Missin' things....

Last Wednesday at the Casino with the kids, got that bug back into me for some live action. I hadn't been missing live poker of any sort because, there's certainly no lack of availability to me here in Bedrock. We have the TuckFard games, the League games and several options of cash games at any given time. But the complete strangers in a Casino environment, adds another twist that I have an itch for.

So despite having the TuckFard big game tonight, Peb's and I are about to head up the road again and get some play in at Rama. We figure what the hell! We're feeling sad about missing all the action in AC with all the kids down in PA and decided, screw it! Casino, here we come! She almost talked me into making the drive down during our date last night. The thought of the over night drive for a surprise day of degeneracy with these two, was very tempting indeed. But when we discussed who was still sober enough to drive and actually make it across the border, we hit a bit of a roadblock. (heh) We need to think of these great ideas a little earlier!

And what a treat it was turning off the 'puter and spending a little hot-date time with my darling wife. I realized about 1/4 of the way through last night, that we should get back on schedule with these little romantic evenings! So at a bare minimum, I'll gladly miss one game a week for a romantic dinner and date with my darling Pebbles. Even though we've been together for what seems like forever, I don't think either of us realized, just how much we've missed a little dating action together.

So anywho.... off we go and wish us luck!

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Funny folks, my blogger crush an "what ever"....


Last nights Riverchasers was one of the funniest nights I've been able to participate in at on-line poker. So many one-liners aimed squarely at specific players, all in fun, (for the most part) and making the game a blast. Right off the top, my "Waffles Magnet" was at full strength obviously, as I managed to pull him to my immediate right at my starting table. Not that this is a bad thing. I actually get a huge kick out of being at the tables with Waffles. One thing is for certain, no one is safe from the Waffles "ranter." Yes that's a new word! He doesn't actually banter, but he can go on forever. What he typically say's isn't really ranting either, more like soft blows to the nutz! Therefore, Waffles chat is "ranter."

Anywho.... We of course played several hands together 'cause as The Worst Poker Player himself would and has said, "Bam hates me, he'll call." And call I did. My personal fav. was the call of his $100 raise into my $100 BB. No brainer with Waffles range, I call. Then with a flop of 3-6-3, Waffles fires out $500, which also required a call. We get a crappy x on the turn and Waffles politely checks the action to me. I think I fired out $500 but I'm not sure. There was the standard Hmmmm and fold followed by, "keep calling me Bam, I'll bust you!" Anyone that knows me at all, should be able to figure out what my hole cards were. We'll just say that,
"The Bammer" >> Waffles for now, and leave it at that.

Then Zeem stops by and visits during an exchange between myself, Riggs and Waffles.

Riggs : These are all bloggers and readers.
BamBamCan : Well..... bloggers anyway!
Riggs : lol
Zeem : Bam, we gotta get you on Radio!

Well I nearly fell of the old rocker here! Zeem dude! I'm in the middle of frickin' nowhere, on 79 miles of dial-up connection! I'm lucky to be able to play at all. The last time I just tried to listen to BDR and play at the same time, I was Dis-connected three times and Buddy, Don and Sean sounded like they were drowning when ever I could hear them! I really appreciate the thought and it's something I would really like to do. But until they figure out a way to drop signal over the 'hills' and 'valleys' of Bedrock that might actually get here, I'm afraid my stupid play at the tables will have to do for now. I will however try to coerce brudder Carson into making a grand plan to set me up at his palatial estate. That wireless high-speed broadsbentover thing that he has, seems to be working pretty good for him. Maybe I'll borrow the DonKaaa laptop and fire up tilt over there one night? I guess I should ask the real boss though. OK, more on this after I talk with Suzy_Q.

The night was made even more perfecter, by the appearence of my new blogger crush! Every single time I look over in the chat and see this,

minidonk1 : Hey BAM
minidonk1 : !!!!!!

I get weak in the knees. OK! More weak in the knees than normal! C'mon !!! Four surgeries and not giving up the dirt bikes or Hockey will do that to a guy, get over it! My girl minidonk makes the crushes of so-called-EH-listers, pale by comparison. AND HAVING minidonk ON MY SIDE, IS WHY BAM-BAM IS THE ONE AND ONLY 'TRUE' EH-LISTER TO WORRY ABOUT! (I guess I should type something all third person and stuff huh?)

