OK so....... I mookied....

Right off the bat though, apparently this place started two years ago today. That means with the other two locations to put fingers to keyboard, I've been at this crap for just about three years total.

Bizarre! Feels more like ten years or so to me.

To my friends that drop by occasionally whether out of utter boredom, (most likely) or for the Frantic Friday soft porn, (more likely!) my sincerest thanks for dropping by. I hold back nothing if given the chance, so the vast majority of you know exactly how I feel about each and every one of you.

So I tried to pull my weight for our little group and get a few extra Donkavatars out to last nights mookie. The count was 32 and even though I was hoping for way more, it was great to get a chance to sit down with a few folks that I hadn't been able to for far too long. I also know who exactly it was, that read here and showed up because I had asked. You know who you are too!

Thanks kids!

The game started out pretty routine.

1. a customary or regular course of procedure.
2. commonplace; typical or everyday activity.
3. regular, unvarying, habitual, unimaginative, or rote procedure.
4. an unvarying and constantly repeated formula.

I was dealt five "Bammers" in the first orbit.
After winning the first hand with one, I put the ole' 9-3 off away for the night.

I did manage to survive until first break somehow though.

Then I had a miracle 8-8 hold against jestocost's A-J, to take a little pressure off of the next few hands.

By second break, I was getting into a funky rhythm of sorts.




Lather, rinse and repeat as often as required.

It was just as simple as nothing and I mean NOTHING, was being dealt my way. I stole a pot here and there and then I frequently also, had to fold to a re-raise every so often.

Then as things are apt to go, I went on the good card run.

Naturally in the progression of all things NLHE for me, it would fold around and I'd pick up the blinds and antes.

Then after about the gazzillionth jam all in by Lucko, I figured A-J just had to be gold. Natch, he flipped up the same hand for the chop.

A little later, Lucko jammed after having to show a Q-8 in his hand. When he jammed again about four hands later, I figured A-4 to be good. It was and I got the double up that got me deeper into the field.

In the final four, I made a move or two that I thought would get me an opportunity for the win. They got me a few extra chips.

Then I was dealt pocket Jacks in the SB. When it folded to me, I made it pot to go. TheMan in the BB made the call. A flop of baby cards made me comfortable that Jacks were good. I made the read of a big Ace so, my turn to jam.

TheMan flipped up pocket 7's for the set and yours truly, ended up being the first loser.

Not really what I had hoped for to be honest.

But a couple of things are for certain, I run like a God in the friends department AND, I just may be starting to get the hang of this NLHE thing after all.

Well OK, I'm lucky I have friends.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Take your kids to the mookie day.... and Peb's FTW....

So on the win thingy....

Remember that I'd mentioned we had started playing some free bar Poker at a little spot on the edge of town? Well after our finishes of 16th., (me) and 15th. (Peb's) the first week, we knew that one of us would have a shot at a win if we could just survive the short stack push-fest at the 1000 - 2000 blind level. Then with us finishing 11th.(me) and 9th. (Peb's) just last week, things seemed to look even more promising. Specifically, after having my Aces cracked against the A-7 of the chip leader at the time. It just seemed that with a little luck and some solid TAG pokering, a win would come our way soon.

With another 40 runners making an appearance last night, I ran all the way to a 15th. place finish. That was with me seeing exactly two face cards the entire night. TWO! Not one pocket pair or even suited connectors, right up until the end. A couple of timely bluffs and one miracle flop with 3-7 off in my BB after several limpers, kept me in the game longer than the cards I was dealt should've allowed. In the end, I jammed the sooOOooted 10-J with my remaining 3 1/2 BB's for the loss.

I'm certainly not thrilled with all these finishes in, (or near) the low teens but honestly I have to admit, running that deep into the gauntlet that is free bar Poker with the hands I've had to work with, does keep that little fire burning inside me that a win is in my near future for sure.

Well with rock solid play despite three massive bad beats while WAY ahead, my Peb's took the whole enchilada down last night for her first win in the series. To make it even sweeter, she went into head's up as a four-to-one chip dog. The guy had like 80% of the chips in play, to what looked like her measly little stack.

Congrats baby! I couldn't be any more proud.

= = = = = = =

Now for the challenge part!

With it's timing, I don't get to play in a lot of mookies. But it is the Grandfather of all blogger games after all so, I'm in this week.

Sure there's no $10,000 main event seat on the line and showing up only means one thing, that you support our silly little games like the blogger you are. But I see that as a good enough reason this week.

Do you?

I see that there were 35 runners last week. So I went and told two friends and I'm hoping that they'll tell two friends and so on, and so on, and so on.

Oh and brudder Chako, consider this your reminder! :)

So my challenge is this.

I challenge all of you to sign up for this weeks mookie and to also tell at least one friend to do the same. Let's see if on a regular week with nothing on the line but bragging rights in our little community, we can get 100 out to play in the mookie!

............. The P/W is always vegas1 .........

I don't know where he is or what he's been doing lately, but I miss the man with a gazillion offspring. Maybe with a little show of support from the group of us, we can entice mookie out of semi-retirement and start reading over at his place again soon.

I'm down for that, are you?

I hope so!

So there you have it, I declare it official!
Wednesday November 4, 2009 just became,

take your kids to the mookie day.

Do me a favour will you?

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....