Friday's Donkament ....

A funny thing happened on the way to some mindless stress releif in Kat's Friday night Blogger Donkament, I hit my crap early. Three in a row !

I didn't really know how to handle this at first. Sure I giggled and had another drink. But I felt a little... uh ... 'dirty.'

Then I had a run where the RNG went haywire on me. It hasn't really found me too often lately, but man! Of all the places to have it happen ! I was getting surreal cards in the hole. In one 6 player all in, I folded A-A. Then in another very similar situation, I think there were 5 players all in, I did it again. What resraint! I would have lost both huge pots as "the hammer" killed one pot and the deadly Friday night combo of 7-10 off took the other. I did manage to restrain myself from folding a 6-2 off when I was sure "the hammer" had me killed. I was apparently good after the A-K-6 hit on the flop, so I ran with it. I was bet into again on both the turn Q, and the river 4. Now I was worried about "The Nutz" being possibly in play. I managed the win with my 6's.

That put me in decent position towards the middle of the event. With Carson ever so slightly in tow, (heh) and Kat way out in front, I had some work to do. Then it happened big time. With a flush possible and all four cards showing monster overs, my little 6's found their cousin 6 on the river. What to do? You all know I hate laying down my 6's ! I had to play them and reluctantly called a massive overbet. The devil you say? I was goooooooot !

Brudder Carson, Nutzy, DonK, Suzy_Q and TotalTilt all joined in on the TuckFard invasion and it was great to see everyone out. Nutzy's chat can be priceless and Carson actually ended up sitting on my direct right for sometime. I'm not sure where everyone finished exactly but, I was happy to see Carson hanging around to an 11th. place finish. I was happy that he represented his win last week, and proved that it wasn't really a fluke like he say's. Poor Kat ended up being my double-bubble soul mate, as she missed out on the final table by that one stupid spot.

Yeah I bubbled the money too! Eight handed, I played some damn good poker. Probably too good. By that I mean I was laying down some marginal hands, but I was never too sure if they were really that marginal compared to what the player's coming at me, might have been holding. However, I thought I'd made one really bad fold when I laid down the A-Qs in 6 handed play. Turns out I was right! I was a bit ahead of both players involved pre-flop. I was mad at myself for being so cowardly. Turns out, I needed to get myself another drink for a cheers to a good decision. The 9-10s kicked the pocket 3's butt by hitting trips to the 9.

Five handed play was.... well..... weak! Waiting for bubble to burst, smash and grab kinda poker. I knew it was coming and played accordingly. It just wasn't good enough play on my part. With A-10h in hand, I hit top pair to my 10. I figured it was good enough with the player I was involved in the hand with and between us, we ended up getting all of my chips in the middle. I lose !

As always Kat, it was a great pleasure spending the night with you. Same to all my Tucks! I love me my Friday's and can't wait to play again next week!

Oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh no....WAIT ! That's right, Kat and I will be butt grabbin' in Vegas next week! Oh and there's all that work to do, collecting all those hugs and kisses from The Wife...... Oh my!
Darn, I guess I'll have to miss the Donkament.
I think.... maybe, just maybe.... I'll get over it.

I hope everyone that took the time to stop by here, went and checked out

HERE and HERE. Heart warming schtuff !

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

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