2010 Resolved....

Like the year itself was for me, this is going to be a little all over the place I'm afraid.

The Blog....

Just 148 posts ALL YEAR!
What an obvious waste of my talent for drivel.
Still managed to squeak over the 50,000 visitors mark though. So I guess there are still a few of you out there, hoping for a bit more of my regular, yet ever useless minutiae.

Very special thanks go out to Otis, Pauly, Al and of course, my Brudder Chako. All far and away my strongest referrers for the year.

Online Poker....

Good lord! Where to begin?
I'll be damned if I have yet to figure out what it's going to take, to break out of this NLHE break even player funk. I mean, seriously?

Here's a perfect one-two punch for you, to sum up the entire year of NLHE.

Hand #41 = All-in on the turn.

Then in Hand #42, I somehow survive the all-in pre-flop.

Yeah, break even baby!

Peb's crushed me on our moolah-made side bet.
(NLHE only)

So embarrassing.

Thankfully though, I still have the STUD guy. My play has been spot on pretty much, allowing me to withdraw a few required funds here and there. You know, for all the frilly and nice stuff one wants to buy his beloved wife on a whim.

Online Blogger games were pretty much a bust for me. I did manage to score one semi-major win back in the BBT5, (did I ever mention THANKS AL!) when I somehow luck sacked my way into the tournament of champions. But all in all, I donated far more often than I cashed in our little shindigs.

Live Poker....

As my favourite show of all time likes to say, "and now for something completely different!"

Live Poker is quite obviously rigged and even more apparently, totally in my favour. That should be good for total card-deadedness for the remainder of my life huh? After running so deep in the 2009 WPBT in what I want to call quite possibly, our deepest field of entrants ever, I really felt good about my play at the live tables. Then to back that up, I started the year off with a bang.

Then in a combination of live Poker and Bloggers at The Mastodon Weekend, I crossed a couple of my must to-do's off the old Bammer-Do list as well.

Then finishing up the year around these parts, I managed to survive the final table.


I'll put it bluntly, things suck!When it came to busting a nut to get a paycheque, I was only able to get in three months total all year. Just brutal! There's just nothing out there in my field of expertise and despite brudder Riggs enthusiasm about going out on my own and doing some consulting, it takes customers that can actually PAY to make it all work out. I've done my homework and the math, I'll lose my shirt right now.

I'm actually looking at a career change, just not sure what direction though.


One was taken FAR too early, while I literally held it in my hands.

While sitting around a table with twenty of my twenty-three possible family members in attendance for Christmas Eve Dinner, life as it always does for me, came down to one thing my Peb's had to say. While all of us were expressing our wants and desires for under the tree the next day, she simply said;

"Thankfully, I get one more Christmas with my Dad. Who could want anything more than that?"

Eyes were wiped dry with tissue.
Glasses were raised in toast.
Thoughts turned to Fred and his courage and strength.

Indeed, who could want any more from life than that?

All the best in 2011 my friends and as always,

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Twas just days until Christmas....

Twas just days until Christmas,
when outside the house
some creatures were stirring,
a bit bigger than a mouse.

They went out through the yard,
down the treelines with care.
In hopes that some goodies
would be lying back there.

Like children we nestled
all snug in our bed,
While visions of Reindeer
danced in my head.
With Pebbles drinking Wine,
and me with my Scotch,
I wanted to see them,
not to kill just to watch.

I got dressed, went outside
and despite being fatter,
I somehow got my lard-ass,
up that old treestand ladder.
Away to the bushes
I focussed with glee,
in hopes that I'd see them,
and they not see me.

A full moon on the breast
of the new-fallen snow
Gave the lustre of mid-day
to objects below.
When what to my wondering
eyes should appear,
But of course its the kids,
the eight tiny Reindeer.

Building strength before Christmas
they were lively and quick,
They'd need all that energy,
to pull the weight of St Nick.
More rapid than anything
my heart it would beat,
as I whispered and muttered,
"holy crap this is neat!"

"Hey Dasher!

Hey, Dancer!

Hey, Prancer

and Vixen!

Yo, Comet!

W'sup, Cupid!

Hey, Donner

and Blitzen!

From the top of the tree,
a branch had a fall.
And then dash away, dash away,
They Dashed away all!

A very Merry Christmas everyone!

And as always,

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Merry Quadmas Everyone....

Nothing suspicious about this at all! Let's face it seeing Quads about 30x a night or so is quite typical actually, in a standard 52 card deck right?

Peb's noticed it first;

"Wow" she said, "The last hand was won with Quads too!"

She gives one of those excited little squeals I've come to love, as she doubles up two hands later with pocket Astins. Only to follow that up with that little moan I hate, as she's moved to a new table.

First hand in and;

Quads again!

After she busted out, she told me to take a shot at a game.

About three hands in and naturally,

it's Quadmas!

Just a few short minutes later and;

Quada Claus cracks some Astins.

