Funny folks, my blogger crush an "what ever"....


Last nights Riverchasers was one of the funniest nights I've been able to participate in at on-line poker. So many one-liners aimed squarely at specific players, all in fun, (for the most part) and making the game a blast. Right off the top, my "Waffles Magnet" was at full strength obviously, as I managed to pull him to my immediate right at my starting table. Not that this is a bad thing. I actually get a huge kick out of being at the tables with Waffles. One thing is for certain, no one is safe from the Waffles "ranter." Yes that's a new word! He doesn't actually banter, but he can go on forever. What he typically say's isn't really ranting either, more like soft blows to the nutz! Therefore, Waffles chat is "ranter."

Anywho.... We of course played several hands together 'cause as The Worst Poker Player himself would and has said, "Bam hates me, he'll call." And call I did. My personal fav. was the call of his $100 raise into my $100 BB. No brainer with Waffles range, I call. Then with a flop of 3-6-3, Waffles fires out $500, which also required a call. We get a crappy x on the turn and Waffles politely checks the action to me. I think I fired out $500 but I'm not sure. There was the standard Hmmmm and fold followed by, "keep calling me Bam, I'll bust you!" Anyone that knows me at all, should be able to figure out what my hole cards were. We'll just say that,
"The Bammer" >> Waffles for now, and leave it at that.

Then Zeem stops by and visits during an exchange between myself, Riggs and Waffles.

Riggs : These are all bloggers and readers.
BamBamCan : Well..... bloggers anyway!
Riggs : lol
Zeem : Bam, we gotta get you on Radio!

Well I nearly fell of the old rocker here! Zeem dude! I'm in the middle of frickin' nowhere, on 79 miles of dial-up connection! I'm lucky to be able to play at all. The last time I just tried to listen to BDR and play at the same time, I was Dis-connected three times and Buddy, Don and Sean sounded like they were drowning when ever I could hear them! I really appreciate the thought and it's something I would really like to do. But until they figure out a way to drop signal over the 'hills' and 'valleys' of Bedrock that might actually get here, I'm afraid my stupid play at the tables will have to do for now. I will however try to coerce brudder Carson into making a grand plan to set me up at his palatial estate. That wireless high-speed broadsbentover thing that he has, seems to be working pretty good for him. Maybe I'll borrow the DonKaaa laptop and fire up tilt over there one night? I guess I should ask the real boss though. OK, more on this after I talk with Suzy_Q.

The night was made even more perfecter, by the appearence of my new blogger crush! Every single time I look over in the chat and see this,

minidonk1 : Hey BAM
minidonk1 : !!!!!!

I get weak in the knees. OK! More weak in the knees than normal! C'mon !!! Four surgeries and not giving up the dirt bikes or Hockey will do that to a guy, get over it! My girl minidonk makes the crushes of so-called-EH-listers, pale by comparison. AND HAVING minidonk ON MY SIDE, IS WHY BAM-BAM IS THE ONE AND ONLY 'TRUE' EH-LISTER TO WORRY ABOUT! (I guess I should type something all third person and stuff huh?)

The BAM-BAM has the blogger crush that matters here in Bloggeritaville Rooster. And that is why the BAM-BAM is an EH-Lister and you'll always just be, another

Thank the lord that's over with! The BAM-BAM can barely handle being his own one person. Adding that third person gives me a headache!

How important is Bam, to his darlin' blogger crush? Check this out!

I ended the night way too early, when one player had made 6 consecutive moves with less than stellar cards. I think the best hand he'd won with was an A-3 offsuit. I made a 4x raise with an A-Qs from mid-position and as expected, this player went over the top. All I could ask myself was, can one player win 7 in a row with the cards that they've been showing. My answer was obviously, NO! I pushed and got an instant call to see this player had K-K this hand. Just my luck huh! I did not improve and IGHN. The decision to push was not as easy as it seemed, believe me. But adding all of the previous information up and desiphering what it meant, it made perfect sense that they would let go any hand that was less than steller. I just ran into steller. Middle of the pack of 96 runners 'cause I was the winner of the guess what "Max" is holding on his seventh raise in a row sweepstakes. What ever!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Anonymous said...

If you are going to be on BDR you can use the kids computer room. It might be a little messy, but at least you can play guitar hero during the breaks.

SirFWALGMan said...

Your memory is bad. I raised you 3x the BB with a weakish K9 or something since we were HU and a K is better than a random hand HU. I heard that on the WSOP so that must be true. Anyhow you flopped a 3 with your Bammer and called 500 with bottom pair. Lucky for you I had air and did not wish to donk any more chips off. The turn was your miracle 3rd three and you bet and I folded. Donator.

BamBam said...

Don't make me look for the screen cap Waffles! I may be old, (yeah ok! I am old!) BUT, I hit trips on the flop. This I know to be true.
I barely remember hands of importance, I admit that. But to have "the Bammer" in that situation, clear as mud to me.


Zeem said...

No worries, mate. No one listens any way. I'm not eh-list yet.