Frantic Friday : We Getting Old? Edition....(NSFW)

I'm afraid I have to keep this Frantic Friday short and sweet kids! I'll make it up to you somehow down the road though, so don't worry.

I golfed with brudder CC last night and after I don't know, maybe 15 years of being best buds, we got into the weirdest conversation. I'm actually starting to think we may be getting old!

Now this is something pretty foreign to us, as we typically talk about really important shit, like

for example!

That is always one thing we can agree on.

With brudder CC's birthday coming up, (and it's the big FIVE-O!) I figured him for the "big birthday" Harley kind of guy. You know, the guy gets a little something to help him get over the hump, as it were.

I was shocked when he told me what he really wanted, was a


That just blew me away. I just can't picture CC on a crotch rocket, but he said that's what he wanted. He said he's always wanted one so he can get a hawt chick and do some

with her.

I actually laughed out loud at that and told him that the hotties don't really like the crotchies at all. He then asked me how do I explain Denise Milani?

A very valid point actually, to which I could only reply

I hate it when he makes a good point!

In what I thought would be the end of the conversation, I told brudder CC that I preferred my

and both, would probably handle better anyway.

So he gets all jammed up and starts talking about how much he loves him some chicks in

and that's the best that black can possibly look.

It took a bit of convincing, but I think I finally won him over to the side of

But all in all, it just seemed so bizarre you know?

Two grown men discussing

has to be some kind of sign of old age no?

We always used to talk about our favourite things, like

or even better still,

with curves, to pass the time.

Now we're sitting around discussing leather vs. lace!


I mean what the hell's next?


For crying out loud!

Well like I said, I have to keep this a little shorter than normal. I'm meeting brudder CC for a little more golf this afternoon, and I'd better get my daily dose of chores done before I head out.

I had to laugh at the note that CC shot me about golf today though. He wants to debate something that I KNOW we are NOT going to see eye to eye on at all.

As most of you already know, I've always been a big believer in

and everything nice.

Brudder CC's far more into the

side of things than me.

But I'll win him over to the

side of this argument for sure!

I've got a plan!

I'm going to drag him down to the local Library after the golf.

Then he'll get to see that Librarians

despite that sweet and innocent appearance.

I'll show him!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


I missed a BBT5 Mookie, BUT....

I had every intention of playing in last nights Mookathon, right up until about 9:55pm.

That was about the time I busted out of my friend Amir's event, after playing 238 hands of pretty tough Pokerwit poker. The final table was incredible and there were some really, REALLY tough decisions that had to be made. It was a real grind!

In the beginning, I was the luck sack extraordinaire. I was dealt quality hand after quality hand for the first 20 minutes straight. That was mostly only good for the blinds however, as these are pretty solid NLHE players. But right at about half an hour into the game,

I was quite happy to have almost doubled my starting stack.

I'm not sure if it's me or a fact of poker, but I love the deeper stacked, slower format games and with the way Amir had this game set up to play,

I felt like I had a much better chance at doing something with my stack. Like maybe I don't know, PLAY POKER!

As players slowly busted out, I was stuck in a rut at around that same double starting stack. I seemed to stay alive through catching a hand an orbit, but continued to simply collect the blinds. I tried alternating my call, min-raise and pot raise pre-flop action, but just couldn't get a pot going with a monster hand. For the first time in about forever, I saved those HH's to see what I could've done to make a pot. THAT should be pretty damn funny! Me evaluating HH's!


I kept grinding and grinding away and while I wasn't making a ton of ground, I was keeping my head above water. Then the move to final table came.

My original goal all along, was just to make the final table with Amir. I'm not sure why I was thinking that way at first, but once I made it, I started to believe that I could actually win!

I'll wait for the snickering to stop and give you a chance to wipe that coffee off the monitor now..............

I'd made it down to the top six, but was still the shorty at the table. While I'm concentrating on holding on and continuing to play good poker, (for me!) the remaining five with me are all talking about the 50K and where they stand. Hell! Amir was also down to final table in the $22 1R/1A and a couple of them where deep into the $250K on Stars as well!

Sounds stupid I know, but I suddenly felt I was in WAY over my head. Technically by their NLHE performance and budget, I guess I was. But it hit me that this was THIS game and not any of those others. I made my mind up to dig in hard and do my best. With a few cards going my way, who's to say I couldn't make a showing of myself? Certainly not me at that point! I had some serious confidence at the time. And YES, it felt really weird!

Four handed and 203 hands into the game, I made a decision that Amir had to be on a flush draw. I had bet pre and he simply flatted. He made the bet on the flop and it was my turn to call him. When the board paired on the turn and wasn't a third spade, I also called down his turn bet thinking I may be able to get this pot on a blank river. The river brought the second over, but no spade. His check was suspicious I guess, but I made a 1/2 pot raise to see where I stood. I also figured that with the way it had played out, if he did hit the Queen on the end, it may just look like a value bet for something like A-3.

