Fuck Thursday! It's Doomsday....

As I unlocked the door to my Office and made my way inside, I could sense his presence almost immediately. It was a worker from the floor with whom I have regular planning discussions with every single day.

"Hey Bam. We got a machine down and I need you to help me figure out the schedule." he said with that tone of near panic and desperation. In fact, that almost always accompanies this kids words for some reason.

"Well good fuckin' morning to you too!" I immediately snapped back without so much as a glimpse back in his direction. "We pay you a pretty good salary to get that kind of shit done. So get back out there and fucking get it organized!"

It was just then, that I turned around to face the young 20 something scheduler and see the shocked and slightly defeated look on his face. I was in no mood for this crap and another certainty of this situation, I was NOT going to make him feel any better, anytime soon.

It's Doomsday and that can only mean one thing!
Stay the fuck outta' my way!

I should be getting on a plane headed out West to Vegas this morning. But I'm not. I should have arrived with just enough time to check in, get cleaned up and meet BadBlood, Peaker, StB and The Doc at the MGM for some $1/$2 table fun. But I won't.

I should have been able to find muhc sometime this evening, and actually get to sit down and get to know him a little better, live and in person. But it's not going to happen today.

I should have run into some cagey mofo and shared a couple of bottles of Tecate or Dos Equis this evening, as we discuss the plans for a "PBPC 'Professional Blogger Pinball Championship' which is to take place on Friday afternoon sometime in Vegas." as his e-mail to me from earlier in the week suggested. But it's not happening either.

I should be making last minute arrangements with Miami Don, CK and The Doc., for what course we're going to play and what our tee-time is going to be. We should be laughing and arguing about who gets what strokes and what the teams are going to be, ( no doubt me and Doc would've annihilated Don and CK ! ) instead of me sitting here typing this rubbish up. But it ain't happening.

I should have been getting all wound up about how many new faces I was going to be able to match up with the Blogs, I/M's, e-mails and Blogger MTT's. But that will have to wait until next time.

If my attitude and anger on the actual day I realized this gathering was not in the cards for me is any indication, may God have mercy on the souls of anyone that even remotely pisses me off today. The day I should be getting on a plane pointed West. West towards all the good friends I should be with and, all the good times I should be having.

Fair warning........ It is in fact, DOOMSDAY !!!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Snuffy said...

We're gonna miss ya.

OhCaptain said...

Would have been nice to meet you.

DrChako said...

Sorry, brother. I'll raise a glass of the good stuff in your direction.


Schaubs said...

I feel your pain dude.

Drizztdj said...

I suggest pictures of skillets.

Over easy.

Wolfshead said...

What Schaubs said. Feeling the same frikkin way and can't even get to AC to take away some of the pain

BWoP said...

We will miss you!