Frantic Friday : The Early Edition.... (NSFW)


Despite Frantic Fridays being the largest hit posts of the week, I really didn't expect the onslaught of IM's and e-mails because I took one week off. Jebuz you people are pervs. :)

So going into this week when I realized that I'd have to miss this weeks edition as well, I was like YIKES !

So not being one to purposely go about letting you down, Frantic Friday has come to a Thursday instead this week.

Besides....... What the Hell? If Das Goat can make Get up and Move Monday's rock over to a Tuesday instead, who am I to say that the odd Frantic Friday can't happen on any other day?

So since I'm out of town again this week, I guess I really do owe you all two now don't I? Two it is then! Seems like an appropriate theme anyhow, based on the content in the messages being sent from missing Frantic Friday last week. It appears what the vast majority of you really missed last week was the :

Yeah, I'd definitely say you folks have a fixation issue with :

I was just a little surprised at how many of you pointed out the different aspects of :

that you missed.

Hell honestly, I didn't even realize that there were so many different aspects of them!

So many of you bitched about not seeing any :

that I almost thought it was it's own food group!

Then there was the group of you ready to burst over the lack of :

under boob!

Who knew I was letting you down so?

Of course several mentioned the more subtle aspects that were just plain missed. The most popular of which of course, was the missing :

There was also some drunk out in Wisconsin that happened to mention, that he was a little greedier than most. That poor bugger was missing :

the whole enchilada.

I personally think you're all freaks! I couldn't believe all the nasty things directed my way, just because I skipped one measley Frantic Friday!

I think you should all take a good hard look at joining some type of therapy group or something! I mean if it's really that bad, shouldn't there be a help or support group like :

or something?

Don't get mad or take it all personal and shit. I'm just saying there may be a problem here folks!

I just sit back as a working kid in my :

and I try to be objective, based on the requests being made.

I mean, it's not like you're all full of :

and crap, 24/7.

It's just that apparently, you're all under some type of bizzare Boob influence or something. Which really makes me wonder, is there such a thing as a :

Sure makes one ponder!

I can't say if it's a pandemic right now or not, perhaps it's nothing but that old "moth to a flame" thing going on. I mean, it could be exactly like that right? If it works that way for kids and :

why wouldn't it be possible that the Female Breast could hold such immense :

over a group of Frantic Friday Poker Bloggers?

It could happen, NO?

I'm just saying that I'd personally like to see a few of you out there, ease off the boobie throttle just a touch. Maybe find yourselves another hobby like Hockey, Golf, Frolf or even a little light :


I don't know about you, but when I'm :

I always feel one hell of a lot better about myself!

And seriously! Look at how well it's worked out for BadBlood and his :

gunz of steel!

There's also that thing that The Doc always says too. You can NEVER, EVER go wrong with that age old adage :

is how I want to play! (or something like that)

Whatever helps get you through the day, is what I'm trying to say I guess.

I don't really think I have the right to judge you all that much anyways do I? Lord knows that I have more than a couple of similar addictions myself!

Just the other day in fact I caught myself being fascinated by this :

curvacious little Asian. She was wearing a great pair of :

boots that for some reason my first thought was, The Wife would probably just love those.

So anywho.... you guy's all know me!

I walked right over and said :


As you can see, Dr. Bammer is struggling with his own Demons too kids!


= = = = = =

Off now for a much needed long weekend with the love of my life. Peb's is joining me in Oswego N.Y. for a reunion of drivers and fans from the good old days of my youth. Neither Uncle Bob or Barney are going to be able to make it this year, so I'm heading down to represent the Canadian contingent on their behalf. Damn proud to do so too!

Oswego just happens to be home of the Supermodifieds. I grew up hanging around down there and recently found out that an old buddy will be racing this weekend as well. Here's a little snippet of Chris making a couple of 12 second laps on the 5/8 mile track. And man does he make it look pretty damn easy!

That's why they are without a doubt, the fastest short track cars in the world.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Stumbled upon....

Rough day on the go, so not too much time to get a proper post up here today. Kind of bites actually, as I really wanted to talk about our upcoming extended weekend trip. Hopefully tomorrow!

When I did the Blogger Anthems post a while back, it was quite a bit of fun honestly. The feedback was really good and everyone seemed to take their particular anthem in stride.

Well as I was driving in today, I was saddened by the fact that I had to miss out on Okie-Vegas this weekend, but still happy for all those that are going to make it. Then listening to some tunes on the way in, I found something that made me think of us all as a collective. Well.... at least whenever we get together that is!

I certainly always seem to find that when we all get together, there definitely ain't no rest for the wicked!