Now you know you're most definitely on the naughty list, when you refuse to play nice with all the other kiddies at Quadmas.

I take a short break to answer the phone, only to return to find out that I just folded a hand that would've made Quads.

So I do what I do and laugh.

Then it just gets.... you know, totally random!


Rinse; (7 hands later)

and a table move later repeat, just 3 more hands into the game.

I mean, doesn't everyone miss Quads four times out of ten?

Merry Quadmas everyone and remember, it's TOTALLY RANDOM you know!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


WPBT Trip Report: The Missing Man Perspective....

When the anticipation of attending the yearly storming of the strip is ripped from your heart, a new and rather dangerous anticipation creeps into your head. Its the anticipation of the trip reports in the aftermath of the successful candidates appearances, that gives one something to cling to. Something that seems to hold value and something, that is supposed to make you feel at least a modicum better, after having to miss out on the fun.

Funny though, it just makes me feel worse!

Don't get me wrong here, I love reading every ones stories. I can say unequivocally, I would feel FAR worse if I didn't have them to review. It's just the whole double-edged sword thing you know? No reads at all, I'd feel so left out of all the fun. But to read about all of the shenanigans and tom-foolery, is akin to getting that first helium balloon as a kid. Only to eventually find out that once you let go of the string for just a split second, the balloon will slowly and quite painfully, allow you to watch it disappear into the far reaching blue sky.

If you've been before and couldn't make one of our little gatherings for any of a number of reasons, I think you know what I'm trying to convey. If you've never been to a gathering before, I hope that you will allow yourself to partake in all of the fun, as soon as you get the chance.

I do not believe this to be too simplified to be honest. I actually think that saying our little community ranges as far and wide as the imagination will allow you to take it, could possibly be one of the understatements of the century.

Diversity & Adversity.
Camaraderie & Debauchery.
Gentile & Futile.
Heart warming & Heart wrenching.
CEO's & The Unemployed.
Writers & Dreamers.

We have anything and everything you could ever dream up, here in our little cluster of fun.

I found it entirely ironic that as the WPBT was blasting in full force over the weekend, so was one of the worst Winter storms in Bedrock's history. Why you ask? Well here's this Missing man's perspective.

In the world as it is right now, multi-billion dollar deals are going down with neither party actually ever having to meet. At least not face-to-face. A simple 'click' is really all it takes. Homes are bought and sold, pharmaceuticals can be purchased and any other multitude of wheeling and dealing can be done, all in the same manner. Just avoid any actual contact, then 'click' and the deal is done. Hell we even call ourselves IIF's! Some that we just can't wait to see again, some we'll meet for the first time or best of all for the real veterans of this little community of ours, we'll recall all of our previous hi jinx in hilarity, while making new memories as we trudge along. All conveyed with a few simple words on a screen in front of us and then, the transaction is considered complete. All with just a simple 'click' of a mouse.

In life in general, how many of us can say that we know all of our neighbours? I'm not talking about the house next door, or even the one, two or three houses down the road from that one. I'm talking about the basic community of folks, that you've chosen to surround your family with. I don't think I'm going too far out on the limb here, to say very few is a pretty accurate assumption.

So the Winter storm around these parts was an awful lot like one of our gatherings for me, when complete strangers would park on the side of a snowy and blowing cold road, all in an effort to help pull someone else out of the ditch. Simple acts of heart warming kindness took place, where new friends were made and old friendships were rekindled. The Farmer with his snow blower attached to his John Deere, simply makes stops at each and every driveway along the way. The man across the road is carrying a bag of milk. All the while, struggling to keep his feet beneath him in the ice and snow. Why is he doing that? He knows the single mom with two children under five down the road, hasn't been able to get out now for days.

You see during the worst Winter storm in years around these parts, I walked up to a man that seemed only vaguely familiar to me and rather soon after that, we called each other friend. Only to find out that this one simple action, soon lead me to discover I had hundreds more just like him around here. It was the same with my first ever gathering. I simply walked up to a man that somehow seemed a little familiar to me, only to have called him friend ever since. And with that one simple action on my part I also soon discovered, I had hundreds more just like him in you.

So since the irony of the timing is not lost on me at all, here is my message to you. If you never have before, get to a gathering of some type. Because only then will you truly find out just how many friends you may really have, in this wonderful community that's developed.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Closing Bedrock....

On account'a SNOW!

Now I am only 1,000,048 years old, so I'm not really the crotchety old "GET OFF MY LAWN" git that I've been perceived to be. But shutting down Bedrock? FOR SNOW???



This is solely my personal opinion of course, but you know your population is leaning a little too far in the direction of cultural diversity, when a little snow shuts down a town based almost entirely on tourism.

UH.... 85% of which is Winter fun.

Re-fueling trucks can't get to the gas stations.
Ski hills closed because there's too much snow!
School buses pulled off the roads.
(Okay, I get that one!)
But pulling Snowplows off the roads?

It's fucking white fluffy snow!

