Integrity or naiveté, I'll take'em both....

Among Poker players sitting at a table, there's always been one mutual agreement. In my experience, it's generally acknowledged as code.

One Player per hand!

If we were sitting down at almost any table but MGM Table #16, we'd all agree.

One Player per hand.

What makes a HUD work?

If any one of us sat down at a table and knew that we were up against it, meaning we knew there were three friends, (not ours) sitting at the same table and trying to take our chips, we'd most likely dig in and do our best to be the player we know we can be. It's really that simple no?

You're in middle position holding 10-10 and to start the hand, buddy #1 sitting UTG makes the call. Buddy #2 folds and so do the rest of the players to play ahead of you. You make a 3x raise because honestly, you want to know where you stand.

Buddy #3 is the BB and after it's been folded around to him, Buddy #2 mentions OUT LOUD, that you've raised 4 of the last 10 pots pre-flop. Buddies #3 and #1 now both make the call. You see a Jack high flop and after action all around post flop, the turn and river create a pretty big pot. A Jack high board has you feeling pretty damn good too, only to see a sooted Jack-Duece scoop a pot with a rivered two pair. Buddy#3 is now stacking your chips and Buddy #2, well he's simply laughing and hoisting a glass towards his buddy, old #3. Bad beat huh?

Live game let's face it, at least 5 players and the dealer would all say "please sir, one player to a hand."

What's the difference online using a HUD?
The stats show you, without any work on your part, what has happened and what your douchebag buddy would have said out loud.

Now if you're one of those that wants to tell me it's a different game, go ahead.
Just make sure 'online HUD user' is part of your description when you regale us all with your stories of an amazing Poker player status.

When I STUD it up for profit the last fucking thing I ever notice, is my own cards. So don't give me the 'faster game online crap either!' Did you not know you were playing a faster online game when you registered?

Cards can't think kids, but players do.

It's my opinion that in order to consider yourself successful in the game, you need to be the one tracking stats, making decisions and more importantly, the individual deciding what is required of you now. Whatever the action at the time may happen to dictate.

To me anyways, that's the difference between actual players and those that require a technological tool to garner some success.

Perhaps I play with a certain naiveté but if that comes with integrity, I'm all for it. To me, that's what card players do.

*** I will not back down but! I will clarify my opinion for several friends that I happen to know, that play at an online level where it's all about balance. Poker sites allow the crap, why not use it if you're playing at a level that can make a differance in your life? The guy beside you is using something so....

But then again, they have Nukes so....

The definition of Humanity?
We ARE our own worst enemy.

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Irony's a Bitch & HUD's are just cheating yourself....

Right off the top, thanks Waffles! Anyone that can make me work out the thoughts in my head should be very afraid, but also, just a little proud for covering a few of the more subtle nuances of a card players thought process.

I can't begin to think of where I should start this post. Let's see, I joined our little kuh-myoo-ni-tee with every intention of taking advantage of the free lessons and information available about NLHE. Then I met a few Bloggers and suddenly, I joined in on all our Blogger games. So despite wanting to join in to gain an advantage, I found myself becoming part of a group that treats everyone the same. If I was going to get any good at NLHE, I'd have to play my way towards improvement. I'd soon learn that there would be no taking advantage of posted information about weakness or habits and it was all thanks to one simple fact,


You see, if the smart player chooses to take advantage of technology and all the programs and HUD's available to make them a better player, I'm all for it. It simply means that I will have a real edge at the table the next time we sit down and play, face-to-face. What a HUD or program advantage can give you is a 'bot' decision that as a percentage on the whole, is probably the correct call to make based on Status Quo. But that's really the beauty of playing cards isn't it?

Status Quo is a moving fucking target!

Add the RNG into the equation and Hell, there will be enough $1 payments made for the bad beat stories requiring telling, to pretty much wipe out the entire deficits of North America and possibly Ireland or Greece combined.

Point is in my humble opinion, if you need a HUD to play cards you're either;

A) admitting that you're beat and need the help
B) hopelessly indecisive at gambling
C) the angle-shooter we despise sitting at a table with
C) a cheater that sees an advantage in using a bot

This of course is just my opinion. I'm sure there are many others out there and honestly, I'd actually like to hear them too! No matter what side of the fence you hang your hat on. Don't get me wrong here, I'm certainly no pure and white snow driven angel kids.

I just get a great deal of personal satisfaction knowing that when I do manage to win, I did it without a bot, HUD or some other type of program making me feel like I did something special. Because to me without the extra help, what I've done is every bit as satisfying as doing it sitting at a live table and honestly, is there a better feeling for a card player?

And to me anyways, that's what it's all about really. The cards can't think so when I do it right all on my own, I not only beat my opponent, I beat the game. I think the personal satisfaction from that experience is what's sadly lacking in the online genre today. I-got-tech-so-I-don't-give-a-crap-how-I-win has taken over our generation and to me, quite sadly, the next few to come along as well.

The way we're going you can say 'screw it' to the Star Trek dreams of no monetary values and might as well just say 'hello,' to a world full of douchebags just looking for an edge or an angle.

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Dear Packers....

My Dear Packers,

As part owner of the team, I thought I'd take this opportunity to throw in my two cents worth on the run you've had so far in the playoffs. Please DO NOT waste what could best be described as the greatest opportunity in an NFL season, for any #6 seeded team in history. I hope that you'll continue to remain a humble and workman like team as you have, and leave the superiority complex and superstar thinking to the simple minded fan, such as myself.

The other 111,500 or so shareholders and I all agree, keep on doing what you're doing! We feel that this would be the best way to ensure that you continue to


Shareholder #

(and no, the irony of my last 6 digits is NOT wasted on me)

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