Forget ban chat, think BAM-chat .....

Firstly, I need to get a tiny little something off my chest.
I so very much appreciate everyone that comes out to our TuckFard Open NLHE game and also The TuckFard II HORSE extravaganza. Seeing you all there every week is just about the best medicine there is for the Monday back to work blues. It truly means a ton that you stop by for our games.
But having said that, please understand that I am merely a mouthpiece when it comes to these events. It’s only because you have to put up with me trying to get everyone out to play, that you know I’m affiliated with these games at all. These events were the brainchild’s of brudder Carson and Nutzfirth, and Nutzy deserves 100% of the credit when it comes to getting all of the details together to make them happen. I am definitely not the host! I’m way more like the drunken, smiling doorman!


The “language” of chat is fairly common knowledge for those that play in the bloggaments these day’s. There’s lol, OMG, lmao, WTF? etc…. The list actually goes on and on. But with Monday night becoming ever more increasingly popular with both my local, ( and I’m proud to say ) TuckFard friends, the also local group from the Masse Hall Team Poker League and an assortment of my favorite IIF’s, I’ve had to redefine and create some of my own chat language to fill some serious voids. The problem is, I get a lot of (?) and WTF? in the replies. So I thought I’d better let everyone in on the new “Bam-chat” terminology, just so you’ll know what it is I’m trying to say.

For instance, “TIME” had to be created just last night. It was during the TuckFard II HORSE game @ 8:00pm, that a comment comes across the chat box that had my full attention. It was my newest and bestest IIF, minidonk!

minidonk : Bam! I’m in another game!
BamBamCan: OK, I’ll come find you
minidonk : cool!
BamBamCan : GooooooooooooMINI !
minidonk : hehe
minidonk : Goooo bAM !!!

Having ‘met’ for the first time in the TuckFard open @ 7:00pm, minidonk and I seemed to instantly become the same age and for the record, I dropped A LOT more than minidonk came up. It’s just so much easier for me to act my real age, (13) when I have someone I like to do it with. minidonk is that someone! I had so much fun with my newfound friend, I literally had Tears In My Eyes, (TIME) from laughter. So in a perfect world, I’ll get to spend a bunch more time at the tables with my new pal minidonk. One thing’s for certain from what I could tell last night, I’ll be guaranteed to be typing TIME in the chat box quite a bit whenever we meet again. Thanks for keeping me company and making me smile and laugh so much last night mini! It was some of the most fun I’ve had at the tables, in a very long time. Even though you wouldn’t say, “Al and Riggs who?” for me! GooooooooooooooooooooooooooooMINI !

If you’re smart, you’ll ((heart)) Donkette! Every game, no matter the level of play or seriousness, I always have my friend Donkette there for me. The joy I get out of us cheering each other on throughout the night, well there’s just no words to explain the enjoyment in the proper way. So I needed to come up with something that can cover how appreciated her companionship and friendship at the tables is to me. Most everyone knows, I’m a hugger! So a hug would be appropriate for sure, but it’s lacking the warmth that comes from my heart as we banter away all night. I needed a HUGE hug and some love to go with it. Therefore I will always, ((heart)) Donkette.

I’d like to say something special and significant about ANIguy too. But my fingers are so messed up from a few weeks of typing, “ANIguy say’s” which is typically followed by something like “Bam’s seriously messed up.” Or even better, “Booooooooom!” For those not aware, the righteous and all knowing geniuses at Tilt, took ANIguy’s chat away for saying, “Shove, Shove, Shove.” I simply sit in amazement, every single time I hear stories like this. When I think of the names I’ve been called during a game, the names I’ve seen others spew forth at un-suspecting victims, it actually makes me so angry that the moral-minority at FullTilt won’t even bother to check the context of the discussion, before handing down a penalty. It is obvious that if someone complains, no matter how harsh or harmless the verbiage, the action is simply to ban the player’s chat. What a freakin’ joke! So in honour of ANIguy and all those in our community that have been shafted by the same moral minority, I give you “FoSoCo.”
Freedom of Speech, or Chat off! ….. Just can’t say it any simpler than that.

Now as most of you know, I’m no saint by any stretch of the imagination either. But I can tell you, the vast majority of my foul mouth and anger comes about, in the protection of a friend being insulted. Last night was a perfect example. PushMonkey was down to about as close as you can get, to the virtual felt. We were in the Stud format and all of pushes chips went into the middle after the cards were dealt. Please try to tell me, that we all haven’t done the exact same thing with ATC ! It’s a standard play. Well Push hit his hand and dragged in the pot. This of course brought on the now standard “how could you call…” diatribe that we have all unfortunately had to become accustomed to. I can put up with limited variations of this “patented” rant on a caller when it’s the first hand of an MTT and the call was actually made and the cards were completely a surprise. But to rant on a player for trying to improve their situation in the best possible spot, while almost out of the game, I say SUAP. Yup! It’s that simple too. Shut Up And Play. There was supposed to be an A and an H at the end there too. But it sounded a little too Greek fto me. If you like it that way, use your own judgment as required.

