2008... Bam-Bam in the rear view....

I've actually never tried to look back on purpose before. But at an age of 1,000,046, I guess time catches up with us all and makes reflection, a dose of medicine that requires taking. So here it is, (for what it's worth) my rear view look at a year that just might have defined, being Bam-Bam.

Did I mention that I won the first Blogger game of 2008? Oh and..... It just happened to be the very first Skillz game. Actually, The Skillz series is the only major Blogger event that I had any real success in. I managed to take down 3 wins total this year, with additional cashes and top 5's in another 3 as well. The non-NLHE games obviously, are more to my liking. But there were also small cashes in The Math Game, Riverchasers and several other wins in the greatest Monday night game going on the inter-tubes, The TuckFard I & II. The Mookie I'm afraid, saw a very few feeble attempts from me, for the profile that is so highly sought after. The mid-week 10:00pm start time and a 4:30am wake up call from corporate Bedrock, just never really let me get myself into the spirit of the game unfortunately. But as always, I play as the blogger Bam-Bam for the friends I've met along the way, not always the victory. I could link dozens of you here as I enjoy the memories of our new found friendships, but the list over to the right there should basically let you know who you are anyhow right? I hope so.

Bam-Bam the poker'ish playing blogger had a rough year at the tables other than that, to be brutally honest. The intention was never to be the best of the best by any means, but small victories here and there would have been a nice treat. My SnG record as Bam-Bam was atrocious to say the least in '08 and although I've already started and have doubled up the old BR on Stars in the last two months, that's something I'm definitely going to work on in 2009. Thankfully, I had an exceptional year at "The Office" to off-set and support my Bam-Bam ways.

2008 saw some drifting apart of friends as well. The crux of which, was obviously a statement I'd made in defence of my Wife and that we were not satisfied with status-quo. I can't take it back and being the pig headed ass that I can be, I don't really think it needs to be retracted honestly. It was said to send a message and that message was obviously lost in the shock of the statement. It's sad really. Hopefully things will return to an even better state than where they left off during the year. As always, my ears are open as is my heart. The glass as always, remains 1/2 full. We'll just have to see where that takes us going forward.

Every once in a while in 2008, I wrote something from the heart. I know, I know, that's a little odd and maybe even strange for yours truly! But a friend reminded me of a Grandfather passed and throughout the year, THIS was one of the posts I wrote that I found myself reading and re-reading, as the year went on.

Without exception and miles ahead of the rest, (at about 3-1 over anything else!) my most popularly read post, was Just for Schaubs. Google of course, was the main reason for this. But what astounds and amazes this runt from Bedrock to no end is, the 492 mails I've received to date on the subject matter. Natch, there are those that think a Tiger rant mentioned, make me a Tiger hater. In fact, (and Sir Schwabbles will attest to this) I admire the game he has, the skill and the creativity to not only imagine a shot, but to pull off the shot that others can't even see. But the person in me? The person in me hates the Robot that needed to be created, in order for him to succeed. Every single time I watch anything to do with Golf, I miss Payne more and more.

I think when I look back, I like to look at things I did that no one else really tried to do. But for some reason a few of those seemingly idiotic ideas, came across as the most popular for those that stop by. My blogger you-you, was meant to be a farce on all of the me-me's that were going around at the time. Lord knows I hate the me-me's! I figure if you have something to write and a place designed for you to do so, why the hell clog the creativity process up by filling that space with someone else's ideas? But that's just me. No reflection on anyone, specially since I ended up starting that crap about Car's and Movies! THAT was NOT my intention! It started as an inner-navel gazing piece. It just got a little out of control.

The piece about the thought process that went into developing A Town of our own, basically describes Peb's and I and our everyday conversations, to a tee. It was way more fun actually, than the piece itself. But the comments were the real highlight to this post.

My favorite "live" feedback post I wrote? Never in question! To this day when I run across someone on the list of Blogger Anthem's, I'm amazed at the reactions that I get.

The end of 2007 saw me ready and fit to be tied. The challenges continued on throughout 2008. We sat and wished Fred Good Luck, and each of you were right there in our hearts. We'll never be able to properly thank each and every one of you for your support, caring and most importantly, love. If you know me at all, I know you know how I truly feel. That's what makes you one of those allowed into my inner circle. Don't be miss-guided however! It's not necessarily all that special a place you know! :) But it is if you're me. My sincerest thanks for being here with me, to all my friends. You know who you are, as do I. I'll not only never forget, but I'll come up with something someday that let's you know how much you've meant to me. It's just how I roll.

