Frantic Friday : The Proud Daddy Edition....

I'm still all Jammed up™** about not being in Vegas with my friends! As I was driving home last night, I was convinced that nothing was going to make me feel any better about it no matter what. I'd have to be miserable until it was just over and done with, and there was nothing left to do but read all of the great trip reports.

Well...... My not-so-mini-Peb's caught on to my fetid demeanor and decided that she knew just what to do about it. She'd show me a bunch of her latest Photography work to cheer me up.

First off, this is her self-portrait that she made just for me. This is one present that has made me cry, on more than just the original occasion.

Here's what my baby girl can do, with a little imagination.

What I find so corporeal about her shots in nature, is her uncanny ability to catch the absoloute essence of the moment. Here's just a few examples.

She's also got that 'funky' talent that can express an emotion, through something a little more abstract.

These are just a very small sampling of her work but, being as proud as I am of my not-so-mini-Peb's, it makes me feel a little bit better somehow, just to share them here with you.

Have a great weekend all !

** Jammed up™ may not be used, without the express written approval of The Riggstad Corporation of Companies. On accounta' he's a Fucker... all rights reserved.


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Fuck Thursday! It's Doomsday....

As I unlocked the door to my Office and made my way inside, I could sense his presence almost immediately. It was a worker from the floor with whom I have regular planning discussions with every single day.

"Hey Bam. We got a machine down and I need you to help me figure out the schedule." he said with that tone of near panic and desperation. In fact, that almost always accompanies this kids words for some reason.

"Well good fuckin' morning to you too!" I immediately snapped back without so much as a glimpse back in his direction. "We pay you a pretty good salary to get that kind of shit done. So get back out there and fucking get it organized!"

It was just then, that I turned around to face the young 20 something scheduler and see the shocked and slightly defeated look on his face. I was in no mood for this crap and another certainty of this situation, I was NOT going to make him feel any better, anytime soon.

It's Doomsday and that can only mean one thing!
Stay the fuck outta' my way!

I should be getting on a plane headed out West to Vegas this morning. But I'm not. I should have arrived with just enough time to check in, get cleaned up and meet BadBlood, Peaker, StB and The Doc at the MGM for some $1/$2 table fun. But I won't.

I should have been able to find muhc sometime this evening, and actually get to sit down and get to know him a little better, live and in person. But it's not going to happen today.

I should have run into some cagey mofo and shared a couple of bottles of Tecate or Dos Equis this evening, as we discuss the plans for a "PBPC 'Professional Blogger Pinball Championship' which is to take place on Friday afternoon sometime in Vegas." as his e-mail to me from earlier in the week suggested. But it's not happening either.

I should be making last minute arrangements with Miami Don, CK and The Doc., for what course we're going to play and what our tee-time is going to be. We should be laughing and arguing about who gets what strokes and what the teams are going to be, ( no doubt me and Doc would've annihilated Don and CK ! ) instead of me sitting here typing this rubbish up. But it ain't happening.

I should have been getting all wound up about how many new faces I was going to be able to match up with the Blogs, I/M's, e-mails and Blogger MTT's. But that will have to wait until next time.

If my attitude and anger on the actual day I realized this gathering was not in the cards for me is any indication, may God have mercy on the souls of anyone that even remotely pisses me off today. The day I should be getting on a plane pointed West. West towards all the good friends I should be with and, all the good times I should be having.

Fair warning........ It is in fact, DOOMSDAY !!!

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You Up for some Degeneralism?.....

Degenerate - di-jen-uh-reyt;

–verb (used without object)
1. to fall below a normal or desirable level in physical, mental, or moral qualities.
2. to diminish in quality, esp. from a former state of coherence, balance, integrity.
3. Evolution. (of a species or any of its traits or structures) to revert to a simple, less highly organized, or less functionally active type.

–verb (used with object)
4. to cause degeneration in; bring about a decline, deterioration, or reversion in.

5. having fallen below a normal or desirable level, esp. in moral qualities; deteriorated; degraded: a degenerate king > a degenerate Ace.
7. having lost, or become impaired with respect to, the qualities proper to the race or kind: a degenerate gambler.
8. characterized by or associated with degeneracy: degenerate gambling.

