Bam-Bam for President....

As promised, (and may I add, the first promise KEPT!) I worked my butt off this weekend, getting everything lined up for my run at the Presidents position. I talked, I/M'd, dial-a-shotted and met with the "real" force that is Blogdem and came up with a plan. A plan that will move us forward into economic good times and a peaceful and profitable future.

I Bam-Bam do solemnly swear, to uphold all that is right in Blogdem and thereby ensure and secure our future. With the much appreciated help of the few key players in some of the most critical positions in my party, I know that a vote for me will make your existence in our blogosphere, a more meaningful and enjoyable experience.

Although the list of running mates could go on forever and each and every one of them has their merits, there can only be one V.P. capable of delivering the message that is most critical to the success of this little venture. Standing beside me in this the newest of parties aimed at righting the blogger ship, will be none other than, "The Rooster." Holla !!! When something needs to be taken care of, or if you need, "The man" for the job, I say bring an A-Lister! I mean, why take a knife to a gun fight? As President with The Rooster at my side, I'll be taking my chances in this fight, with the one and only AK-47 of bloggers.

Our secretary of defense will be someone with guarded, but exceptional experience in such matters. The Wife brings a strong military background and sound knowledge of night maneuvers to our campaign. Her strength always appears to be weakness, and her weakness is her strength. Unconsciously sucking the enemy into a false sense of security, right before the strike that uncoils in a Cobra-like fashion. I'm told by a very reliable source who has actually just recently returned from Iraq himself, that our nation will be in very capable hands.

Secretary of the Treasury can only be one blogger. Who the hell in their right mind, would mess with our Gross National Profit with this guy in charge? Even with one arm and a Purple cast, (that I hear the chicks really dig, by the way!) there can be no one more reliable or more fitting for the responsibility involved in protecting our economic future, than Badblood. I think it's a great fit for him. If you do too, gimme' a Hell Yeah!

For the position of Secretary of State, I needed to come up with someone that really had their finger on the pulse of who we are as a community. Someone that truly understands what it means to be one Nation, divided by no one and united by all. Someone that not only could, but will represent us as a solidified unit, divisible by none. Someone that not only the World could respect, but those of us in our community could look up to for guidance and leadership, as they fulfilled their roll as S.of S....... I give you, Baywolfe.

Our Secretary of Transportation was another no-brainer. Hell, I'd ramble on poetic about the man's abilities and capabilities for the position all day long if I could. But I know four little words that will tell you everything you'll ever need to know about filling this position in correctly, I chose the Ferrari.

The position of Secretary of Labour, was just about the easiest position to fill. Find me a man with more drive and ambition to succeed than this one, and I say your introducing me to his twin brother. Get ready to work Blogdem! Riggstad is in da' house! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!

I dare anyone to challenge my choice for Secretary of Health! Find me an un-happy comment! Find me the negative in my choice! Find me a flaw in this decision, go ahead.... I'm waiting. It's with firm conviction that I offer up Oh Captain for this position. Prove me wrong. I love a good challenge!

For the Secretary of Foreign Affairs I just like you, wanted someone willing to tell the rest of the world one of the only three things that really matter in any negotiation.

-What they want to hear.
-Only what we want them to hear
-Just to FUCK right off!
I present Kat.

Me thinks I chose wisely!

Aide to The President? Gimme' a break! G_Cox is the only one I can trust to tell me like it is. There is no question.... if it needs to be said, it'll be said loud and clear. No B.S.

Now in these times of destitution and despair, we'll need a Minister of Natural Resources! We need to consider what there is out there naturally, that can help us! For that, we need a LuckBox. Someone who doesn't need to look too hard to find the help we need. Someone who can easily stumble upon Crude Oil in our own backyard, as an example.

I was trying to think of someone that could fill the position of Secretary of the Interior. I needed someone that had a great 'feel" for everything that was going on around them. That was the only way I could look at this position. I want a person in this position, that does have their head stuck in the Clouds. A real big thinker! Ladies and Gentleman of Blogdem, I give you, "Thunderpants."

What we need now is, a press Secretary. Someone with the "eye and ear" of the Public. Someone that can take nothing but a hairstyle, and use it to make a conference his own. Someone well... someone that understands the full extent to which the power of the media can be utilized. We need a Superstar! I think I've found just the right person in G-Rob. Exponentially, the single greatest thing since sliced bread. Just ask him! I think you'll find, we have our man.

