Things to do....

I've recently been inspired by a good friend. To "The Wife," I say thanks! Not for the life's bad beats post, but for making me respond. Nothing open's my eye's like giving advice. I love you for that. ( in a brother/sister kinda way ;o} )

I had to give my friend a bit of a kick in the ass. It was easier than you think. Carson has taught me well. "Speak your mind and be honest." would be a reasonable motto for my brudder. Still one of the smartest person's on the planet.

The post was one of bad beats and stress from life. I totally understand. I have written 100's, posted dozens. But I wanted to help. Sympathy was not the answer. Clear direction was.

I get sick of talking the good talk, but not living it. Things change all the time, deal with it, or let life deal you hammers. It's that easy.

The point is so simple, it's ..... well...... simple! Life has to be what you make it. To get out and live it, is to live. To let it run you... is a bad beat you brought on yourself.

I therefore have decided to make a "to do" list for Vegas.

1) I will collect on every hug and kiss offered by all involved.
(Wife & Kat... you are hereby warned! I've been counting.)
2) I will have a drink to G-Rob with Otis and BadBlood.
3) I will put together a mini-treat for a special invisible.
(Peb's and I have a plan. It will happen)
4) I will Soco with Al. Maybe all night, who knows?
5) I will discuss my writing with Pauly. I've always been afraid. Why ?
6) I will stop by the Tacky-Baby of the strip. Slots-A-Fun.
Why? Let's just say I owe the floor manager one.
7) I will pose with DRIZZ when he is adorned in the glorious Green & Gold.
(wife, I'd love it if it was the three of us)
8) I will get material.
9) I will as promised, post said material apropriately on this here site.
10) I will....... without question......
"love it like I'll never see it again."

I spent two hours driving home to you tonight. I would have driven as long as it took to see you again. It's 8:30pm now and the fantastic Japanese dinner is over. You have never looked so good to me........ as you do right now.

Happy Birthday my love.

Bad beats??? Please! If I never found you.... that would have been a bad beat!
Still the hottest 22 yr. old I've ever seen.


My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


katitude said...

I'll call your hugs, and raise you a butt-grab.

Or three *wicked grin.

BamBam said...

U R sooooooooo..... on !

Do me a favour though? Drop by the wife and let her know you love her. K?

Between us, she'll never be the same !!

Lot's 'O' love Kat !

*Devil'ish grin!

The Wife said...

Thanks for the kick in the ass. By the time the afternoon rolled around, and I'd gotten over the fact that I miss some of those tiny kid moments, I actually made headway and felt a little better.

I know you're counting number of hugs I owe you - is there a time limit on actual length?

And you are more than welcome to show up in the Green and Gold picture - wouldn't be the same without.

uhhh . . . I can't think of any suggestive gestures that I can post on here!

The Wife

pokertart said...

I'm totally going to live vicariously through you, Bam. So I expect nice long entries here of all of your exploits!!