The BAM-BAM has the blogger crush that matters here in Bloggeritaville Rooster. And that is why the BAM-BAM is an EH-Lister and you'll always just be, another

Thank the lord that's over with! The BAM-BAM can barely handle being his own one person. Adding that third person gives me a headache!

How important is Bam, to his darlin' blogger crush? Check this out!

I ended the night way too early, when one player had made 6 consecutive moves with less than stellar cards. I think the best hand he'd won with was an A-3 offsuit. I made a 4x raise with an A-Qs from mid-position and as expected, this player went over the top. All I could ask myself was, can one player win 7 in a row with the cards that they've been showing. My answer was obviously, NO! I pushed and got an instant call to see this player had K-K this hand. Just my luck huh! I did not improve and IGHN. The decision to push was not as easy as it seemed, believe me. But adding all of the previous information up and desiphering what it meant, it made perfect sense that they would let go any hand that was less than steller. I just ran into steller. Middle of the pack of 96 runners 'cause I was the winner of the guess what "Max" is holding on his seventh raise in a row sweepstakes. What ever!

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Mid-week *grins, without the *ducks...

Last night after work, Pebbles, Carson, Suzy_Q and I, all made the short trek up to Casino Rama to meet up with Kat. Plans were to have a few drinks, a little dinner and what ever else happened to come along that seemed like fun. Doing this through the week doesn’t allow for much time with the beautiful Katitude, but I figure any amount of time spent with her, is far better than none at all.

Peb’s and I arrived a little earlier than expected and headed over to the poker room. The plan was, to track down Kat and grab a seat at a table for a little while. Well, we found Kat easy enough but as for sitting down, it was just NOT happening. There were seats available if we wanted one, but the aura or vibe in that room was positively vile. How bad you ask? I didn’t even set foot in there again. Don’t get me wrong here! I really don’t talk like this all the time. But I swear I could feel the gloom and misery hit me like a ton of bricks, as soon as I crossed over into that room. I’ve never really been too fond of Rama’s Poker room to begin with for various other reasons, but it had all the charm of a hospital morgue last night and I wanted no part of it at all. We let Kat know we were there and then wandered around the outer reaches of the “Poker morgue” for a bit.

We met up with everyone at the Sports Bar a bit later and grabbed something to eat and a drink or two. As expected, the laughs were non-stop. Yeah we were there to get our gamble on, but the conversations always the best part of any get together for me.

After dinner, Kat was heading back to her table to continue building her stack back up. She was down a bit, but definitely had the look of determination that clearly showed that “The Tude” was back in Katitude. We wished her luck, told her good skill and Peb’s and I headed over to the tables where Let-it-Ride became our game of choice. After about 40 minutes or so of playing at a $10 table, we realized we had a few black $100’s to cash in. That was a clear enough signal for me. We coloured up and cashed out for the night. It wasn’t a huge profit, but a profit just the same.

It wasn’t a typical trip to Rama for Peb’s and I by any means. We’ll normally be there for 10 to 12 hours, trying to grind out a decent wage for the hours served. But to make a few bucks on a night where we got to share some great times with some good friends, made this one of our favorite little trips up the road. Things only improved as we ran into Suzy_Q holding two tickets that were spat out by one of the “Quarter-Eaters” she had plopped herself down at. Good night indeed, as she had managed to beat one of those damn slot machines for a nice little 3-digit profit as well. All that was left to do was head off to say our goodbyes to dear Kat. The smile on her face, immediately told me what I wanted to know. She had clearly become ‘un-stuck’ and was at a better place in the game than she had been before dinner. “I felted this guy…..TWICE!” she said with a grin, “and took a good pot off of another in there too.” To quote one of those little Gibb fella’s, “It’s only words!” But words that made me smile, and words that made me laugh. And as it always should be here in Bam-Bam land, all was right in the world again. Hugs and cash for every one! It might have been shorter than desired, but what a great mid-week treat.

There was also the bonus of being "Thwapped" at the appropriate moment. I got the *grins part down perfect. Next time someone please remind me to *duck. ;o)

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I'm off, off my game and off you go..

I played, (in very loose terms) Chad’s Skillz game last night. The game was Pot Limit Omaha and as I was heading back up North to Bedrock after a long day at The Quarry, a fair bit of excitement was building up inside me at the prospects of doing well and going pretty deep in the event.

