Small gains can be the best medicine ....

I've had a run of events that are helping me get myself together a little bit at a time. Small gains, but gains just the same. The first was my run in the SnG's last night. I went on a small run and took a couple of 1st's and a 2nd. out of the 4 I entered. Cashing in 3 out of 4, is a decent show in my books. I bubbled the fourth when I lost my mind temporarily and thought that trip K's was a monster. I didn't read the board very good at all, and could not see the straight staring me in the face after the river card was dealt. My bad, no one else's fault.

Then I mookie'd. In my four attempts now, I have managed to take 10 steps at a time and that makes me feel pretty good. My finishes in the four try's have been, (in order) 49th, 39th, 29th and now 19th last night. I think there might be a 9th place spot with my name on it next week. I also had some strong criticism sent my way by a player I took out. I can handle that, people get mad and it can be an ugly part of the game. (I am sometimes, just as guilty of this as the next player) Some good did come from it though. I didn't have to defend myself! Some players that I truly respect for their on-line game, came to my rescue. That was a very pleasant surprise.
I also had some praise shot my way for being in the top 10 for most of the night. I loved seeing the list of chip leader's at break as mookie live-blogged the game.
Little gains, but gains just the same.

Finally, this morning. After heading my advice and taking a couple of weeks to re-group after being let go by "The Company." Pebbles went out for an interview this morning, and was hired on the spot. WooooooHoooooooo !

Peb's is now once again, gainfully employed and all is right in the world. As a Territory Manager for a local company, she picked up the US SouthEast. Florida, The Carolina's and so on. Darn huh? Beaches, Nascar, Golf and G-frickin'-Vegas. I don't know how, but I think she'll manage to get by just fine.


My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


The Wife said...

A big "way to go" for Pebbles . . . like you ever had doubts your honey would land on her feet.

However, after Doc has dragged me around the world so many times (6 in 13 years of marriage), I do know that momentary panic of "what if I don't have a job in the next place?"

Good day to you and the wifey and see you soon, love.

The Wife

katitude said...

Pebbles, congrats on the job! First cocktail is on me :-)

pokertart said...

Congrats to Pebbles!

BamBam said...

I would just like to personally thank my little harem.

Karma has dealt me 4 Queens !
(including Pebbles of course !)

And I am a lucky, lucky cave kid !

((hugs)) to all !
(yes I added that one to the count)

Anonymous said...

({Hugs}) for Pebbles!!!

(I am sometimes, just as guilty of this as the next player)


{heavy sarcasm}

Falstaff said...

Just remember as sales trips are scheduled, the airport in Charlotte has direct flights everywhere, and the Falstaff home game is almost every Friday night! Pebbles (and you) are always welcome!