Weeeeee..... (The Party) could not get our heads around the phenomenal number of members required to address our diplomatic relations with the rest of the world. That is until we realized, we had our very own Asian-Jew. Think of the results we can achieve in world peace, when we send in The BWoP to any negotiation! Melting like putty in our hands, the world will be as flexible as they can with us, after our smiling assassin gets control of any meeting weeeeeeeeeee decide to send her to. It boggles the mind!

So what's left?

We'll need a campaign manager. Someone that knows EVERYONE and has the ability to throw A BASH that no one will ever want to miss. I think I've got this one. I know a guy!

I am going to put my foot down on one issue that I truly believe has been neglected. Education ! I will be borrowing a little something from the Canadian political sytem and I will be bringing in the position of Minister of Education. This person will ensure that we all enhance our lives, with the reading of the truly great works of our times. Such as Truckin'. Knowing this man as I do, I don't think there's any reason to ask why Pauly!

Lastly, to keep it all honest for the Bloggers out there, we'll need to record every little dark and gloomy detail of our rise to power. We'll need to explore the bowels of our new little party, and make sure everyone can see that we just might not be perfect. We need an, "Inside man!" Someone who'll not only tell it like it is, but someone who'll help guide us through the darkest of times and share it with the rest of the world. We need an Eeyore! I've made all the calls that I can, and I honestly thought I was going to come up blank! But not wanting to let every single on of my compatriots down, I found the next best thing to Eeyore.

My esteemed colleagues will no doubt put up an extraordinary fight during this campaign. But Bloggers.....

I offer you my plan!

A vote for Bam-Bam, is a vote for you.

It's been one hell of a long weekend, I can promise you that. But having said that, I wouldn't do it, if I didn't think you were worth it.

I so solemnly swear.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

Political perspective.... (for my friends to the South)

I think first of all, an informed voter is a better voter. Therefore in all fairness to my esteemed opponents, all voters are encouraged to read THIS SIDE and THIS SIDE of the current BBP1. (Battle of the Blogger Politicians, natch!)

I have said that in light of the current going's on around here, I could use a little distraction. I also started this whole thing up here in Blogdem, looking for a little randomness. If you can think of anything that defines, "random distraction" better than any election, I challenge you to bring it forth for review!

There have been comments made about, "The first midget President." Give me a break! What the hell was Gerald Ford? Did you really fall, (Ooooooh! Better run that by the Press Secretary huh?) for that crap about him being clumsy? C'mon voters! Use your noggins! Ford was a Midget on step-ups so that he would get the popular, "short-man" vote. Of course, without having to go all the way over the top to midget!

There's also the ridiculous talk about Veterans affairs, and I quote:

Secretary of Veterans Affairs. "As a family values candidate, I really don't think anybody should be having affairs, especially not the brave men and women of our armed forces."

If you can think of anyone who deserves a good old romp more than our troops, well I still say, If you can't see yourself getting behind our troops, I'd surely like to see you get in front of them.

I will therefore be diligently making calls and communicating with the movers and shakers out there in Blogdem all weekend. Come Monday, I will throw my hat into the ring for this election. And make no mistake! After this weekend of meticulous preperation all of you will see, it clearly makes sense that this is the time for the first Canadian President of all of Blogdem!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

Half full huh....

It's that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach, just as the coaster is cresting the top of that first hill. You know the one I mean? When you're in one of the first cars and you're already pointing down the giant descent. The folks at the back of the coaster are just about at the top, but not quite free of the chain that pulls you to the top. It's almost the perfect state of limbo! You can do nothing, but you know something big is about to happen!

That's where we are again today. Just hanging! Waiting for something really big to happen, but waiting none the less.

The explanation was, "The procedure is serious and it's going to be really complex, and we need to give it the time it deserves." Totally understand that! 110% even! So let's get at it and make Fred well again!!!

"The earliest we can book the operating room is the 22nd."

Hearing that after having Fred in the hospital for just about 3 weeks, is a bit of a shock to the system. I mean, I know these guys aren't 'brain surgeons' or anything. But one would think that better planning might have been possible, given the seriousness of the condition, combined with the history and age of the patient!

I dunno..... maybe I just don't get it or something.
17 more days?

Let me tell you something. Fred will be spending those 17 day's, a free man! (Sorta)
There is no way in hell he needs to waste away his time, stuck in a hospital bed for the next 17 day's.... waiting. He will be spending that time in the comfort of his own home. With his loving wife and family. Surrounded by his friends and neighbours. All as close to normal as humanly possible.

