2007 can kiss my ....

Firstly, let me tell everyone that I left her tired, but in great spirits. Considering she was in the Emergency unit of our great RVH Hospital, I felt slightly better about the most recent turn of events.

Pebble's, not-so-Mini-Peb's and I, were sitting in a restaurant for lunch. When suddenly Pebbles started to complain of some serious heartburn. She had only eaten some soup at that time. She then said something that I didn't quite comprehend.
(or hear! I am partially deaf and this is not too un-common around me)
When I asked her to repeat it, she said something like, "I'm going to black out."

Before she finished the sentence, her head was heading for the table. I managed to catch her in time to prevent any contact, but was completely shocked at the feel of her lifeless body in my arms. I did pulse checks that scared me a lot, but I discovered that she was breathing. I could not look directly at her in the position we were forced to be in. But a quick look across the table at my not-so-mini-Peb's expression, told me something was seriously wrong.

Pebble's eye's had rolled back in her head, (I was told later) and she suddenly started a violent breathing pattern. Then all her muscles tensed as if she was trying to put her right thumb way back into her right elbow. Then the shaking started. It wasn't violent or aggresive in any way, just shaking. All of this took place in about two minutes, maybe three. At the time it seemed like an eternity to me, I can tell you that.

She came around, (of sorts) and was trying to ask what had happened. We slowly settled into a comfortable hug and had a momment of realization together. We needed a Hospital. We dropped off not-so-mini-Peb's and headed over to our R.V.H. in Bedrock.

I do want to say, I not only love my not-so-mini-Peb's for being the perfect partner when we needed her, in what was an incredibly scary crisis for both of us. But I am so very proud of her maturity and composure in this situation, for her meahger 17 years on this green earth. I needed you and you were there. I love you!

It appears that Pebbles has had some form of seizure activity. We won't know much more about it until the AM. As I said earlier, when I left the Hospital I had no concerns with her spirit and devotion to life going on. But I have just read everything available on seizures and the like, and I am not too fond of the picture it paints for us moving forward.

She scared the 'it' out of me today, and I had actually thought I'd lost her for just a momment there. If our lord considered this practice for the big day, I'd better go first. Even better, we should both go together. No one should have to ever get that feeling of instant lost love. I wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy, even in our most heated battle.

I need a good cry. As soon as she's home in my arms and doesn't need me to be strong and un-afraid, I'm pretty sure I'll have it.

For those wondering why I'm sitting here posting this at 1:02 AM, after all that has occured, I say we all deal with situations in differant ways. I have found respit in writing out my thoughts. Lord knows Pebbles sense of humour through the whole thing cannot possibly be explained either. The fool kept screwing with her heart monitor to get a reaction out of me, only to laugh at the reaction that she had gotten as a way to kill the time in the emergancy room.

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Friday's Donkament ....

A funny thing happened on the way to some mindless stress releif in Kat's Friday night Blogger Donkament, I hit my crap early. Three in a row !

I didn't really know how to handle this at first. Sure I giggled and had another drink. But I felt a little... uh ... 'dirty.'

Then I had a run where the RNG went haywire on me. It hasn't really found me too often lately, but man! Of all the places to have it happen ! I was getting surreal cards in the hole. In one 6 player all in, I folded A-A. Then in another very similar situation, I think there were 5 players all in, I did it again. What resraint! I would have lost both huge pots as "the hammer" killed one pot and the deadly Friday night combo of 7-10 off took the other. I did manage to restrain myself from folding a 6-2 off when I was sure "the hammer" had me killed. I was apparently good after the A-K-6 hit on the flop, so I ran with it. I was bet into again on both the turn Q, and the river 4. Now I was worried about "The Nutz" being possibly in play. I managed the win with my 6's.

That put me in decent position towards the middle of the event. With Carson ever so slightly in tow, (heh) and Kat way out in front, I had some work to do. Then it happened big time. With a flush possible and all four cards showing monster overs, my little 6's found their cousin 6 on the river. What to do? You all know I hate laying down my 6's ! I had to play them and reluctantly called a massive overbet. The devil you say? I was goooooooot !

Brudder Carson, Nutzy, DonK, Suzy_Q and TotalTilt all joined in on the TuckFard invasion and it was great to see everyone out. Nutzy's chat can be priceless and Carson actually ended up sitting on my direct right for sometime. I'm not sure where everyone finished exactly but, I was happy to see Carson hanging around to an 11th. place finish. I was happy that he represented his win last week, and proved that it wasn't really a fluke like he say's. Poor Kat ended up being my double-bubble soul mate, as she missed out on the final table by that one stupid spot.