Have a blast Okies! Wish I was there.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Caveat emptor....

OK, I'll throw my $0.02 into the debate.

First however to know what it is I'm talking about, you may want to read the START to the whole thing at KenP's, followed by the UBER response from brudder Riggstad.

Both excellent reads on the matter of UIGEA, personal privacy rights and us puny little human things, that just keep running around with too much money.

So for my two cents on the whole deal, please see the Title of this post.

'Cause until we can switch the power over to our side and create Caveat venditor, only we can prevent ourselves from their wicked ways.

Without real change, I think it's fair to say that Human Nature remains exactly like History and bad Chinese Food. And as long as it constantly repeats itself, the power will always be in the wrong court IMHO.

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It's only Au natural....

In the spirit of Choices and remembering that shame was the original sin, sometimes you just have to admit that it's a good thing to get back to the garden.

So what you have here is, a Poker Bloggers Public Service Announcement. (P.B.P.S.A.)

This is a reminder to all of you out there, to take the time to get out and celebrate National Nude Recreation Week, (July 6-12) with your loved one. There's tons of reasons to do so and although I don't think that a top 10 list is really required, one's been put together just the same.

10) No need to spend money to check luggage at airport.

9) If everyone vacationed at nudist resorts, Airports could go clothing optional. Therefore solving both security and lost luggage problems.

8) Waves don't knock off your swim suit.

7) No laundry to do when you get home from vacation. (save the environment)

6) No one has to go through the humiliation of buying a new bathing suit.

5) You won't be embarrassed if the towel slips during a massage.

4) No funny tan lines.

3) Each days hardest decision is matching your sandals to your visor.

2) No place to store your cell, so you can leave it at home.

And finally....

1) Your friends may actually really want to see your vacation photos.

Here are some actual quotes from a few strong supporters, that have participated in all 31 years of National Nude Recreation Week.

"Nude Recreation Week is a great way to let first timers learn about all the fun they are missing out on by not vacationing at nudist resorts. Once you shed your clothes, all of life's daily stresses magically melt away."

"Make this the year that funny tanlines, become just another pleasant memory."

"It is more embarrassing to be in the process of undressing than fully undressed. By undressing, you acknowledge that, normally, you're quite clothed. Anyhow, once you've removed your clothes, you're one of the gang, and you feel you're going to fit in just fine."

As the Naturist Society says in their motto, "Body Acceptance is the Idea, Nude Recreation is the Way."

Peb's and I actually try to celebrate this holiday year round, as we feel nude recreation is a staple of a happy life. ;)

How about you? Now that you know that there is a week to celebrate nudity and this is it, are you going to do anything to take advantage?


This brings us to the end of this Poker Bloggers Public Service Announcement. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

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Five days just isn't enough....

In just five short days I managed to work my not so little anymore, azz off. There are now new toilets in both bathrooms, two new faucets in those same bathrooms, a new garage door opener where the old one once hung, a new energy efficient water heater replacing the old one, the inter-locking brick out of the garage has been lifted and replaced and about 50% of the old deck, has been re-surfaced with newly treated and stained Spruce. (Pressure treated wood and I, just don't get along) I decided to go with the Golden Oak colour for those stain-curious. Possible pics in the next few days.

During those same five days, I also managed to keep a brewery and distillery from declaring bankruptcy or at least, from needing to ask for some type of government bailout packages. Yes! That rise in Molson stock can be directly attributable to someone that you all know and love. I do like to do what I can for the local economy.

I also managed to fit a Pig Roast in there somewhere and we all came up with the exact same conclusion. Pig is nummy and therefore, PETA can kiss our pork filled azzes.

OH yeah..... I also did my absolute favorite thing of all time too............................................................................................................................ MIND'S OUT OF GUTTER PEOPLE............. It's NOT a Frantic Friday!

I met a bunch of new friends and even better than that, I really got to know a couple of friends I'd had for some time now. All totally bonus time to me.

Oh and for those that stop by here that really know me, I also spent some quality time with my Dad. Yes you read that right! I made the call and we got together. Your advice was duly noted and considered for some time. I can't thank each of you enough, (and you know who you are!) for helping me set things straight. Three days will never make up for the lost time in total, but it was one hell of a start.

Oh yeah......... there was also Poker! It was of the Omatard variety and despite my obvious lack of skill and total understanding, I managed not to lose too much money at all! Seven sessions and a total of 9 hours of play and entertainment, all at the super-duper value price of -$1.00 total. An apparently, (now!) very typical boat over boat last hand, saved me from being a little more than $50'ish to the good.

Life may indeed be just one long session but the Poker hoof in the nutz this weekend, held nothing over the happy times with friends and family.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....