Missin' things....

Last Wednesday at the Casino with the kids, got that bug back into me for some live action. I hadn't been missing live poker of any sort because, there's certainly no lack of availability to me here in Bedrock. We have the TuckFard games, the League games and several options of cash games at any given time. But the complete strangers in a Casino environment, adds another twist that I have an itch for.

So despite having the TuckFard big game tonight, Peb's and I are about to head up the road again and get some play in at Rama. We figure what the hell! We're feeling sad about missing all the action in AC with all the kids down in PA and decided, screw it! Casino, here we come! She almost talked me into making the drive down during our date last night. The thought of the over night drive for a surprise day of degeneracy with these two, was very tempting indeed. But when we discussed who was still sober enough to drive and actually make it across the border, we hit a bit of a roadblock. (heh) We need to think of these great ideas a little earlier!

And what a treat it was turning off the 'puter and spending a little hot-date time with my darling wife. I realized about 1/4 of the way through last night, that we should get back on schedule with these little romantic evenings! So at a bare minimum, I'll gladly miss one game a week for a romantic dinner and date with my darling Pebbles. Even though we've been together for what seems like forever, I don't think either of us realized, just how much we've missed a little dating action together.

So anywho.... off we go and wish us luck!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

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BWoP said...


You almost made the trip and then bailed????