Never so happy, to be so dissapointed ....

I went chasin' Rivers again last night and finished around the 27th. spot out of 88 I think. I was up in chips and on the Leaderboard for most of the first half of the night. I went card dead, which is almost always followed by brain dead, (in my case) right to the end from there. I made 5 moves big time, on hunches that steals were being attempted. I was right on exactly 3 of them. The three smallest of them. The other two cost me a decent amount of chips. But the poker was good for the most part and my play early last night as well as my play in the mookie Wednesday, have helped others see that I do fit in and sometimes, I can play the game a little.

Truthfully, I hate on-line poker for the most part. I am way better live and can get a better feel for the game and where I stand. I play the mookie and Riverchasers for a few good reasons. The company, the chat and well.... it's poker.

I have made some good freinds that I really look forward to meeting in exactly one week. There are some more than others, that I will hunt down and make the time to shoot the crap with. One of them is the Riverchaser over-lord himself, AL. Last night out of the blue while neither of us was in a hand, there appeared in the chat box:

Alcanthang: hey, what time you get in thursday. you know I'm going to see that band right.

I have spent some time during 2 Riverchasers and 4 mookies with Al in the last month or so. I have read or looked for a post from him everyday for, well.... a long time. About two months ago, there was a post about some music and an invitation to ask for the links to the rest of it. I asked, I was responded to and life went on all invisible-like. That is the brunt of what we know about each other.

We get in fairly late Friday and will be heading directly to the MGM to get plastered. I can't make it to do something silly on the trip on the first invitation I got. But the first invitation was just what I wanted to hear, and from who I would have liked to hear it from. Thanks AL. It's going to be a really good weekend.

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My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

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