Long days, and longer nights....

Fred update first I guess. There is fluid in his Lungs. The plan was, to try and drain one this afternoon and if all goes well, to get to the other one sometime tomorrow. That went awry last night. They took out just over a litre from his right lung to try and ease his breathing. Not sure right now what the time frame is to clear the left lung. Also after 1,000,076 years of existence without any issues, he somehow has managed to be put under the full grip of Asthma.

There is also a concern for his blood flow. The only way they can get a blood pressure reading, is to do it manually. Obviously, this is a result of getting the Cumedin out of his system. This has me rather concerned for the issues that can arise like they have in the past. It just gets frustrating to consider the Chess game that Fred seems to be stuck in. Where each move must be thought out and considered, for the repercussions that may occur as a result. There's just so much going on and each specific item, can so drastically affect something else. No word on the biopsies as of yet, but we once again have fingers crossed for any kind of good news.

This has all been so terribly hard on my Peb's. You see, Fred comes from a family of 17 children. Many of his family have passed, and she's seen her fair share of similarities to some of those situations and what her father is going through right now. Sleep is non-existent and waking hours, often take on a near 'zombie' like appearance for us both. We'll need some good news soon, or we're both going to become complete wrecks. I am trying to do my job and stay strong and supportive but even at that, Peb's has the odd outburst or meltdown that just rips at my heart. I lose the words and can only hold her 'till it stops. Knowing how strong she really is, it just kills me to know how worried she is right now.

Thanks to each one of you my friends, for your well wishes, good thoughts and all the prayers. They're so much more appreciated by both myself and Peb's, than I am capable of expressing at this time.


Poker has been almost non-existent as of late. With the exception of a few SnG's here and there. I get just the odd quick hit as a way of distracting myself when there's some free time available. (read can't sleep!) After getting in late from from visiting Fred last night, I did make it in time to waste away my remaining 500 in chips at the TuckFard HORSE game. I ended up with nothing but a draw heavy hand against Muhctim. If I was giving the last of my chips to anyone at the table I found myself sitting at, it would be my man muhc. So with nothing but a wing, a prayer and maybe a quarter of the deck to draw to, I got'em in bad. Somehow, I did not improve and I was done. No excuses, no bad beat and no man I played like a Donkey. With not getting to the game until first break, I had no chips left and if I was to continue I needed the double-up. I was presented with a good draw and another two players were nice enough to juice up the pot and run. I had a chance to more than quadruple up and made the decision that this was my best shot. In the end, Muhc was way ahead, stayed that way and deserved the pot! Just as it should be. I do know however, that muhc wouldn't have been too disappointed had I put a beat on him there. It was next to nothing from his stack to call, and he managed to find a hand.

I say it every Tuesday I know, but it's always great to see our regular crew at TuckFard games. Muhc is almost always the first one registered and for whatever reason, we seem to draw the same tables every week. No complaints here. I love our little chats and we 'can' play some good poker together too. Cem was out again last night as well. Always great to see one of the guy's running one of the other events out there and cem has one of my favorites. The Skillz series runs on FullTilt every Tuesday night, (yes that's tonight!) and plays a rotation of games outside of NLHE. If you can't quite get enough pain and punishment from the RnG in NLHE lately, I think tonight's game at cem's place is, Pot Limit Omaha H/L. May the poker gods have mercy on our souls!

Most of you that read here already know about all the other games out there, but after checking my stats there may be a few that aren't aware of some of the other places we get together every week to play. So, why not pimp? Wednesday's are, the Mook!" Mookie's game is one of the granddaddy's of blogger poker and almost always gets the largest head count. It's well deserved too! Great host, very entertaining poker and some of the finest bloggers in our community stop by there, each and every week. It's played Wednesday nights on Tilt and should be a regular stop for those looking for some real MTT experience.

Thursday nights, you can find the Riverchasers game on Tilt. Due to it's slightly earlier start, this one's a little easier to make for the Eastern half of the continent. Many of the crowd are folks you may have seen in the mookie. But there's also a unique Chasers crowd that can have you rolling on the floor with a comment, or rolling back in your chair as they continue to take your chips at will. Always a good time though!

I never know how to accurately describe the Friday game to be honest. It's along the lines of great sex, you know? It has to be experienced for the first time, to truly be believed. Kat's Donkament is "The Crack" of Blogger games. Give it a try the first time you think you may sit down at FullTilt on a Friday night. A $1 NLHE game, with $1 re-buy's for the first hour. And trust me! You will eventually see everyone in Blogdem at a Friday night game my friends. Though most find it mildly addictive, The Donkament also has a therapeutic value to it that is best experienced and most difficult to explain.

For your entertainment purposes on Saturdays, there's a little game run by a "blogger" named Pauly. I have yet to make it out once as of yet, but the first chance I get to free up a Saturday afternoon, you know I'll be there. Saturdays with Dr. Pauly runs on PokerStars at 4:20pm and is a $10 by-in PLO format. From what I hear, HermWarfare has been pretty much running over everyone at will. With several top finishes in a row. They say even The Rooster hasn't been able to stop him as of yet.

When you have $5.50 burning a hole in your FullTilt account, hit up The BritBlogament games. The 4:00pm start is perfect for those lazy Sunday afternoons when you've either got all the chores done, or you just don't give a shit about them and your jones'in for some pokah! Friendly crowd, low buy-in and several from this side of the pond try and make the trip every week or so. More good times indeed!

So there you have it! Places to go and Bloggers to see. Hope to see you at one of them soon!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Mookie said...

Thanks for the pimp, good luck tomorrow night.

Instant Tragedy said...

(Clearing throat) Um the LPRT?



GaryC said...

I'm a bit late to the party bro, but y'all are in our thoughts and prayers down here.

God bless,


Evy said...

"Peb's has the odd outburst or meltdown that just rips at my heart. I lose the words and can only hold her 'till it stops."

And this, my dear, is what separates you from most of the men in this world. Because this is exactly what we want you to do. Don't try to solve our meltdown...just hold us until it stops.

Peb's is a lucky girl, and you are a lucky man. I wish I could find a relationship half as strong as yours.

Prayers and positive thoughts for Fred continue.