My apologies Grandpa Barney and Grandpa Betty, we've let Bedrock go to Hell in a hand basket!

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going out to have a little play!

That is all.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


The 2010 Bammy Awards....

Yes kids, the time has finally arrived once again. Where our esteemed panel of judges are asked to make quite literally, a few of the toughest decisions known to blogdem.

It's time for The 2010 Bammy Awards to get shelled out!

First up, Favourite New Artist.

The nominees are;

Schaubs for Double-Baby-Bump
Josie for Very Josie
Cloud for Twitterpoker

And The Bammy goes to....

Very Josie!

Seriously difficult decision between all three of these great blogs. But in the end, I think the judges were swayed by Josie's constant cleavage shots. And we all know how the judges around here erm... feel about boobies right!

Next, Favourite Female Artist.

And the nominees are;

Mrs. Chako for The Wife
CK for Black Widow of Poker
Kat for Katitude
Gadzooks for OMGWTF: Its a blog

And The 2010 Bammy Award goes to....

Mrs. Chako!

You want to hear about tough decisions? This was BRUTALLY tough! In the end it all came down to just one vote between them. ONE VOTE! Apparently the deciding factor came down to a few minor little details. CK shutting things down for a bit, well let's just say that hurt her chances just a smidgen. Zooks basically lost on a minor technicality, as the judges were thrilled to stop by and read about the PokerSlut Tour. Only to find out that it was all about some silly little game of cards. SO disappointing and yes, there were deductions for incredibly poor sportsmanship on that one! Kat's last minute move may have hurt her in the end, as the judges are rather simple minded folks, not understanding or appreciating some real talent, when it's presented right in front of them.

It was also said that the last thought going into the judging for this category, was one brief moment during a previous WPBT. A moment my friends, that SHALL live on in the memory of the head judge, until all time comes to a stop.

This brings us to Favourite Male Artist.

And the nominees are;

Joe Speaker for The Obituarium
Astin for I Can't Believe I Ate The Whole Thing
Julius_Goat for The Goat Speaks
Ken P. for Poker Perambulation

The Bammy goes to....


Although this was no cakewalk either kids, it all basically boiled down to two very simple fundamentals for the judges. First off, "Humor is reason gone mad." With that thought stuck in the judges heads, it became a no-brainer once they all came to the exact same conclusion.

"I don't care to belong to a club that accepts people like me as members."

And with that, SeƱor Goat eeks out the win!

Next we have the category of Best Folk Performance, by a Duo or Group.

Our nominees are....

AlCantHang for The Bash
Otis for Mastodon Weekend
The WPBT for The Winter Gathering

This years Bammy Award goes to....

Otis and the entire G-Vegas crowd!

Let's face it, this one wasn't even close! First off, The WPBT was held this year without a single panel judge being present. HUGE mistake! There have also been recent rumours of course, that The Bash could possibly be making a resurrection of sorts, heading into 2011. Well kids, that's NEXT YEAR! The South-Cackalacky gang won this one hands down. Plans for the judges to repeat The Migration for years and years to come, have already been laid out. You will be seeing us my friends, as long as you'll allow it to happen!

The second last of our 2010 Bammy Awards is, Best Metal Performance.

The nominees are....

BadBlood for Metal Mondays and New, Old, Live.
Dr. Chako for Perseverance
Riggstad for Bangin' it Old School

The 2010 Bammy goes to....

Right off the top, Riggstad had to be disqualified. THAT.IS.NOT.METAL!

Our winner this year is, Doc Chako!

BadBlood was right there the entire way though, as he introduced our judges to some of the best stuff they'd laid ear to for some time. But in the end, it was the shear determination and intestinal fortitude of The Doc, that won the judges over.

And that my friends, brings us to our final category for the year.

The 2010 Bammy Award for, Best Performance EVAH!

The nominees are....

Falstaff for The Chosen
Pauly for Lost Vegas
DRIZZ for I Hear What Your Saying

And the winner of the 2010 Bammy Award is....


If you don't own either one of those amazing books, YOU SHOULD! But in the end as it almost always does, the nod seems to go to the seriously funny. I say it in person whenever I get the all too rare chance but DRIZZ, you just make me smile all the time and for that, you win The 2010 Bammy Award for Best Performance EVAH!

Congratulations to all of our winners and for those that didn't quite make the cut, know this, neither did I !!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


A WPBT Public Service Announcement....

Just in case you may have forgotten what The WPBT is really all about, here are some words of wisdom for you.

Oh and one other thing!

Do me a small favour if you would?

If it looks like AlCantHang has lost his way, please help point him in the right direction for me. Remember, Al only needs two things other than Marlboros.

Have fun kids!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Well I'll be....

Calling the event “The Tournament of Champions” just feels wrong. The nine of us are more like survivors, rather than anything remotely close to Champions. For this season long battle was held in the court of hard knocks, where Free Bar Poker at its ultimate height can mean, “All-in” with A-A, every bit as much as with 2-7 sooooooted. This is the wrong kind of Bar Poker and I know what you’re thinking, ‘what can be wrong with Poker AND a bar?’ Nothing I guess, if it's done right like The Riverchasers folks do it!

