It's only Au natural....

In the spirit of Choices and remembering that shame was the original sin, sometimes you just have to admit that it's a good thing to get back to the garden.

So what you have here is, a Poker Bloggers Public Service Announcement. (P.B.P.S.A.)

This is a reminder to all of you out there, to take the time to get out and celebrate National Nude Recreation Week, (July 6-12) with your loved one. There's tons of reasons to do so and although I don't think that a top 10 list is really required, one's been put together just the same.

10) No need to spend money to check luggage at airport.

9) If everyone vacationed at nudist resorts, Airports could go clothing optional. Therefore solving both security and lost luggage problems.

8) Waves don't knock off your swim suit.

7) No laundry to do when you get home from vacation. (save the environment)

6) No one has to go through the humiliation of buying a new bathing suit.

5) You won't be embarrassed if the towel slips during a massage.

4) No funny tan lines.

3) Each days hardest decision is matching your sandals to your visor.

2) No place to store your cell, so you can leave it at home.

And finally....

1) Your friends may actually really want to see your vacation photos.

Here are some actual quotes from a few strong supporters, that have participated in all 31 years of National Nude Recreation Week.

"Nude Recreation Week is a great way to let first timers learn about all the fun they are missing out on by not vacationing at nudist resorts. Once you shed your clothes, all of life's daily stresses magically melt away."

"Make this the year that funny tanlines, become just another pleasant memory."

"It is more embarrassing to be in the process of undressing than fully undressed. By undressing, you acknowledge that, normally, you're quite clothed. Anyhow, once you've removed your clothes, you're one of the gang, and you feel you're going to fit in just fine."

As the Naturist Society says in their motto, "Body Acceptance is the Idea, Nude Recreation is the Way."

Peb's and I actually try to celebrate this holiday year round, as we feel nude recreation is a staple of a happy life. ;)

How about you? Now that you know that there is a week to celebrate nudity and this is it, are you going to do anything to take advantage?


This brings us to the end of this Poker Bloggers Public Service Announcement. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


DrChako said...

That's it. I'm taking it all off!

I have to see a patient in about 30 minutes. They may be a little uncomfortable at first, but they should get over it pretty quickly.

Doncha think?


Memphis MOJO said...

Is it Friday already???

The Wife said...

Invite me on your next vacation!