I'm off, off my game and off you go..

I played, (in very loose terms) Chad’s Skillz game last night. The game was Pot Limit Omaha and as I was heading back up North to Bedrock after a long day at The Quarry, a fair bit of excitement was building up inside me at the prospects of doing well and going pretty deep in the event.

I managed to get a 20th. (or 21st. not sure) place finish out of the 96 runners in the game. But truth be told, it was through no stellar play on my part. My mind was elsewhere and I was very distracted by the thoughts in my head. That’s never a good combination and I basically played run and jam poker throughout the game. If I had it, I jammed as many chips as I could into the pot. If I had nothing, I dropped the cards like the poison they appeared to be. This meant I folded a lot. My pre-flop selection wasn’t just tight, it took truly amazing starting hands to get me to reach far enough over, to move the cursor off of the fold button. Trust me, the cursor rarely moved at all. I have no idea how many hands I played or what I won the few I did play, with. It was just a long night.

I had great company at all of the tables I sat in on and normally, I would have had blisters on my fingertips from chatting it up with everyone. I just didn’t feel like it. So to Kat, Dino, Jec, Waffles, Riggs, CK, Gary, Zeem and Donkette, I apologize for being a little off my usual ‘game’ last night. I appreciate you all doing what you do, and making it as enjoyable for me as it could be. Once I get my head around a few of the issues at hand, I’ll be back. Probably funnier, (to me anyways) louder and if possible, even goofier than normal. A very special bonus shout out to Dino, for the use of SUAP to me in the chat box. Looking back at it now, it was friggin’ hilarious and deserved so much more attention than I gave it at the time. NH Sir! VNH !

I have to decide between playing in the mookie tonight, or meeting up with Kat and brudder Carson at the casino. It was a very tough decision that I really had to give my fullest attention to get right. Since Kat has promised me some huggin’ and some luvin’ and mookie just doesn’t have the Kat’s ass, I’m sure no one will be terribly shocked when I say, I’ll see you all at The Riverchasers on Thursday.

Since I really don’t know what else to put down on the pages today, how about a little wonder around the interweb?

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