Every week the local Pub, (well, as local as it gets here in Bedrock!) opens its doors and makes a little space for about 50 ~ 60 folks to grab a seat, and get their Poker jones on for the evening. The problem is that besides Peb’s, myself and the only other couple we know that show up every week, no one else is doing anything to support the Pub. To the players that continue to show up it’s “free” all the way. Why there’s more water at any given event for one of these things, than there is created by melting glaciers and global warming. For the life of them, not one can understand why the “free” Poker, will be coming to an end after this game.

Based on my results from the previous 16 weeks of play, a points system that is highly favorable for a final table appearance and a few good hands along the way, this kid somehow managed to squeak into the final table of the year with a little chip lead. I was starting The Tournament of Champions table of 9 players, holding nearly 17% of the total chips in play. Add that to my familiarity with the other 8 players sitting down in the game and honestly, I have to admit that I really liked my chances.

I drew the 7 seat and all down my right side were stacks and stacks of chippies begging me to keep them warmer than they were right now. If I was going to get a juicier spot to play the game, I couldn’t think of 3 individuals I’d rather have sitting to my right in a row. Immediately on my left however, was quite possibly the best NLHE player in the crowd. Bub finished 2nd. in the points standings, had one less win than I did and surprisingly enough to some, (not me) missed two weeks of play along the way. Bub had busted me out once, been busted by me once and over the entire season of play, those two heads up confrontations for the win, were our only real encounters with each other. We’d sat at the same table repeatedly over the weeks but somehow, we’d managed to avoid making too many really big mistakes against each other.

“I’ll race you to’em Bammer” Bub said, as he glanced past me and focused on the chips to my right.

A few commiserating announcements for the end of the season and the end of Poker at the Pub were made, with the anticipated groans of disappointment and disbelief from the water Camels. Yet they joined in the toast and held their water glasses high, making an annoyingly loud clank as they saluted the efforts of the staff and ownership of the pub.

As I held my Scotch up and made my now customary wink towards Sue the owner, I suddenly found myself on extreme tilt without a card being thrown in the air. Despite smiling for that one moment and winking back, her look said nothing but that she just couldn’t wait to get these losers, the hell out of her bar.
“Let’s shuffle up and deal”

As is fairly common on a weekly basis with these folks there was an UTG raise the first hand of play, a call and then quite naturally, another call. All standard fair for what quite simply, had become the worst Poker I think I’d ever been a part of.

I look down at pocket Astins and to make it even better for my comfort level, they were Two Black Aces.


Ad ~ 4c ~ 7h came the flop for myself and the initial raiser, who was the only one to have made the call.

“I’m all in” he said.

“I Call”

As I was stacking the fresh chips that the dealer had just pushed my way after the first hand, UTG player muttered something about a “cooler,” as he shook hands with everyone and took his water off the table. His unimproved pocket 8’s still lying next to the five cards missing them completely.

“Nice start” said Bub.

It was two complete rotations before I played another hand, holding nothing but garbage in all hands previous. Holding 10-10 and seeing an 8 high rainbow flop, I lead out for around half the pot. This got one player to fold but the other; well he made a quick and rather excitable call. The Ace on the turn was of concern to me, since the notes I have on this guy read ‘will play any Ace to the end.’

The river was a meaningless card to the board but still, neither of us put another chip into the pot.

“Ace – eight?” I asked inquisitively.

“Chop” was his reply. “That’s what I have too.”

My tens went into the muck.

The eighth player left the table at around the first hour or so. Having her K-K snapped off by 5 ~ 7 off suit but “hey, it was only a 4x raise pre!”


Peb’s and Sue the owner were about two thirds of the way through the carafe of wine I’d bought them, both giggling like two school girls who’d just seen the cutest boy. It was really nice to see Sue laughing and smiling during a Poker event. Those moments had been rather rare over the season of play and typically when Peb’s and I head out for a drink or some grub, Sue’s the one that just can’t stop doing either. As I made my way out for a smoke, I asked Chris behind the bar to top off their carafe and grab them a little something to nibble on. She just smiled that way she does and then as always, just made it happen.

Everyone always seems to forget everything they know about Poker and the game or table that they are sitting at it seems, as the result of a 10-minute break.

“All in” and all out, went the next two players in the first four hands back. All pre-flop action, one three way pot and the best of the best that was in play, two big slicks chopping up another players stack, after his A-10 managed to whiff on all three of his outs in the deck.

Being down to five-handed, Bub and I made a little more room for one another, now that we had the space to do so.

I’d just folded a suited Bammer after some betting in the spots ahead of me, Bub just tossed a bunch of chips in front of him and made a rather large three bet. The first fold came immediately but the other player, in a hoody with shades on by the way, tanked and tanked and tanked.

