2007 can kiss my ....

Firstly, let me tell everyone that I left her tired, but in great spirits. Considering she was in the Emergency unit of our great RVH Hospital, I felt slightly better about the most recent turn of events.

Pebble's, not-so-Mini-Peb's and I, were sitting in a restaurant for lunch. When suddenly Pebbles started to complain of some serious heartburn. She had only eaten some soup at that time. She then said something that I didn't quite comprehend.
(or hear! I am partially deaf and this is not too un-common around me)
When I asked her to repeat it, she said something like, "I'm going to black out."

Before she finished the sentence, her head was heading for the table. I managed to catch her in time to prevent any contact, but was completely shocked at the feel of her lifeless body in my arms. I did pulse checks that scared me a lot, but I discovered that she was breathing. I could not look directly at her in the position we were forced to be in. But a quick look across the table at my not-so-mini-Peb's expression, told me something was seriously wrong.

Pebble's eye's had rolled back in her head, (I was told later) and she suddenly started a violent breathing pattern. Then all her muscles tensed as if she was trying to put her right thumb way back into her right elbow. Then the shaking started. It wasn't violent or aggresive in any way, just shaking. All of this took place in about two minutes, maybe three. At the time it seemed like an eternity to me, I can tell you that.

She came around, (of sorts) and was trying to ask what had happened. We slowly settled into a comfortable hug and had a momment of realization together. We needed a Hospital. We dropped off not-so-mini-Peb's and headed over to our R.V.H. in Bedrock.

I do want to say, I not only love my not-so-mini-Peb's for being the perfect partner when we needed her, in what was an incredibly scary crisis for both of us. But I am so very proud of her maturity and composure in this situation, for her meahger 17 years on this green earth. I needed you and you were there. I love you!

It appears that Pebbles has had some form of seizure activity. We won't know much more about it until the AM. As I said earlier, when I left the Hospital I had no concerns with her spirit and devotion to life going on. But I have just read everything available on seizures and the like, and I am not too fond of the picture it paints for us moving forward.

She scared the 'it' out of me today, and I had actually thought I'd lost her for just a momment there. If our lord considered this practice for the big day, I'd better go first. Even better, we should both go together. No one should have to ever get that feeling of instant lost love. I wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy, even in our most heated battle.

I need a good cry. As soon as she's home in my arms and doesn't need me to be strong and un-afraid, I'm pretty sure I'll have it.

For those wondering why I'm sitting here posting this at 1:02 AM, after all that has occured, I say we all deal with situations in differant ways. I have found respit in writing out my thoughts. Lord knows Pebbles sense of humour through the whole thing cannot possibly be explained either. The fool kept screwing with her heart monitor to get a reaction out of me, only to laugh at the reaction that she had gotten as a way to kill the time in the emergancy room.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


The Wife said...

Oh heavens hon! My thoughts and prayers are with you and the mini-Pebs now. She's going to be fine . . . good things have to come to good people.

As my father-in-law likes to say, even far away, "My arms are around you" - you can cry on my invisible shoulder.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery - I'll hug her gently in Vegas.

All my love (or as much as you need to be strong) . . .

The Wife

Otis said...

You might be able to relate with my wife. She has found me in a similar state twice in the past five years. Science has done little to explain it.

Hope it turns it out to be nothing too serious.