9. a person who has declined, as in morals or character, from a type or standard considered normal.
10. a person or thing that reverts to an earlier stage of culture, development, or evolution.

Capitalism - kap-i-tl-iz-uhm

1. An economic system in which investment in and ownership of the means of production, distribution, and exchange of wealth is made and maintained chiefly by private individuals or corporations, esp. as contrasted to cooperatively or state-owned means of wealth.

I may be stuck in corporate Bedrock, BUT my team for Degeneralism is a lock!

Team HAWT Chicks will probably roll over the field and dominate the entire trip in Vegas. It's just how they roll! TRUST ME !!!!! Bam-Bam is wise !! S'perience got me where I am today.

I highly recommend you check it out and participate HERE !!! Unless of course, U R a COMMIE bastage !!!

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I got friends in low places....

I hate Tuesday mornings! When they come around it always means the same thing! The Monday night games are finished and that bites! I love seeing everyone out at the Tuckfard Monday night NLHE and new Omaha/8 games.

We only had 13 runners out for the NLHE portion of the games, but Fred managed to make it out and that's always a good thing! Unfortunately Fred Gigli'd, when he just couldn't believe DonKaaa's push with a big boat. Speaking of PUSH!!! It had been a long, long time since I'd seen my Pal hanging around with a bunch of TuckFards. But seeing him last night was a real treat!

I was on "high-chat" status the entire time I was in the game, but I did want to take a second or two here to say a quick Hey! to Memphis. I think he was the only one that couldn't get a word in edgewise, as I kept that little chat scroll a humping!

I had absoloute crap most of the game and in typical fashion, once I managed to make a descent hand, I was dominated once the flop came down. I opened from the SB with a 4x raise with A-K and was insta-called by the lovely RedNeckTuckFard. A dream flop of A-4-A and the chips were soon destined to get into the center. I checked to give Y a chance to make a bet into me, only to have her check behind. The meaningless turn card gave me a chance to put a few chips in the center, only to have her go over the top of me. Since most of my stack is now in the pot and I'm holding top set/top kicker, I toss the rest of the stack into the center. I get to see Y's A-4 for the flopped boat and I'm done with the game. "They were sooooooted," was all she needed to type into the chat box. TILT !!!!! LMAO.....

Great game for the Carson household, as brudder Cars took the win, with the ever beautiful Suzy_Q taking the runner-up spot.

Completely different story for the second game, our new 8:00pm. Omaha/8 that has replaced the HORSE event. 21 TuckFards came out for the Donk-stravaganza.

PUSH also made this game which was great to see, and other special guests included muhc, Bay, TheGoatlady and SKI, who I believe lost his TuckFard virginity last night. Always a pleasure to pop another Blogger cherry! ;)

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the Gigli efforts of M'Lady TGL in this one! ;)

I got on a fairly good run at the start of this game, not building the stack up too fast. But definitely not sitting on my hands and chips either. Slow and steady was the motto for me in this one. I thought I'd come up with a real opportunity to build the stack a bit against Bay on this hand, but he came along for the ride and we chopped it up with his.... UH..... "interesting" low. :)

A pretty solid 5th. place finish for me, considering Omaha/8 is by far the worst Poker game I play. All in all, I'll be happy considering the superior caliber of Omatards I keep putting myself up against on purpose. Fifth out of 21 feels like a big win, when you know you really started the game as a massive under-dog.

Muhc took the fooker down, with Bay making a little cash in third. Mucho congrats to you both!

The only good thing about this Tuesday is, it's officially a snow day! WoooOOOoooT! I made it about 2 miles down this long and quiet country road, only to see three vehicles in the ditch at the first hill. There's only four of us that head out that way in the wee hours of the am., and once we got everyone dug out and back on the road, the group decision was to just turn around and enjoy the day. (I love my neighbours!) It ended up being pretty good timing too! As just after I got the car about 25' into the driveway, the plow came by and put up a 4' high wall of snow at the end. Guess I'll be working at that for a bit!