“If I fold and show you, will you show?”

Bub did what he always does, just sat there stoically and said nothing.

Hoody looked back at his cards and then despite the appearance of being whomped by a good solid player, he announced all in.


Bub’s pocket Astins survived the 7s ~ 8s they were up against somehow.

We were now four-handed and the only player I was really worried about in the game, had a fresh new pile of chips to play back at me with.


Nothing eventful happened all the way up to break after that. The stacks were all large enough in comparison to the blinds that almost any pre-flop aggression or re-aggression, was usually met with the cards being tossed into the muck.

Very few flops were seen, most play had ended by the turn and honestly, I don’t recall actually seeing any river cards now that I think of it.

Owner Sue and Peb’s were a little on the ‘woo-hoo’ side, when I managed to find them back in the corner. That was a lot of wine for two little girls to take in for certain and, in just the couple hours they’d been at it. But they were both semi-pro I’d thought, having experience and the wisdom of hundreds of bars and pubs along the way. Then Chris told me that she’d been asked to top the carafe up one additional time by Sue, not to mention the Slippery Nipple and Cum-In-The-Hot-Tub shots they’d had because as Peb’s slurred out in my direction, “Sue had never tried either of them honey.”

The return from break this time was far better than the previous one. Meaning of course, that I got a walk in my big blind. I try to never look at my cards when that happens but as I flipped them into the center of the table, both the Ac and Ah revealed themselves. I probably would have gotten into trouble with them anyhow. I fold my small blind crap cards to a raise but Bub, well Bub makes his now standard re-raise of the action. With what seemed like very little thought but lots and lots of chip counting, about half of the newly counted stack made its way in front of the original raiser as a re-re-raise.

Online I think this stuff manages to elude my attention span or something. Sitting there live however, I take in every single nuance of the action at hand. I could tell exactly what kind of storm was brewing in front of me and one thing was definite, we were about to see a little hand on hand violence at the table.

“The actions to you Bub.”

“I’m going to raise………. all in”

I had no doubt at that point what cards Bub had sitting in front of him so I wondered to myself if the kid was good enough to get away from it, or were his cards good enough to make the call.


Before cards were flipped up there were “good lucks” and handshakes, all the while I think I was the only one that had come to the realization that sitting right in the center of the table, was about 40% of the chips in play. One of these two players, was about to become a monster.

“Bub shows Ad ~ As and The Kid shows Kd ~ Ks” announced the tournament director.

It just sat there! Peeking out between the dealers fingers for what seemed like forever to me. I can’t imagine what it must have felt like for Bub. The door card was clearly the other red King but as the cards were slowly and almost agonizingly spread out across the felt however, the middle spot was just as easily obvious as the Ace of clubs.

Bub had skill.
Bub had some luck.
Bub had position on me.
Bub had cards when he played and now more important to yours truly, Bub had a shitload of chips.

The third player remaining was the shorty. She had played solid when she won a hand but obviously, she wasn’t getting much in the way of cards to play.

All three of us remaining also just happened to be the smokers and drinkers of this final table. We asked for and were graciously given by the tournament director, our smoke and washroom breaks.

“Irony’s a real bitch huh?” said Owner Sue in unison with Peb’s, both hoisting a glass of something alcoholic but not wine, as we all headed out for our smokes.

“It is indeed,” said Bub, as he opened the door for me and the third player left in the game, his Wife.

Remember the other couple I’d mentioned earlier on that also supported the pub like Peb’s and I tried to do? Bub and Lisa are them.

As we returned back to the table for the conclusion of the game, Owner Sue was elated like no time ever before. Normally I would’ve chalked this up to the booze but honestly, it was clear that she appreciated all we’d done to try and support her for her efforts, by hosting our silly little weekly game of chance.

She had Chris bring us each our drink of choice on the house, mine being a double for a reason unknown to me at the time.

“Your Packers just beat Sue’s 49’ers.” Chris told me. Clearly in response to the look I must have had on my face, at the size of the Scotch being set in front of me.

Five hands in upon our return; I’m dealt the two red Queens. I make a big enough raise to put Lisa to the test, hoping all the while that Bub wouldn’t have anything playable to stay in the hand with. Bub folds and after taking a good look at her cards and her remaining stack, Lisa puts her card cap on the hand and announces that she will be going all in.


Lisa’s Asian-Jew does not improve and Bub and I are about to hold our own personal tie breaker of sorts.

The tournament director said it was 64 hands, I don’t know. It was all a focused blur, if that makes any sense at all. There was small ball pot control poker and never once did either of us ever mention, ‘all in.’ Chips were swapped back and forth, as made hands toppled to hands that got there. The Blinds and Antes were frequently traded between us, as hot and cold pre-flop runs hit us both along the way also.

Somehow however though, through it all, I must have managed to take the chip lead.