As situations arise, ( and they always do! ) there will be several more as we go along the way. I’ll try to do a better job of explaining them as I go. But sometimes in the heat of battle or on these spur of the moment decisions, don’t be surprised if you see a garbled mess appear in the chat box from yours truly. I’m just trying to get a point across in a way that probably only makes perfect sense,
to me.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by….


Donkette said...

There are some people who come into your life that you just feel connected to, you are one of those people, and if you were here I would give you big, big ((((((Hugs))))), so from Aniguy,MiniDonk and Donkette here you go.
(((((((((WE LOVE BAMBAM)))))))

P.S. Aniguy should be getting his chat back any day now........

BWoP said...

Ummmmmm. MiniDonk has her own blog. Not sure if you knew that . . .

And, yes, the WHOLE DONK FAMILY is awesome!

Mini Donk said...

Hey Bam its MINI!!!!!!! Lol Love the post!!!!!!!! I have my own blog. http://minidonk1.blogspot.com/ I had a lot of fun last night and even though I wont be playing in the skillz tourney I will be there cheering my mom,ck, and my new "friend" BAM ON!!!!!!!

Cibulasimon said...


I played the TuckFard 2 weeks ago, after having spent much tmie reading a whole lotta your (and your friends) blogs, with much enjoyment (and much learning).

My screen name is emoryiowa, and I actually thought I played fairly well, and had knocked out 3 players. Towards the end of that tourney, I busted on a (if I remember correctly) race type of hand (sorry no particulars) and Donkette wrote in the chat "BOOOOOOOM!!". Now, obv you all know each other for quite a while, and I was a newbie, but me and my thin skin was somewhat, to a limited degree, offended. I wonder if you could expand on the BOOOOOOOOOMMM type comment, and fill me in on whether is is indeed a taunt, or just a "wow, you were behind, you win, good chipup" type of comment.

I'd like to continue playing in some of those events, and possibly the BBT3 events, but honestly not really sure if outsiders are wanted or welcome. Online poker can be a little intimidating for those newbies among us...

Anyway, I enjoy your musings.

BamBam said...

Hey cibulasimon,

First, thank you for the very kind words. They got here when I could really use some positive karma.

Never worry about two things!

1) BOOOOOM ! is absoloutely no slam on you or anyone else. It is treated like a yahoo! or ship it! when a big pot is won. Our friend Riggstad is sorta the BOOOOOOM over-lord. When he's at a table with us, BOOOOOOM's get a bit more frequent and if possible, louder?

2) We love having everyone out at the TuckFard games and I give you my word, you are always welcome and not one person in the core group, will ever berate you or judge your play and give you a hard time.

The BBT3 is a phenomonal event and if you get the chance to join in a game, I highly recommend it. I can't give you the same promise of safe chat there though! lol.

I don't know everyone there and it's fairly competitive to say the least.

Thanks again for the comments and stopping by here once in a while!

Don'K' said...

I was out of town in Michigan on business this week but managed to get to my hotel room and sign up for the TuckFard Open before I went out for dinner. Dinner took a little longer than expected so I was about 20 minutes late getting back for the game so I wasn't down in chips too much.

I tell ya, you should have heard the laughter in my room when my table opened up and I see the following:

DonK_TuckFard was on the button (me of course)
minidonk was to my left in the small blind
Donkette was 2 to my left in the big blind

Does this mean that I am automatically part of the DONK family? I tell ya, I sure got a kick out of this.

What a great time and an awesome table. The play was very aggressive with lots of re-raises and overbets.

This wa my first time playing with Donkette that I could remember and we ended up in the final 3 with RedNeck where the chip lead changed as my times as there were hands played. Truely enjoyable poker and company.

I also do remember emoryiowa playing a few weeks ago and remember how much fun you seemed to have. Please come play with us again. You are always welcome.

I totally understand what you were saying. I too was a little unsure at first on acceptance of newbies in some of the regular tournaments each week where everyone seemed to know one another but as I have gotten to know a bunch of players and even met a number of them at Eh Vegas, they are all truely remarkable people and alot of fun to get to know.

Cibulasimon said...

Don and Bam-

Thanks for the responses. Indeed, I did enjoy the TuckFard, and the buy in fit well with my really modest bankroll. Since I've really only recently become serious about improving my play, I find that you poker bloggers, as a group, have really helped me improve. It is funny how this wacky interweb really seems, to some extent, to be a big high school, with poker bloggers at one table, fantasy sports peeps at another and the cool kids at another...

Anyway, perhaps someday I'll be at the Borgata and hear a comment that will lead me to introduce myself to one of you all.

As for more TuckFards, I hope they are in my future. Unfortunately, the 7pm eastern start times are difficult for me as the kids are still awake and my wife isn't thrilled about me playing online when we can be doing stuff with the kids. She's fine with the poker, but when I play too much...she does get a little peeved. Need to find that balance.

Hopefully, I can win some tokens to allow me into the bigger BBT3 events, or win a few 45 runner sng's to defray the cost.

Interestingly, I seem to have the best ROI at the $0.05/$0.10 NL tables, being patient and then locking in a 2-3 buy in victory...further fueling my MTT obseesion :-)