Also wanted to put a shout out for masseman. Not for just making it out to our little donkfests last night, but Peb's and I really appreciate the chance to play as sub's in the Sunday league game this up-coming week. We're both really excited to get the opportunity to sling a few chips around with some folks we haven't seen since way back to last year. We'll be there with bells on and I'll do my best, NOT to look like the Donkey I really am! :)

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I'll be your STUD....

I put a solid seven hours of grinding into, "The Office" on Saturday, because I just couldn't walk away. I didn't want anyone to pinch me either. I was afraid it was just a dream!

A steady flow of Euro's kept jumping on to the $3/$6 STUD table I was at, and they just kept on bringing more and more re-donkulous play and cash. It was a small part of Nirvana and I couldn't pull myself away!

I was seeing plays that would make any descent STUD player, drool with the anticipation of a bank roll building dream session.

Example #1 - I have rolled up 7's and four players decide to see fourth street. No one is dealt anything too coordinated, except for the player to my immediate right. He has been dealt a second flush worthy card and bets it out. I'll see another one, thank you very much! Only the two of us go to battle on fifth street to see him blank his Flush suit and me hit a pairing card, to the Jack I was dealt on fourth. Boat it up! I lead it out, figuring there was already enough in the pot and I'd be fine if it was pushed my way right then and there. Instead, he re-potted it! It threw me a little when I saw that. I took my time and checked the notes on lost outs from earlier in the hand. He could only be on one of two things, the four Flush draw, or a made set. I have 7's over J's and only one of my cards are the Club that I think he needs to hit. It's also buried. I decide to re-pot it, thinking I just may be able to get the rest of his $ in the middle. He flats ???

**NOTE** - This is a pathetic play in STUD. If the hand is so war-worthy, get the money in the middle. It would make sense to have him put me on a set of Jacks. That's the only way he could have possibly read this board. Therefore I have to assume he either has a higher set, or he's really hoping to hit that Flush. Either way, if he really thinks he's good at that point, the jam - call my re-jam, shows me that I can pretty safely put him on the draw only.

Sixth street brings me a crap card and him a big beautiful Club! We get it capped going on to seventh street, where he proceeds to get all of his stack in the middle with no connectors, no pairs and a bunch of clubs staring me in the face. I also miraculously managed to hit the case 7 ! I didn't need it however, as my original boat would have been plenty strong enough, to take out his sixth street King high flush. Dealer... please push me the BIG POT !!!

Example #2 - I was dealt the Ah-Kh-10h and had one player join me on the road to fourth street, showing x-x-Qh. Fourth and fifth streets, brought the following board. Yours truly, Ah-Kh-10h-2h-9h... and villain, x-x-Qh-7h-3h. Can you say, WOW! Here's where it gets just plain crazy! The dude is hitting the pot button like a maniac! He just can't get his $ in the middle fast enough, even after I re-pot his every effort!

**Note** If he doesn't believe or isn't worried about my first re-pot, he surely has to give a little careful consideration to the second one. We had played together at this table for about two hours at this point, I'd shown nothing but the stone cold nuts at each showdown too.

I took this monster pot down after getting everything he had into the center. Wanna' see something insane? At showdown, his board read 4h-Jc-Qh-7h-3h-9d-Jh ! With the flip that FullTilt puts on the display of hands, I'd say that the 4h and Jh were the flipped cards. With the board I had showing and my aggressive betting pattern, he went to the end with a crap four flush and a pair of Jacks! EASY MONEY !

Example #3 -
**Important Note** Same player from example #2, has just re-bought in short, about 25 minutes after that hand!

I was dealt Ah-Ks-Kh, as "Easy M" is showing x-x-Ad and has lead out the betting. I decide to see how the board shapes up, and I go along for the ride. Bam-Bam! I go Ah-Ks-Kh-As and he runs out, x-x-Ad-10d. I bet it out and he flats instead of potting. Fifth street is dealt out and I get to Bam-Bam! Bam-Bam-Bam!!! My Ah-Ks-Kh-As-Kd is up against his x-x-Ad-10d-Ac. I'm actually begging the RnG to have dealt us both Full Houses at this point. I bet it out and am very happy to see him re-pot my bet. When we cap it, I'm pretty sure I'd gotten my wish. His short buy-in meant he was out of any extra betting bucks on sixth street. It was then that I got to see his holdings of, 3d-8c-Ad-10d-Ac-7h. MONSTER POTTIN' #2, from a player I'll be searching for at the tables every chance I get!

