As 'The Bammer' (and my stomach) turn....

Of course with the BBT5 underway, I knew it was time to play a little more online poker. One does need to practice if one wants to get better.


Game #1 :

Despite actually winning in that one for game #2, I decided on HORSE.

But as you can see, The Bammer is an equal opportunity shit hand!

Despite winning that one too, I figured a change would still be a good idea. This time I'd out smart The Bammer. This time, I'd change sites too!

Game #3 :

I managed a second place showing there.

Of course, all is not doom and gloom kids!

I made the decision to chase myself back to the other site, so I could play in a few more games. Naturally with all the change, comes a change in luck and cards right?


With four left and three to get paid, there's an all in pre-flop ahead of me by the ultra-aggressive monster stack. These are the times when you wake up to pocket aces and scream YES!


Uh yeah..... OK.

So it came time to turn back to the other site for a game, as I was still hoping it would magically change my luck again. This time I took my time and grabbed a scotch. I just missed the first hand by a few seconds but thought, that's OK. I would've probably just got into trouble with that hand anyhow.

The limpers started with A-K vs. A-K vs. A-Q, for a three-way all in on the very first hand of the game.

It was a good scotch however!

On the bright side, there was this desperation shove late in the last game of the night over at the other place. With two callers, I figured I was done.

Oh and one other thing.

Winner of the best laugh I had all night goes to...

My ability to fold A-rag pre!

Did I ever mention to you that poker is a stupid game for jerks?


Well it is!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


SirFWALGMan said...


P.S. You would only have made pennies on that hand so who cares.

DrChako said...

That last picture is the poster child for the "online poker is rigged" crowd.


Wolfshead said...

Forget it. Too much practice only makes you go stale. Have a drink, some wild sex and then show up for the Mookie. Better than wasting your time at the tables, especially with your game