I got friends in low places....

I hate Tuesday mornings! When they come around it always means the same thing! The Monday night games are finished and that bites! I love seeing everyone out at the Tuckfard Monday night NLHE and new Omaha/8 games.

We only had 13 runners out for the NLHE portion of the games, but Fred managed to make it out and that's always a good thing! Unfortunately Fred Gigli'd, when he just couldn't believe DonKaaa's push with a big boat. Speaking of PUSH!!! It had been a long, long time since I'd seen my Pal hanging around with a bunch of TuckFards. But seeing him last night was a real treat!

I was on "high-chat" status the entire time I was in the game, but I did want to take a second or two here to say a quick Hey! to Memphis. I think he was the only one that couldn't get a word in edgewise, as I kept that little chat scroll a humping!

I had absoloute crap most of the game and in typical fashion, once I managed to make a descent hand, I was dominated once the flop came down. I opened from the SB with a 4x raise with A-K and was insta-called by the lovely RedNeckTuckFard. A dream flop of A-4-A and the chips were soon destined to get into the center. I checked to give Y a chance to make a bet into me, only to have her check behind. The meaningless turn card gave me a chance to put a few chips in the center, only to have her go over the top of me. Since most of my stack is now in the pot and I'm holding top set/top kicker, I toss the rest of the stack into the center. I get to see Y's A-4 for the flopped boat and I'm done with the game. "They were sooooooted," was all she needed to type into the chat box. TILT !!!!! LMAO.....

Great game for the Carson household, as brudder Cars took the win, with the ever beautiful Suzy_Q taking the runner-up spot.

Completely different story for the second game, our new 8:00pm. Omaha/8 that has replaced the HORSE event. 21 TuckFards came out for the Donk-stravaganza.

PUSH also made this game which was great to see, and other special guests included muhc, Bay, TheGoatlady and SKI, who I believe lost his TuckFard virginity last night. Always a pleasure to pop another Blogger cherry! ;)

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the Gigli efforts of M'Lady TGL in this one! ;)

I got on a fairly good run at the start of this game, not building the stack up too fast. But definitely not sitting on my hands and chips either. Slow and steady was the motto for me in this one. I thought I'd come up with a real opportunity to build the stack a bit against Bay on this hand, but he came along for the ride and we chopped it up with his.... UH..... "interesting" low. :)

A pretty solid 5th. place finish for me, considering Omaha/8 is by far the worst Poker game I play. All in all, I'll be happy considering the superior caliber of Omatards I keep putting myself up against on purpose. Fifth out of 21 feels like a big win, when you know you really started the game as a massive under-dog.

Muhc took the fooker down, with Bay making a little cash in third. Mucho congrats to you both!

The only good thing about this Tuesday is, it's officially a snow day! WoooOOOoooT! I made it about 2 miles down this long and quiet country road, only to see three vehicles in the ditch at the first hill. There's only four of us that head out that way in the wee hours of the am., and once we got everyone dug out and back on the road, the group decision was to just turn around and enjoy the day. (I love my neighbours!) It ended up being pretty good timing too! As just after I got the car about 25' into the driveway, the plow came by and put up a 4' high wall of snow at the end. Guess I'll be working at that for a bit!

Also wanted to put a shout out for masseman. Not for just making it out to our little donkfests last night, but Peb's and I really appreciate the chance to play as sub's in the Sunday league game this up-coming week. We're both really excited to get the opportunity to sling a few chips around with some folks we haven't seen since way back to last year. We'll be there with bells on and I'll do my best, NOT to look like the Donkey I really am! :)

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Baywolfe said...

Hey, I knew you were counting on that eight for your low so I thought I'd slip in through the back door with my seven.

I'm much prouder, however, of that miserable hand that I sucked out to knock you out of the tourney. Read all about it probably Wednesday on my blog.

My 6 1/2 knockouts + the 3rd Place Finish made for the first profitable Monday evening I've had in a long time.

Anonymous said...

Your playing on Sunday!?!?


The league brings in TuckFards as a defense against TuckFards.

Memphis MOJO said...

Thanks for making me feel welcome in the Tuckfardery goings on.

My excuse for my bad poker: I was dizzy from the chat box scrolling so fast!

DonKaaa said...

I look soooo forward to Monday nights.

Its always great to see Bill come out as well as the many other followers we have picked up along the way.

The switch to Pot Limit Omaha H/L has sure seemed to catch on quickly. Thats 2 weeks in a row with 3 tables and the game sure goes alot quicker vs limit HORSE.

Thats great news about Sunday. I look forward to seeing you and Peb's. Its been too long.

muhctim said...

You know I distinctly remember Bay saying he hated O8; and I promise, I echo that decree, as I have no love for the game. That finish just was not right. I deserved not what nice fate I received. However, I have great admiration, respect, and and esteem for the group of guys who put this on and show up each week. Never have so many had so much fun while no mysery was shared by anyone. Bwahhhhhhhh