Yeah I bubbled the money too! Eight handed, I played some damn good poker. Probably too good. By that I mean I was laying down some marginal hands, but I was never too sure if they were really that marginal compared to what the player's coming at me, might have been holding. However, I thought I'd made one really bad fold when I laid down the A-Qs in 6 handed play. Turns out I was right! I was a bit ahead of both players involved pre-flop. I was mad at myself for being so cowardly. Turns out, I needed to get myself another drink for a cheers to a good decision. The 9-10s kicked the pocket 3's butt by hitting trips to the 9.

Five handed play was.... well..... weak! Waiting for bubble to burst, smash and grab kinda poker. I knew it was coming and played accordingly. It just wasn't good enough play on my part. With A-10h in hand, I hit top pair to my 10. I figured it was good enough with the player I was involved in the hand with and between us, we ended up getting all of my chips in the middle. I lose !

As always Kat, it was a great pleasure spending the night with you. Same to all my Tucks! I love me my Friday's and can't wait to play again next week!

Oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh no....WAIT ! That's right, Kat and I will be butt grabbin' in Vegas next week! Oh and there's all that work to do, collecting all those hugs and kisses from The Wife...... Oh my!
Darn, I guess I'll have to miss the Donkament.
I think.... maybe, just maybe.... I'll get over it.

I hope everyone that took the time to stop by here, went and checked out

HERE and HERE. Heart warming schtuff !

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Never so happy, to be so dissapointed ....

I went chasin' Rivers again last night and finished around the 27th. spot out of 88 I think. I was up in chips and on the Leaderboard for most of the first half of the night. I went card dead, which is almost always followed by brain dead, (in my case) right to the end from there. I made 5 moves big time, on hunches that steals were being attempted. I was right on exactly 3 of them. The three smallest of them. The other two cost me a decent amount of chips. But the poker was good for the most part and my play early last night as well as my play in the mookie Wednesday, have helped others see that I do fit in and sometimes, I can play the game a little.

Truthfully, I hate on-line poker for the most part. I am way better live and can get a better feel for the game and where I stand. I play the mookie and Riverchasers for a few good reasons. The company, the chat and well.... it's poker.

I have made some good freinds that I really look forward to meeting in exactly one week. There are some more than others, that I will hunt down and make the time to shoot the crap with. One of them is the Riverchaser over-lord himself, AL. Last night out of the blue while neither of us was in a hand, there appeared in the chat box:

Alcanthang: hey, what time you get in thursday. you know I'm going to see that band right.

I have spent some time during 2 Riverchasers and 4 mookies with Al in the last month or so. I have read or looked for a post from him everyday for, well.... a long time. About two months ago, there was a post about some music and an invitation to ask for the links to the rest of it. I asked, I was responded to and life went on all invisible-like. That is the brunt of what we know about each other.

We get in fairly late Friday and will be heading directly to the MGM to get plastered. I can't make it to do something silly on the trip on the first invitation I got. But the first invitation was just what I wanted to hear, and from who I would have liked to hear it from. Thanks AL. It's going to be a really good weekend.

If you have not read HERE, HERE, HERE OR HERE, you are reading the wrong post's today. IMHO.

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Small gains can be the best medicine ....

I've had a run of events that are helping me get myself together a little bit at a time. Small gains, but gains just the same. The first was my run in the SnG's last night. I went on a small run and took a couple of 1st's and a 2nd. out of the 4 I entered. Cashing in 3 out of 4, is a decent show in my books. I bubbled the fourth when I lost my mind temporarily and thought that trip K's was a monster. I didn't read the board very good at all, and could not see the straight staring me in the face after the river card was dealt. My bad, no one else's fault.

Then I mookie'd. In my four attempts now, I have managed to take 10 steps at a time and that makes me feel pretty good. My finishes in the four try's have been, (in order) 49th, 39th, 29th and now 19th last night. I think there might be a 9th place spot with my name on it next week. I also had some strong criticism sent my way by a player I took out. I can handle that, people get mad and it can be an ugly part of the game. (I am sometimes, just as guilty of this as the next player) Some good did come from it though. I didn't have to defend myself! Some players that I truly respect for their on-line game, came to my rescue. That was a very pleasant surprise.
I also had some praise shot my way for being in the top 10 for most of the night. I loved seeing the list of chip leader's at break as mookie live-blogged the game.
Little gains, but gains just the same.

Finally, this morning. After heading my advice and taking a couple of weeks to re-group after being let go by "The Company." Pebbles went out for an interview this morning, and was hired on the spot. WooooooHoooooooo !