Amir's fold brought me the pot and with it, I took the chip lead. It's a bit of a reverse 'Bammer' but none the less, 9's and 3's worked for me that time.

Of course then.... it started!

Three handed,

I went nearly seven in a row! With just one lonely hammer being thrown in there for good measure.

I also had one hand where I was on a Royal Flush draw and couldn't get away from it, until of course the river missed all 10,000 of my outs. The play was aggressive and I took a shot at the win, only to have to fold Ace high in the end. The stack took a pretty substantial hit on that one.

Now as the three handed shorty and in the BB, I was allowed to see a flop courtesy of a limp from only the button. He had done this a couple of times before, but with pretty substantial pocket pairs. We saw a flop that gave me top pair, but they were still only 6's. I expected a bet with overs to that board but strangely, we went to the turn for free. The turn was a second six to make my set, it also gave me an open ended straight draw. Only one problem, a three flush was also on the board.

I made my move with a check raise and when I did, "oops, didn't check the stack size" was quickly typed in the chat box. I knew right then, I had him on a draw.


He got there and as for me, IGHN.


Still, I'm happy with the way I played online for a change. It actually felt a little closer to a live game than it usually does for me. I felt like I made some good reads, good moves and most importantly, for once it seemed as though my timing was almost as good as my live game to be honest. It's improvement and isn't that what I'm supposed to be striving for after all?

YAY me !!

Amir and I have been discussing a bit of a grudge match and this time, I'm going to be bringing my own back up! Look for a little fun game coming soon, where I show Amir that my Bloggers can beat his Pokerwit Pro's. I've played with most of you long enough now to know, we CAN DO THIS! I'll get the details up sometime after the BBT5 is done and gone. Watch for them here.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


As 'The Bammer' (and my stomach) turn....

Of course with the BBT5 underway, I knew it was time to play a little more online poker. One does need to practice if one wants to get better.


Game #1 :

Despite actually winning in that one for game #2, I decided on HORSE.

But as you can see, The Bammer is an equal opportunity shit hand!

Despite winning that one too, I figured a change would still be a good idea. This time I'd out smart The Bammer. This time, I'd change sites too!

Game #3 :

I managed a second place showing there.

Of course, all is not doom and gloom kids!

I made the decision to chase myself back to the other site, so I could play in a few more games. Naturally with all the change, comes a change in luck and cards right?


With four left and three to get paid, there's an all in pre-flop ahead of me by the ultra-aggressive monster stack. These are the times when you wake up to pocket aces and scream YES!


Uh yeah..... OK.

So it came time to turn back to the other site for a game, as I was still hoping it would magically change my luck again. This time I took my time and grabbed a scotch. I just missed the first hand by a few seconds but thought, that's OK. I would've probably just got into trouble with that hand anyhow.

The limpers started with A-K vs. A-K vs. A-Q, for a three-way all in on the very first hand of the game.

It was a good scotch however!

On the bright side, there was this desperation shove late in the last game of the night over at the other place. With two callers, I figured I was done.

Oh and one other thing.

Winner of the best laugh I had all night goes to...

My ability to fold A-rag pre!

Did I ever mention to you that poker is a stupid game for jerks?


Well it is!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


BBT 5 Invitational #2....

Like my NLHE poker game, I'll keep this one short and sweet.

Peb's and I had some family over for a nice Sunday dinner. As is always the case with our family, things ran on a little longer than the plan. That's really OK though, as this was family we like.


I'd almost forgotten about the Invitational game, until Peb's reminded me to jump on the computer. I made my grand appearance at the table at about 7:15pm or so. I really liked who I saw sitting at my table based on friendships, but wasn't that thrilled about having to play poker with everyone!

Obviously with The Doc and I both not there for the first 15 minutes or so, our blinds were gobbled up at a rabid pace. Thanks to being late and missing what looked like 3 orbits, I sat down to a stack of $2850.

The first two hands I actually play, I limped into seeing a flop of 9-6-6 rainbow while holding pocket 6's. Then no one was interested in playing back at my re-re-raise pre-flop, while I was holding the two black aces. So in just about 15 minutes or so, I get my blinds back and then some.

I sat back and folded for a while, as the action was almost always too expensive for the two random cards I was holding. I folded pocket 9's from the button, having strong action in three spots ahead of me.

Then two orbits later and while sitting one short of the button, I pick up the aces once again and make it a fairly substantial amount to play. I get the snap call from the button only.

Well.... we all know how that turned out right?

GG me! :(

Pretty much just like last week, I see that my chips advanced a full seven positions higher than I did.

It's still always fun to see and hear from everyone and if I haven't said it enough lately, I'm an idiot! A very special thank you to AlCantHang and FullTilt for putting this entire thing together. You both RAWK !

Also thanks to Buddy Dank Radio and his crew. I've only just become able to listen in to their shenanigans and now, I know what I've been missing for all these years. Keep it up kids, it's hawesomeness!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....