On hand #64:

I remember that the pre-flop raise I’d made was called by Bub.
I remember that my C-bet on the flop was called by Bub.
I remember that my bet on the turn was called by Bub.
I remember that despite having a pretty damn fine Scotch in front of me, my mouth was incredibly dry.
I do not remember what the turn card was.
I remember that the river card was the two of hearts.
I remember betting on that two of hearts and having Bub say, “all-in.”
I remember staring at the board and trying to make sense of the play.
Now I remember the turn card!

3d ~ 10h ~ 8c ~ 4c ~ 2h

“I Call”

“Damn,” said Bub. “I didn’t figure you for the A-5 type Bammer! I flopped trips. I’ve got a set of 8’s.”

I remember feeling really warm all of a sudden.

“Pocket 10’s for the flopped set myself Bub.”

“Good game!”

“Damn good game! Can I buy you a drink Bub?”

And there I sat, a survivor.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Defining local Poker....

Through absolutely no skill of my own, I've qualified for a local championship event here in Bedrock. It's a November nine style rip-off thing and with my earlier results, I guess I'll have a pretty good chip lead going into the event.

But it is local Poker and honestly to me, that can only mean one thing.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Peb's Pearls ~ #13....

Hi Gang Peb's here.
Long time no, whatever it is I'm doing right now.

I wanted to share a fun little game that I play all the time with Bam-Bam with you. Well honestly he doesn't really know that we are playing the game but to me, that's what makes it so much fun.

A girls got to make her own fun sometimes right?

So as near as I can recall, we started the game when we'd first met. The game doesn't actually have a name I don't think but for my purposes of laughter, I call it the Cashier game.

The rules of the game are really quite simple.

1) There needs to be an organized shopping list.
2) Your husband needs to do the shopping, while you watch.
3) Sit back and wait for the fun.

See it's easy!

Now we all know that it was uber-easy to play this game, way back in the day. All you had to do was add some form of feminine hygiene product to said list and voila!

But those days are long gone, as the men seem to take a great deal of pride in being "that" kind of guy. You know the one I mean right? The guy that can not only stand in line and purchase the products in public but hey, he'll stand in the longest line at the store because there's a hot check out girl in that one. He'll then proceed to boldly purchase said products with chest puffed out and head held high as if to say, "Look at me. Ya that's right, I'm a provider." Half the time if your paying attention properly at the check out, the chicks like "oooh, coooo, look at you Mr. Provider."

Well let me tell you, that really took all the fun out of the game for me and like I said earlier on, a girls got to make her own fun sometimes. So I decided on different ways to play it and you know what? I think if you put your mind to it too, you could have as much fun as me playing it with your significant others. Hell, maybe you already do? BTW ~ I'd love to hear about that!

My secret seems to be in getting that one special item on a specific list of Bammers. I've gotten him dozens of times with this little trick and let me tell you something, IT NEVER GETS OLD!

Here's the latest example I have that I can sort of actually show you. Now to set the scene properly, Bam was incredibly focused on making his Chipotle Chili. It's always been a Winter staple for us but this year, I had a little fun with it!

Now it might help if you know that Bammer is TOTALLY anal about his cooking AND, his lists for getting it right. Anyone else would probably put a weeks worth of items on the list and then, head out to get some groceries at the store. NOT Bammer! He has a list for his key item and at the store as a second check, he places them all out on the conveyor in order of the recipe.

So picture if you will, all layed out nice and organized;

2 lbs. Ground Beef
1 lb. Ground Pork
3 Spanish Onions
1 Hot Cubanelle Pepper
1 jar Chipotle Seasoning
1 jar Sweet Crushed Chillies & Pepper
1 bottle Liquid Smoke
1 bottle Lea & Perrins
3 Packages of Tex-Mex Chili Seasoning
3 cans crushed and seasoned Tomatoes
3 cans Tomato Paste
3 cans Red Kidney Beans
1 Loaf Fresh Italian bread

and what was it Peb's wanted again?
Oh yeah,

1 bottle Industrial Strength Toilet Bowl Cleaner

After "Nice to see you're planning ahead" from the cashier and most of the customers in line got up off the floor, this version of the game was officially over.


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We live by Rule #34....

I guess it's because of my inability to attend this years gathering, but when I was asked recently by a WPBT first timer what I thought the secret to having a good time was going to be, I fluffed off the appropriate answer and mumbled something about 'just have fun.' Well despite not actually making the trip this year, I do know better than that! The secret is and will always be, to make sure you follow Pauly's Invading Las Vegas Tips.

In particular, RULE #34!

Much better clarification of Rules #6,#7 & #8 can be found HERE and honestly for these gatherings, those four are the ones that can make or break the weekend for you. (not to mention for others!)

Have fun kids!
I can't wait to hear all about it.

In other news, did you know our boy Schaubs is battling it out for an award? Well, he is! Best new Blog for multiples. If you get a second, (AND THAT'S REALLY ALL IT TAKES!) it would be hawesome if you could drop a little click in the Double Baby Bump section HERE, under best new Blog. It can't be anything but good Karma to do so and with a trip to Vegas in your plans, who couldn't use a little of that?

