible, right at my side. She loves me and I do my best to love her right back. But these are not the reasons she's perfect. She's perfect because, at the end of every single day we spend together, she goes back next door to her real home. You see, Jojo is the neighbours dog, she just thinks she's my dog.

After a rousing play and chase in the backyard, I had to send Jojo back home where she truly belongs. Peb's was home and we had a golf date. Our schedules have been pretty messed up and all of the constant rain here in Bedrock, has really cut into our golfing time together. We got out and had a great time. Here's Pebbles about to fire a drive out through "the shoot," on our 12th. hole.

Yeah.... Peb's plays from the Blue tee blocks gang! That's a particularly challenging tee shot up there for most, but Peb's fired it out there about 248 yds. into the center of the fairway.
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnn !
I managed to keep the "Loveshack Cup" however.
(Yes we're THAT competitive!)

Saturday was a day of remarkable proportion for us in Bedrock!

What you're looking at there is, the culmination of 2 yrs, 16 days worth of experimentation. A grand total of 746 days, 1,471 attempts, 1,433 "OK" and 38 horrific blends, all leading up to that one drink on the left there.
The PERFECT Margarita! As you can see, I was so thrilled that I broke out a few ounces of 21 years worth of Glen 'perfection' myself.

Allowing ourselves to succumb to the deliciousness that was the PERFECT Margarita, we eventually noticed that sometime throughout the day, the Sun had gone down.

Jojo came back over to make sure we weren't putting ourselves too far into harms way. It's probably a pretty good thing she did. Had the distraction not occurred, I'm pretty sure we'd still be dancing out on that deck right now. Perfect Margarita's, perfect day, a little Salsa and Meringue music and the love of my life. Nothing makes this kid happier than that!

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