Frantic Friday: The Long Time No See Edition.... (NSFW)

Hello dear reader.
Long Time No Frantic Friday!

I honestly had no idea that it'd been so long, since I'd managed to sit down and bust out one of these things for you.

BAD Bammer!

It's been so long I guess, that one good friend actually accused me of losing my

and that hurts, let me tell you.

Well it hasn't been from a lack of great material to work with at all. I've just been so focused on improving my

I guess, I've let a few things slide around here.

Believe me it's no

to say, that things around these parts have been a little more Frantic than usual.

But that is not really a good excuse in my books, to have let you down for so long. So let's see if we can get this sucker back on track here, for at least one more week in a row!

Now I am just a tad out of practice here so let's see,

Ah yes that's right, Frantic Friday's should always contain a fair amount of

That should be easy enough huh?

Let's see what have I been doing of late, that could be considered Frantic Friday worthy?

Well the other night we had an old fashioned get together around here. There were a few friends from town, a few other folks from the big smoke and of course if you know anything about Frantic Fridays at all, there was also the

She's a pre-requisite of any good gathering around here, since she's exactly like an old jean jacket and we all know,

We did the silliest thing that night too! How long has it been since you got together with a group and played Clue? I'd forgotten how much fun that game can be, when you add a few drinks and some fun to the mix!

The amazing thing was, it was like I'd never stopped playing the game! I mean, I nailed the damn solution first try!


So obvious.

Let's see, what else?

Oh, my buddy Em was up last weekend. That's always cool! She even started things off on the right... UH.... foot? By recalling our favorite Frantic Friday of all time and blessing me with a

right off the bat!

I <3 my Em!

I tell you, that girl is

Soooooooooo easy on the eyes and have I ever mentioned,

OH, and something hilarious also happened over Em's visit. It seems that Em has a new man in her life right now and supposedly, the guy's an MMA Junkie. Knowing that I love a good fight, Em figured that Peb's would know all about the UFC too. Much to Em's surprise, I guess Peb's shocked her when she explained that she actually knew very little about it.

That wouldn't fly with my Em at all! She was just adamant about giving Peb's the MMA 101.

Well I can tell you dear reader, I was beside myself with laughter at the sight of this little lesson. Particularly at the point where Peb's got Em to


Okay, I have to run kids. HUGE weekend planned here in Bedrock!

I'll try not to slack off so much in The Frantic Friday department going forward, I promise. I've been working on some special material for one dedicated to the art of

They say there's a beach in that pic somewhere and yet, I just don't get it!

To say I've become very interested in these things, would be a fairly large understatement.

Don't worry kids, I'll get to the bottom of it!


My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Stuck in the middle of Baker Street....

For bringing my Peb's two of her all time favourites,
I truly hope you can RIP Gerry.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....