Frantic Friday: The Random Thoughts Edition....(NSFW)

Things seem to have gotten all philosophical around here of late. Not that this is a bad thing at all, but the random thoughts generated by looking deep into ones own Psyche can be an obnoxious blend of the profound and idiotic. But hey after all, that pretty much sums this kid up right!

So this Frantic Friday I've decided to share with you my dear reader, a few of the random thoughts running through this kids squash.

I'll warn you in advance however, I did say "random." Like your dear Bammer in a brand new liquor store, this is going to be a little all over the place today kids.

Hang on, here we go!

Random thought #1:

Random thought #2:

It seems to me that for as long as there has been time, my favourite colour has always been

But I've recently found that I'd

Random thought #3:

If life really is all about the balance, I think I'm going to be OK after all! Lord knows my hatred of

just has to be balanced out by my love for really hot

Random thought #4:

and life is a lot like a piano.

Random thought #5:

The important thing about promises is,

I have no idea where random thought #6 came from, but here it is just the same.

Random thought #7:

I read somewhere that recent studies

Random thought #8:

but remember kids,

And finally, random thought #9:

These Frantic Fridays have become an awful lot like

Well I guess that's it kids! Now you're all up to date on what's been going through my head lately. Pretty sad stuff huh?

I'm not sure what it's going to take to get me out of this funk. Hopefully however it won't take too long. Brudder CC's coming over shortly and taking me down to the beach. He said that he thinks getting me back together will be as simple as continuing my ultimate quest to find

Who knows, maybe he's right?

Can't hurt can it?


My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

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Josie said...

LOL Nice random thoughts.