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No WPBT for me....

There, I said it!
Well actually, I guess I only wrote it huh?

But facts are facts just the same and now I need to face the fact I guess, that I am going to have to miss out on the December gathering.

No Let-it-Ride Olympics for me this year.

No Bloggers, Booze & Balls either.

Damn, that means no Tao of Luck too!

No fun Highlight Reel.

No Run Goot for a full day!

No tale of Peb's running HAWT.

Damn! No cocktail waitress grope-a-thons either!

All that though, I think I can manage to somehow get over. What really hurts me, you may be wondering, is that I'll be missing the friends I've been fortunate enough to have come to know and love over all of our years together. That's what REALLY hurts about not making it this year.

So I have a request.
Allow me to live vicariously through you my friends.
Write ups, trip reports etc... etc...
I'm counting on you!

With that all out of the way, there's only one thing left to say;

C'mon Mastodon Weekend!

No really! Is it here yet?

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Sunday Poker (a)musings....

Played a whack of games yesterday. Not sure why I was in the mood to be honest, but as they say, strike when the irons hot right?

As per normal, I started the day off with some STUD. I couldn't get anything going when it came to my game, (STUD) so when I saw a nearly full table of H/L about to get underway, I stooped to the Prevo level and had a go. ;)

I joke of course! Ken knows my feelings on the split games and although I think it's safe to say we see the opposite sides of the coin as it were, I can also tell you that I totally understand his logic in this game selection. The draw to an iron clad hand is missed by so many in the split game, as newcomers almost always tend to be completely focused on the high hand. The problem I always have however is the number of lucky catches that can be made, with two levels doing the paying out. But it is what it is and based on my own self confidence with the STUD variations, I know I should kill the game.

I managed to take down the win, with no really exciting hands to talk about. Well, there was this one I guess.

I despise the 'card-flip' feature on Tilt! I was rolled up as you can see, (or NOT! The Kd ~ 4c were flipped) and with his board showing 8c,9c,Qc on fifth, his outs seemed to be to the straight and flush. Once sixth street gave me the quads I just had to push and pray, that it wasn't the STR8 Frush I needed to worry about.

Being the fool that I can be, I took the winnings and ran away to Hold'Em. Where quite naturally I went on the sickest of runs, watching my folded hands develop into pot monsters. I know that there were five or six hands in a row where had I managed to stay in on the action, I would have scooped a shit-whack of chippies.

Being me AND it being Hold'Em, naturally I took a big hit when I was sure I was good after the flop. I re-raised the guy who had been playing any Ace like it was gold. I felt great about my decision when the cards turned up going into the turn as well.

Good that is,

for the entire 3.5 seconds it took, for the turn and river to do THAT to me!

I squeeked out a minimum cash there surprisingly so sticking with the theme of me being me, I went out to find another game I could suck at. That's when I saw this one!

A game with a good cause and a good friend, how could I not play? I sent out a mass mail telling everyone about the game, with the same five minute advance notice that I had. I figured even if one or two of you made it into the game, the cause would get a few extra bucks for my minimal effort. Young Mr. Prevo actually made the game and good Sir, I'm proud of you for doing so. I honestly knew that you would.

I started out pretty good in this one too.

Not just with the hands either because if you look very closely at that shot, you'll see that I had a rather special play-by-play colour commentator too!

Karma for my good efforts however, refused to play along any further. As the cruelest of cards possible made it's way to the river on me, just a little bit later on.

Once I busted out, I went to find K.P. and see how he was making out. Once I did, I saw he had just a minor little issue, sitting one seat to his left.


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You got 15 minutes!....

Get in the game!

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Frantic Friday: The Birthday Edition (NSFW)....

It's Birthday day!

NO! Not mine.

NO! Not Peb's or not-so-mini-Peb's either!

It's The Wife's Birthday today kids and to me, that's a special enough occasion to do something a little different around here for a change.

You see, The Wife is one of those very special friends to me. Not that your not all special in your own ways of course, but once you've shared a few of the moments The Wife and I have together, I don't know! The bond just feels like it can never be broken.

We are and always will be, BFF's.

UH.... That's Butt Feeling Friends, by the way.


Normally I know that you'd all drop in to see some

doing a little sumpin' sumpin' right?

You're here because this is THE place to check out the weekly

that has become, your beloved Frantic Friday.

Let's face it kids. When all the planets align and I do my job on a Frantic Friday just right, even

will show their appreciation.

I'dunno, it's just what I do I guess.

The Wife you see, is kinda' like the mime of us Bloggers. Constantly proving that

There's also the fact that if you're lucky enough to run into The Wife at any of our Blogger functions and you see how she puts herself together, you'll soon come to the realization that


I don't really think calling my BFF The Wife a

is actually appropriate though.

She does however have a multitude of exceptional talents that can and will, never be underestimated by yours truly, or anyone else that recognizes how truly special The Wife really is.

