Ask for a drink..... $1 just won't cover it....

WARNING !!!! "Several" bad beat stories on their way!

Here's a SMALL portion of the list from the NLHE weekend.

A-A lost to A-3 sooted. ( I hit a set )
A-A lost to A-5 off. ( I hit a set )
A-A lost to A-K off. ( I hit a set )
A-A lost to A-2 sooted.
A-A lost to A-A. ( Strangely enough, I think I understand this one )
K-K lost to A-2 off, on the river. ( I hit a set )
K-K lost to 9-9.
K-K lost to 2-2. ( I hit a set, to lose to quads )
K-K lost to 3-3. ( flopped set again, lose to quads. Turn and River )
K-K lost to 5-6 sooted.
K-K lost to 10-J sooted.
Q-Q lost to 2-2.
Q-Q lost to 2-2 ( a'frickin'gain )

Then! Just to make all right in the world, as short stack I had these occur;

10-10 lost to A-A.
K-K lost to A-A.
K-K lost to A-A.
K-K lost to A-A.
K-K lost to A-A.
K-K lost to A-A.
Q-Q lost to K-K.
Q-Q lost to K-K.
Q-Q lost to 10-10.
Q-Q lost to 7-7.
Q-Q lost to 2-2. ( DUCKS is da' nutz! )

I want to type it all out, BUT !
Let's just say that big slick and I are no longer on speaking terms.

A-K lost to 4-4.
A-K lost to 2-2.
A-K lost to 9-9.
A-K lost to 3-3.
A-K lost to 9-10 off.
A-K lost to 6-7 sooted.
A-K lost to every mother'efin hand it was played against!

Let's take a serious look at the weekend that was!

NLHE = a loss of $127.00
STUD = $1842.00 profit.
RAZZ = $326 profit.

So basically....... Kiss my ASS you Donkeys!

Someone please tell me, ( but with a really good ef'in answer!) why the hell do I want to be one of you so freakin' bad? Be honest with yourselves as I am with myself, NLHE is a total crapshoot! Do you really think you're a "skilled" player?

I sincerely thank the seven or eight of you that I recognized, that took the time to sit at my STUD and RAZZ tables over the weekend.

For each and everyone of you, I only have 6 little words....

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....