Example #4 - Is NOT about dragging in a huge pot! It was all about a fold I made, after reading the two boards I was up against, pretty damn good.

After getting the bring with 5s-3s-3h, there were two limper's to fourth street. Fourth brought the following hands. Myself the 5s-3s-3h-3d. My opponents, x-x-10c-Qc and x-x-Ah-Ad. The pair of Aces lead it out and was immediately called by the connected Clubs. Here's my dilemma. I'd already lost a five as an out from a folded hand on third street. Only three players playing the hand at an eight handed table, gives me pretty good reason to suspect at least one of my other 3's or 5's has been lost as well. That means that there are 14 unknown cards to me from the 7 other players down cards, 27 cards in play of which I know can see 8 and, from the folds on third street, I know what five other cards are dead from the deck. I have not seen another Ace or Club in play and with my draw having to be pretty close to two possible cards out of the 25 left in the deck, I feel that with less than a 10% chance of making what I feel need to be Quads, I can lay this hand down.

Villain #1 showing x-x-Ah-Ad just might already have his made set in which case, I was crushed. Villain #2 is apparently on a high Club and possible straight draw. My gut told me that he held the Ac buried. I can't think of another reason for him to snap call the way he did without it.

**Note** - Both players were VERY solid for the entire time they were at the table. This was actually one of the few hands, where two of the three of us had made it passed fourth street. This also factored into my fold.

I was ecstatic to see this hand go all the way to showdown, as it confirmed several of the factors from my reads along the way. I actually may have even over estimated my outs in the deck, as the boards displayed in the following manner.

Villain #1 - 9s-As-Ah-Ad-7h-Jh-7d = After the F/T display flip, A boat on fifth street.
Villain #2 - 2d-Jc-10c-Qc-8c-9c-Ac = After the flip, he'd nut flushed up on fifth, with a draw to a Straight Flush or Royal with two cards to come and he hit.

The way this hand played out, the pot was actually relatively small. Villain #1 was constantly on the lead and if/when he bet, Villain #2 merely called it all the way down to seventh street, where he obviously value popped it in the end. Then it was agonizing waiting for and watching Villain #1 make the crying call when he had to know he was solidly beat. That sometimes, is just how this kooky little game of ours goes.

Probably the three most solid players at the table get hooked up in one hand. One goes away happy, from making a solid read in a losing situation. One goes away crushed, from hitting an obvious monster and trying to figure out how to get paid for it. One goes away with the pot, after patiently controlling it's size and knowing that he needed a huge hand to have any chance.

Now if it were me personally, Villain #1 sent enough signals to let villain #2 know that he was dominated. If I was Villain #2, I don't know that I'd have had the stones to stay in it to sixth street in the first place. It was a gamble in a gambling game I guess and there's no denying the end result. I'm just glad I stepped aside and let them hash this one out.

So with cem's Skillz Series resuming tomorrow night and the game being STUD, here's my tidbit of advice for those of you thinking about giving it a whirl. Not recognizing what type of strength you're up against in the game of STUD and over-valuing your own holdings, is the single largest mistake made by beginner players in the game today. Before you go fishing for that card to make an incredible hand, make sure it's actually available to you in the first place.

Oh and if you haven't stopped by to congratulate cem on the birth of his new baby girl, take a moment to do it for me would'ya!

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My baby, (and I) do the grind....

There may be a little Poker content on this here blog come Monday. I had one of those day's. But it all lead to 4 1/2 hours of non-stop dancin' with my baby. I know which one I enjoyed the most!

A 7 hour grind session, to end up about 8 buy-ins ahead < dancin' with the love of of my life!

STUD is the single greatest game on this great big flying rock!
Dancing with Peb's, is the greatest thing that could ever happen to a kid like me.

Special thanks to Memphis.......... Just Sayin'

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