As an example, we ALL know how incredible her

abilities have paid off, for some lucky dude!

I mean really, she did all the work right?

Now he's just flying around,

Don't get me wrong here, I love the man like a Brudder!


I do!

But with The Wife at his side and a Ferrari to go cruising, I can occasionally get my jealousy thing going, sometimes causing me to mumble something about


Anywho again.... Here on Frantic Friday's I try my best to do what I can, to provide you my dear readers, with something that I call "Wife worthy." Because beyond the kisses, the butt grabs, the hugs, the strippers, the JUST CAN'T BE PRINTED ANYWHERE ON THE NET experiences, that we've both had one or two parts in, I'll never forget the first time I actually laid eyes on The Wife.

I feel that no words can properly describe how that all went down but you know what?

It was

If you know me, you may just be shocked and amazed at what's about to happen here. But that's how much The Wife means to this kid.

For the first and probably, (hopefully!) only time ever during a Frantic Friday, I present a Birthday present that hopefully, hits the "Wife worthy" spot.


Wrong one.



Here's a couple more just for you "M"

Happy Birthday The Wife and to everyone else,

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Ups & Downs are like....

Treading water!

Up = Went to dinner at the boss' house and had a great time.
Down = It was Ma & Pa Canada's way of telling me that they just couldn't afford me anymore, despite how well everything was going.

Up = Made 7 buy-ins on a hot streak of epic proportion at the local Casino.
Down = Peb's lost 3.

Up = Made three additional trips back to said Casino, all on the same funds from the first one.
Down = After the 3rd. trip failures, initial bankroll now sits at only + $85.

Up = Rumour has it that our economy is thriving and overall hiring, well they say it's back to the levels of the late 1990's.
Down = I checked and you know what? There wasn't that much hiring going on back then.

Up = I actually took the time to throw a post together for this place.
Down = It seems to be getting harder to do so.

Up = I'm married to my best friend.

Hmmm....... things are looking up after all!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


I continue to remember....

Since nothing has changed since last year, here's how I still feel about today.

On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, I'll sit and reflect on everything I have and everything I can do. I'll thank the ones truly responsible, in my own personal way.

I'll look to the Heavens and thank those that may be there, through courage, effort and a belief in doing the right thing.

I'll look to the East and thank those that are still doing exactly that.

I'll go to our Memorial Square downtown, to personally thank those that have done their best on our behalf.

Today is the opposite of all of the things that Hallmark can't make me do. Like telling me when to show my love, or determining when I should bestow a gift upon a loved one.

You see to me, today is a day that actually deserves my attention.

I always try to remember and honestly, I can become pretty upset with myself for taking my freedom for granted. Today however, I dedicate to remembering as much as I can.

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

John McCrae

For those that have given and those that continue to do so, I remember. For what ever it's worth, know that you'll always have my sincerest thanks and highest gratitude.

I remain steadfast in my belief that if you can't stand behind our troops, please feel free to stand in front of them!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Frantic Friday: The I miss me II edition.... (NSFW)

Hello my dear reader.

Long, LONG time.... no Frantic Friday!

Does it help at all if I mention that

I know, I know.
True love means NEVER having to say you're sorry!

But around these parts we've always thought that love, was a lot like Panties.

You know what I mean right?

You know what I miss the most about not throwing a Frantic Friday together at the last minute for you?

I really miss the

and of course, the all important

Trust me, Frantic Fridays have NOT gone the way of the Dodo my friends!

I'd just like to think of them as rarer and more valuable than ever, as we start to look forward to the future.

Perhaps Frantic Fridays might have to develop a more current or modern edge to them? Who knows?

Maybe this kid should truly consider the advantages of pushing the much more green and reader friendly version of

and all it has to offer?

After all who wouldn't appreciate the

enjoyed to it's fullest, all the while taking every moment to notice the

Uh.... no.
I already know that that would be about as useless as well,

Okay, how about this then.

I promise to spend the entire weekend without any sleep at all!
Focusing on what's really important to us all.

I promise to do my best to uncover all the available

in Bedrock!

After all, nothings too good for you my dear friends!

Particularly, if it's

Okay is it just me, or do really good double entendres totally RAWK!

I'll leave you now, as I head out on my totally selfless mission, with two final thoughts for the day.

Number one ~ It's always important to remember that what you're experiencing at the moment is, nothing more than a

But in the end we all really understand that truly, it's the Brunettes that please.

And as I realize that I do have to make a move to get my next mission for you underway;

Number II ~ Screw Football, Hockey, Soccer, Baseball and the others. Take my word when I say that no sport on this planet, has more potential for total happiness on the whole, than the much underrated sport of

I know that life lessons occasionally cost you 5 to 10 minutes of your time around these parts but always remember, living a full life is ALWAYS just your next experience away!

Trust me kids make the most of being on this side of the grass. Because let's face it the alternative, totally sucks huge, sweaty Donkey balls for sure!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....