I managed to get a 20th. (or 21st. not sure) place finish out of the 96 runners in the game. But truth be told, it was through no stellar play on my part. My mind was elsewhere and I was very distracted by the thoughts in my head. That’s never a good combination and I basically played run and jam poker throughout the game. If I had it, I jammed as many chips as I could into the pot. If I had nothing, I dropped the cards like the poison they appeared to be. This meant I folded a lot. My pre-flop selection wasn’t just tight, it took truly amazing starting hands to get me to reach far enough over, to move the cursor off of the fold button. Trust me, the cursor rarely moved at all. I have no idea how many hands I played or what I won the few I did play, with. It was just a long night.

I had great company at all of the tables I sat in on and normally, I would have had blisters on my fingertips from chatting it up with everyone. I just didn’t feel like it. So to Kat, Dino, Jec, Waffles, Riggs, CK, Gary, Zeem and Donkette, I apologize for being a little off my usual ‘game’ last night. I appreciate you all doing what you do, and making it as enjoyable for me as it could be. Once I get my head around a few of the issues at hand, I’ll be back. Probably funnier, (to me anyways) louder and if possible, even goofier than normal. A very special bonus shout out to Dino, for the use of SUAP to me in the chat box. Looking back at it now, it was friggin’ hilarious and deserved so much more attention than I gave it at the time. NH Sir! VNH !

I have to decide between playing in the mookie tonight, or meeting up with Kat and brudder Carson at the casino. It was a very tough decision that I really had to give my fullest attention to get right. Since Kat has promised me some huggin’ and some luvin’ and mookie just doesn’t have the Kat’s ass, I’m sure no one will be terribly shocked when I say, I’ll see you all at The Riverchasers on Thursday.

Since I really don’t know what else to put down on the pages today, how about a little wonder around the interweb?

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Forget ban chat, think BAM-chat .....

Firstly, I need to get a tiny little something off my chest.
I so very much appreciate everyone that comes out to our TuckFard Open NLHE game and also The TuckFard II HORSE extravaganza. Seeing you all there every week is just about the best medicine there is for the Monday back to work blues. It truly means a ton that you stop by for our games.
But having said that, please understand that I am merely a mouthpiece when it comes to these events. It’s only because you have to put up with me trying to get everyone out to play, that you know I’m affiliated with these games at all. These events were the brainchild’s of brudder Carson and Nutzfirth, and Nutzy deserves 100% of the credit when it comes to getting all of the details together to make them happen. I am definitely not the host! I’m way more like the drunken, smiling doorman!


The “language” of chat is fairly common knowledge for those that play in the bloggaments these day’s. There’s lol, OMG, lmao, WTF? etc…. The list actually goes on and on. But with Monday night becoming ever more increasingly popular with both my local, ( and I’m proud to say ) TuckFard friends, the also local group from the Masse Hall Team Poker League and an assortment of my favorite IIF’s, I’ve had to redefine and create some of my own chat language to fill some serious voids. The problem is, I get a lot of (?) and WTF? in the replies. So I thought I’d better let everyone in on the new “Bam-chat” terminology, just so you’ll know what it is I’m trying to say.

For instance, “TIME” had to be created just last night. It was during the TuckFard II HORSE game @ 8:00pm, that a comment comes across the chat box that had my full attention. It was my newest and bestest IIF, minidonk!

minidonk : Bam! I’m in another game!
BamBamCan: OK, I’ll come find you
minidonk : cool!
BamBamCan : GooooooooooooMINI !
minidonk : hehe
minidonk : Goooo bAM !!!

Having ‘met’ for the first time in the TuckFard open @ 7:00pm, minidonk and I seemed to instantly become the same age and for the record, I dropped A LOT more than minidonk came up. It’s just so much easier for me to act my real age, (13) when I have someone I like to do it with. minidonk is that someone! I had so much fun with my newfound friend, I literally had Tears In My Eyes, (TIME) from laughter. So in a perfect world, I’ll get to spend a bunch more time at the tables with my new pal minidonk. One thing’s for certain from what I could tell last night, I’ll be guaranteed to be typing TIME in the chat box quite a bit whenever we meet again. Thanks for keeping me company and making me smile and laugh so much last night mini! It was some of the most fun I’ve had at the tables, in a very long time. Even though you wouldn’t say, “Al and Riggs who?” for me! GooooooooooooooooooooooooooooMINI !