OK! Another challenge to my life statement I guess?
The glass is half full!

Tonight when I see Fred, we'll raise two completely full glasses....
and wait together!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Testing, Testing....

Just over two weeks now and it's been a real up and down ride for Fred and the Family. With every test result, there comes another section on the roller-coaster ride that is Cancer.

Yesterday seemed to be a day full of positives, despite the actual surgery not being performed. Testing was done on his lungs and kidneys and another colonoscopy was performed by the surgeon in charge of the operation. All apparently went as well as can be expected. With the best news being, both lungs and kidneys appear to be completely free of any cancerous concerns. The breeze you may have felt at around 9:00pm EST was not from Gustov! It was probably the collective "whew" of all of us here in Bedrock!

Now hopefully, it's finally on to the actual surgery. I have to believe that the doctors have done everything they can to prepare Fred for the procedure and I can tell you, he's about as ready as it gets to get this over and done with.

Despite being under some of the best care available in this situation, I can see the exhaustion from this ordeal starting to slowly take the wind out of Fred's sails. As it seems that every day only manages to bring him closer to some type of resolve, rather than the actual solution. This is echoing true throughout the entire family and to be honest, the entire ordeal has been exhausting.

As of right now, we still have no firm time for the actual surgery to get started. I really hope to hear something on that today. The process of removing the Cancer from his body seems to be the start on the road to recovery in my mind, and I believe that's the view of everyone in the family as well. I know Fred just wants to get through it and get the hell out of the Hospital.

Assuming that we are getting close to the actual operation, I might not be hanging around here too much in the next little bit. Thanks again to you all for everything you've done.


Not wanting to leave you with nothing to read, I was taking a little retrospective look at myself and how I've developed over the last couple of years. So I've re-read just about every post I've ever written. I've come a long way baby!

So for those that want to take the trip down memory lane with me....
Here are few of my favorites.

My very first post over at the Tuckfard site. If you know the theme to the Beverly HillBillies, you just might get a giggle out of it.

Here's the story of how 9-3 off suit became, "The Bammer."

Quite a while ago, Antonio Esfandiari and Phil Laak came rolling through, just South of Bedrock. There was a NLHE Tourney held for about 90 to 100 players. The winner would get to play either pro heads up as the first place prize. I busted out in 4th, place. Here's that story.

My boy Baywolfe and I were using Golf terminology the other day, while discussing poker. It reminded me that I'd done a brief comparison between the two games.

I thought I did a pretty good job in describing my first ever Moooooooookie appearance.

With the Bash coming up quickly, it was great to review my first Blogger gathering out in Vegas. I can't wait to see everyone again in a few short weeks now!

Of course there was NO WAY I could re-visit that gathering, without taking a look back at a few special friends!

Not to brag, but I'm still very proud of myself for solving the true mystery of FullTilt's RnG!

My favorite for just plain fun? The first Blogger You-You!

I hope taking a look back at some of this silly kid's older stuff, makes you laugh as it did me. It's really been a fun little ride. And as always,

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....



So you kicked my a s s while I was distracted.

I mean....... I'm no CARD RACK !

8th. place in the Skillz tonight. It could be worse! Right?

I'll never figure out the right way to say thanks.

But........ thanks............... Distractions ROCK !
Really good to see everyone last night.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


What's in a name....

I couldn't sneak him a Scotch.... I couldn't even sneak him a beer.
I KNOW he could've used both! That's just how Fred rolls.

The word is Cancer.

After having over 1 1/2 litres of fluids drained out of both lungs, the "C" word reared it's ugly head once again. Fred's in a bad way.

Your thoughts and prayers have not gone un-noticed, or un-appreciated. I've shared every single note you've sent with Fred and in typical Fred fashion he asked,
"Who the hell would read anything you'd be able to put down in words?"


Tuesday or Wednesday, one of them will be a big day. His heart is as strong as his will, can't buck those odds going in. At least I'm not ready to do so yet! But Cancer requires attention. One of the next two days will be the day that happens.

Good luck Fred.

Thanks to those of you that have done nothing but everything I would try to do for each of you. The love is over whelming. I've shared it all with Fred, and he says thanks! He also asked if you wouldn't mind passing him a few "sympathy chips," the next time you're at the tables together. He looked me in the eyes and said,
"What? It could happen!"

Typical Fred.

Thanks kids! You are the best!


Good luck Fred!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....