Of course in 2008 we had the Vegas Mulligan weekend. But actually...... until you've EH-Vegas'd, you may not know what a blogger gathering is all about. A beautiful hostess, an intimate setting and some of the best there are out there, at just being themselves. There's also that FRIENDLY Canadian vibe. (HINT-HINT !!! It's coming up again soon!)

There was this BASH THINGY TOO! Taking everything, just one step farther than expected. Peb's and I both agreed almost instantly, as long as he'll throw'em, we'll never miss another one.

Fortunately for yours truly, the "brudder list" just grew and grew in 2008. And let me tell you, adding the likes of Riggs & The Doc to a list of those I'd damn near do anything for, makes me one of the very fortunate indeed.

In retrospective, the year 2008 could be remembered as one of the toughest years of this kids long and very interesting journey through time. For no other reason, than having to watch the one I love stress and strain over her Father's health. But in reality, the very thing that's made it all so tough to handle, has actually brought us closer together than even I could believe was imaginable. With positives such as that coming from such incredibly tough events, I'd say the glass is 1/2 full indeed!

So no look back could ever be complete in my opinion, without a 'what have you learned from your experiences' reflection and analysis. So here in a nutshell, is what I take with me going forward.

I will not waste another minute of my time on the miserable. I feel incredibly fortunate and deeply honoured, that anyone wants to spend anytime with me at all. The fact that someone actually wants that, makes me want to make them happy in return. This has always been who I am and how I choose to treat others, as I would like to be treated myself. Defining how and when these moments occur, is not as important as enjoying each and every one of them as they come.

2008 saw me struggle to make good out of bad, bend where I know I should remain firm and push a little too hard, when the obvious direction was to pull. It was a year that saw me spend far too much time trying to lift up the spirits, of those that preferred the misery and dramatics that can arise in perceived doom & gloom.

No longer shall I allow it to transfer. Not one more second will I spend, letting the darkness weave it's evil way into my light. We're on the right side of the grass and far better off than so many others out there. If you can't see that and feel it true in your heart, it is my personal perspective that you are really missing out, on what it means to really be alive.

So with that, I offer you a Very Happy New Year dear reader!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

It's not all luck....

*** EDIT*** Our Man VinNay has a friend that could use a little help. Check out the whole story HERE. Click the link while you're there. I think you'll want to help out. It's just what we do!

= = = = = =

Wanna make me cry? Take the time to give me something that really took a lot of thought, is very creative and isn't something that comes right off the shelf!

In other words, channel your inner Peb's!

Check this out!

A one of a kind, hand made travel mug.

Ok, ok..... so travel mugs don't get you all that wound up! They don't me normally either. But what a loving, caring and thoughtful Wife I have in Peb's. Just another reason why, I truly am the luckiest kid in all of Bedrock!!!

Now if we can just get the cave back to some type of normalcy!

I sent a text to Riggs yesterday:

"What happens when it's 54 degrees for 24 hours straight, and you had 4 feet of snow on the ground?"

Well I'll tell you.

The religious start looking for animals paired up.
The optimists sit around doing nothing.
The pessimists run around shouting about impending doom.
The Hydro Company fails to provide adequate power to about a 1/4 million homes in your region. (of which, you are of course one)
The Bam-Bam....... Well he starts bailing water by hand, out of the sump.

With all that melting snow, rain and nearly tropical temps. outside, my initial goal was to reduce the flood damage by as much as possible! So one bucket at a time, we trudged bucket, after bucket, after bucket. We made no headway, but didn't lose that much either.

Thankfully, the closest neighbour had his generator up and running and was kind enough to allow us an outlet. Three hundred feet or so of extension cord later and voila! We were in the sump pump business again! What a blessing! But that was all we had mind you!

22 1/2 hrs. of no water, no heat and no lights.

Now I just have to get started on gathering all my new firewood. Seems the vast majority of trees over the age of 15 in our neck of the woods, were ill prepared for the 60 - 100mph winds that blew in with this little system we experienced.

Ah the blessings of country living indeed! :)

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....