If you’re smart, you’ll ((heart)) Donkette! Every game, no matter the level of play or seriousness, I always have my friend Donkette there for me. The joy I get out of us cheering each other on throughout the night, well there’s just no words to explain the enjoyment in the proper way. So I needed to come up with something that can cover how appreciated her companionship and friendship at the tables is to me. Most everyone knows, I’m a hugger! So a hug would be appropriate for sure, but it’s lacking the warmth that comes from my heart as we banter away all night. I needed a HUGE hug and some love to go with it. Therefore I will always, ((heart)) Donkette.

I’d like to say something special and significant about ANIguy too. But my fingers are so messed up from a few weeks of typing, “ANIguy say’s” which is typically followed by something like “Bam’s seriously messed up.” Or even better, “Booooooooom!” For those not aware, the righteous and all knowing geniuses at Tilt, took ANIguy’s chat away for saying, “Shove, Shove, Shove.” I simply sit in amazement, every single time I hear stories like this. When I think of the names I’ve been called during a game, the names I’ve seen others spew forth at un-suspecting victims, it actually makes me so angry that the moral-minority at FullTilt won’t even bother to check the context of the discussion, before handing down a penalty. It is obvious that if someone complains, no matter how harsh or harmless the verbiage, the action is simply to ban the player’s chat. What a freakin’ joke! So in honour of ANIguy and all those in our community that have been shafted by the same moral minority, I give you “FoSoCo.”
Freedom of Speech, or Chat off! ….. Just can’t say it any simpler than that.

Now as most of you know, I’m no saint by any stretch of the imagination either. But I can tell you, the vast majority of my foul mouth and anger comes about, in the protection of a friend being insulted. Last night was a perfect example. PushMonkey was down to about as close as you can get, to the virtual felt. We were in the Stud format and all of pushes chips went into the middle after the cards were dealt. Please try to tell me, that we all haven’t done the exact same thing with ATC ! It’s a standard play. Well Push hit his hand and dragged in the pot. This of course brought on the now standard “how could you call…” diatribe that we have all unfortunately had to become accustomed to. I can put up with limited variations of this “patented” rant on a caller when it’s the first hand of an MTT and the call was actually made and the cards were completely a surprise. But to rant on a player for trying to improve their situation in the best possible spot, while almost out of the game, I say SUAP. Yup! It’s that simple too. Shut Up And Play. There was supposed to be an A and an H at the end there too. But it sounded a little too Greek fto me. If you like it that way, use your own judgment as required.

As situations arise, ( and they always do! ) there will be several more as we go along the way. I’ll try to do a better job of explaining them as I go. But sometimes in the heat of battle or on these spur of the moment decisions, don’t be surprised if you see a garbled mess appear in the chat box from yours truly. I’m just trying to get a point across in a way that probably only makes perfect sense,
to me.

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It's all about You-You....

Alrighty then, it's time for the second Blogger You-You !

Last month we had about 39% participation. Let's see if we can do a little better this time.

This is a 'Character' test. What's your "Psycho-Hero" name? Just drop your "Psycho-Hero" name in the comments, and I'll list them all up for everyone to see.

As always, the rules are simple.

1) The first thing that pops into your head when you look at this.

2) Followed by any part, (or all) of a favorite fictional characters name.
3) If you've made it this far, you MUST participate in the comments.

We'll start! And our answers are OBVIOUSLY, a clear indication of why we've been so happy together for the last 12 years! (lmao)

Bam-Bam = Death Metal Zorro
Pebbles = Butterfly Tweety
dino_burger = Mothello
Drizz = Crab Do'urden
Tan Orpheus = Bird Tarzan
The worst poker player = Machine gun killer Butterfly Frodo
Katitude = Pussy Shadow
Carson = Spider Vader
Riggstad = Spider Jessup
Mr. Bankwell = Bug Eye 47
23skidoo = Ticks Kissing Tyler Durden
Kajagugu = X-Wing Indy
PokerTart = Moth Builder
DonKaaa = Alien Animal

My sincerest thanks for dropping by ....