Peb's is now once again, gainfully employed and all is right in the world. As a Territory Manager for a local company, she picked up the US SouthEast. Florida, The Carolina's and so on. Darn huh? Beaches, Nascar, Golf and G-frickin'-Vegas. I don't know how, but I think she'll manage to get by just fine.


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saudoso.... tesknící po domově... = Homesick2 ....

It doesn't matter how I say it, or what language I use. I am homesick squared.

I've not been at my home, for far too long, and I miss home. Today, I am homesick. (No really, I'm sick!) I've spent far too little time with my Pebble's, and far too much time on other issues. I am home today to get a little rest. As fate would have it, Peb's is out on a girlie date with friends for the day, night or ?? She needs it bad and I'm usless to her right now. I've just plain worn myself down.

Poor Tragedy has been attempting to contact a person whom he must now believe is a unicorn of sorts. For three days he's tried and tried. Aside from a couple of quick e-mails, he must think I'm totally ignoring him. I'm not! Not at all. Once I get myself sorted out just a bit and can manage some form of short term voice for the phone, I will be calling. (maybe we should temporarily trade monikers?)

I told BadBlood that I'd have to push to make Vegas, and push, push, push I have. Right to the point of physical and mental exhaustion. I know that it will be worth it. I'll make sure of that! But I'll be incredibly bummed if I'm too worn down to enjoy myself. So I'll be resting a bit more between now and then.

Besides, I have real work to do.

a) I have to firm up the butt just a touch!
b) I have to soften the lips and trim the 'stache.'
c) I have to develop a taste for SoCo. (lord have mercy on my soul/liver)
d) I have to find my throwback jersey. ;o}
e) I have to sleep.

I want to mookie tonight, but It all depends on the sleep. Fortunately or unfortunately I can't do drugs, sleep is the only hope for an un-healthy Bam-Bam.

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Things to do....

I've recently been inspired by a good friend. To "The Wife," I say thanks! Not for the life's bad beats post, but for making me respond. Nothing open's my eye's like giving advice. I love you for that. ( in a brother/sister kinda way ;o} )

I had to give my friend a bit of a kick in the ass. It was easier than you think. Carson has taught me well. "Speak your mind and be honest." would be a reasonable motto for my brudder. Still one of the smartest person's on the planet.

The post was one of bad beats and stress from life. I totally understand. I have written 100's, posted dozens. But I wanted to help. Sympathy was not the answer. Clear direction was.

I get sick of talking the good talk, but not living it. Things change all the time, deal with it, or let life deal you hammers. It's that easy.

The point is so simple, it's ..... well...... simple! Life has to be what you make it. To get out and live it, is to live. To let it run you... is a bad beat you brought on yourself.

I therefore have decided to make a "to do" list for Vegas.

1) I will collect on every hug and kiss offered by all involved.
(Wife & Kat... you are hereby warned! I've been counting.)
2) I will have a drink to G-Rob with Otis and BadBlood.
3) I will put together a mini-treat for a special invisible.
(Peb's and I have a plan. It will happen)
4) I will Soco with Al. Maybe all night, who knows?
5) I will discuss my writing with Pauly. I've always been afraid. Why ?
6) I will stop by the Tacky-Baby of the strip. Slots-A-Fun.
Why? Let's just say I owe the floor manager one.
7) I will pose with DRIZZ when he is adorned in the glorious Green & Gold.
(wife, I'd love it if it was the three of us)
8) I will get material.
9) I will as promised, post said material apropriately on this here site.
10) I will....... without question......
"love it like I'll never see it again."

I spent two hours driving home to you tonight. I would have driven as long as it took to see you again. It's 8:30pm now and the fantastic Japanese dinner is over. You have never looked so good to me........ as you do right now.

Happy Birthday my love.

Bad beats??? Please! If I never found you.... that would have been a bad beat!
Still the hottest 22 yr. old I've ever seen.


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Rest in peace, (or not ! ) K.D. .....

Today I was going to post on a bad beat poker weekend, where I killed the on-line poker world and made a substantial profit, but had a Q-8 take me out of a live game "just because." Hell, Pebbles killed on-line too, and I so wanted to talk about that.
That'll have to wait. Things have changed, random is totally taking over.

Another of my thrashing, vocal mad-men has passed. It brings a sense of sadness, a sense of remorse for good times left behind and certainly, a sense of urgency for life itself.

This Vegas trip couldn't come at a better time. As the only advice I remember my Grandfather giving me, is starting to kick it into overdrive.

I plan to "love it like I'll never get to see it again" from this point forward. I always have.... it's just that another mortality reminder has been sent my way. They always seem to come at just the right time for me. I just wish it wasn't at the expense of others.

So if you're anywhere near me in Vegas.............
Cum on feel the noize.......Girls Rock your boy's .....

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