BBT 5 Invitational #2....

Like my NLHE poker game, I'll keep this one short and sweet.

Peb's and I had some family over for a nice Sunday dinner. As is always the case with our family, things ran on a little longer than the plan. That's really OK though, as this was family we like.


I'd almost forgotten about the Invitational game, until Peb's reminded me to jump on the computer. I made my grand appearance at the table at about 7:15pm or so. I really liked who I saw sitting at my table based on friendships, but wasn't that thrilled about having to play poker with everyone!

Obviously with The Doc and I both not there for the first 15 minutes or so, our blinds were gobbled up at a rabid pace. Thanks to being late and missing what looked like 3 orbits, I sat down to a stack of $2850.

The first two hands I actually play, I limped into seeing a flop of 9-6-6 rainbow while holding pocket 6's. Then no one was interested in playing back at my re-re-raise pre-flop, while I was holding the two black aces. So in just about 15 minutes or so, I get my blinds back and then some.

I sat back and folded for a while, as the action was almost always too expensive for the two random cards I was holding. I folded pocket 9's from the button, having strong action in three spots ahead of me.

Then two orbits later and while sitting one short of the button, I pick up the aces once again and make it a fairly substantial amount to play. I get the snap call from the button only.

Well.... we all know how that turned out right?

GG me! :(

Pretty much just like last week, I see that my chips advanced a full seven positions higher than I did.

It's still always fun to see and hear from everyone and if I haven't said it enough lately, I'm an idiot! A very special thank you to AlCantHang and FullTilt for putting this entire thing together. You both RAWK !

Also thanks to Buddy Dank Radio and his crew. I've only just become able to listen in to their shenanigans and now, I know what I've been missing for all these years. Keep it up kids, it's hawesomeness!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Memphis MOJO said...

Sorry your aces were snapped.

BWoP said...


Maybe next time we'll end up at the same table! Then it would be not so remon.

SirFWALGMan said...

I love TexasWoman.