A kid, A Cap'n Coke, A Kat ...................... an' a Baaaaad Puppy....

Had a run at Al's game last night, and I had a classic 'hand against (semi)hand' moment with my favorite bad puppy. I raise my SB that gets called by Dino_Burger. I decide to play with 9-9. See what hits, got lotsa chips, maybe I make a bundle here is what's in my head. Flop brought three spades, one was the 9. I have a set and decide to check as a smooth play. Dino pushes and I have to put him on a draw. (insert chuckles here if I'm a moron, it happens) I call. Surprise ! He's on a draw that hit's on the turn. Then just for good measure, Bad Puppy hits again on the river. No 9, no paired board and IGHN.

Had a great night with the folks that make me happy to be in the game I hate. Waffles, Drizz, Katitude and Dino. Special persons that make me happy no matter what. I don't play these games for money. I make that in the other easy pickins' available on Tilt. When I do good, I'm a happy kid. When I don't, but get to see freinds like these, I'm a happy kid.

Another great night, and a day off tomorrow.
Only means one thing.....

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !

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The shuffle master .....

It actually scares me that random can work this well. No wonder I wanted some! A couple make no sense. A couple are bang on.(right Carson!) The majority, actually make a little sense. Weird?

Here are the rules: Put your music player on shuffle. Press forward for each question. Use the song title as the answer to the question even if it doesn't make sense.

30 Songs:

How am I feeling today? Crazy Train

Will I get far in life? Pinball Map

What's your current state of mind? Sad but True

How do my friends see me? Legacy of Kings

Where will I get married? Planet Hell

What is your view of marriage? Knight Jumps Queen

What is my best friend's theme song? People are Strange

What is the story of my life? Crawl Through Knives

What is/was high school like? Statutory Ape

How can I get ahead in life? Greed

What is the best thing about me? Homicidal Retribution

What is today going to be like? Synthetic Generation

What is in store for this weekend? Something Wicked

Describe my parents? Only for the Weak

Describe my grandparents? Turn to Ash

How is my life going? This is Now

What song will they play at my funeral? To the Threshhold

How does the world see me? One

Will I have a happy life? Fire it Up

What do my friends really think of me? Dragula

Do people secretly lust after me? One Step Closer

How can I make myself happy? Masters Apprentice

What should I do with my life? An Erotic Alchemy

Will I ever have children? Aces High

What is some good advice for me? Enter Sandman

How will I be remembered? Voodoo

What is my signature dancing song? Set the World on Fire

What is my current theme song? Focus Shift

What do people think my current theme song is? Fuel

What type of men/women do you like? For Those About to Rock


An "easy $12's" view on things....

“This should be the sickest bloggament to day, double stack RAZZ!! I cannot wait to see pictures of the beats on Wednesday morning!” – cracknaces

This was the quote used to remind everyone to come out participate in the event.

a) If by “sickest” he meant, I will freely attack and attempt to insult you as a thanks for coming out to support my event every week, then it was pretty “sick.”

b) If by “sickest” he meant, I’ll call you what I think you are, and that’s, “the easiest $12 going to everyone here," it was pretty sick then too.

c) Maybe “sickest” was supposed to mean, we all know it’ll happen, but don’t do it to me and I’ll leave you alone.

Whatever it was supposed to mean, there actually was something that was pretty “sick.” But in reality, it’s not worth my/your time to discuss/read. For whatever reason, Poker in general, but much more intensely Razz, has the ability to bring out the worst in competitive people. I’ve been there and I’ve done that. Not proud of it, but I learned from it and have moved on in life.

I call Razz, “upside down stud.” I’ve never gone out looking for a Razz game as such, but several times it finds me and I sit down and play. As part of my beloved H.O.R.S.E., I try and take advantage in the 'R' because of the lack of knowledge there can be on the game, in the case of my opponents.

There really is only one solid strategy in Razz, but I choose to split my personal strategy into two parts.

1) Since you have a glimpse at other players hands, I take pride in my ability to read the board. When the hand is dealt, I look at all the face up cards to get a feel for who’s going to, (or should) fold, and who will, (or should) play. I also try to keep a count of live and dead cards during the hand. This helps later in the hand, when I try putting my opponent on a hand and estimating my own outs.

2) Getting chips in the pot. Then by 5th. street, I make a judgement and decide if I either have the best hand, or am drawing to the best hand.

The first part is the good solid fundamental strategy. The getting chips in the pot part, is my personal preference and not so much a generally accepted practice in the game. (That’s why I split it out) I do it a lot when I like my starting holdings. I really like to do it when several of my better hands have been shown, and I have a decent board showing again. Also, players will reach a little further because of the number of cards in their hand and possibilities for outs. Without tracking those outs acutely, you may be drawing quite thin. Sometimes in the stud games, drawing to a loaded deck is the best way to take down large pots. If you can put your opponent on a 7 or 8 high hand and feel really good about your read, drawing to a deck full of 3’s and 6’s with (A-2)-4-5-J seems reasonable to me. In particular, because you are probably still going to be good if you are hit with one of your opponents 7’s, or maybe even the 8.

This is how I play the game. Right or wrong, it’s what I do. I ask no opinions, I ask no forgiveness and I offer no apologies. Maybe I play like an idiot, could be. But it’s been working for me in Stud games for 30 years. I figure if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

In last night’s game, I made final table just in time to bust out 9th. I made a brutal play at the end continuing with a bluff and a pretty decent hand showing to the other player. I know so much better than this, but I committed to it and couldn’t pull the reins back on my play. (a personal weakness I need to work on when tired) At least Chad was right about something last night. At 12:15am. this morning after a 12 hour work day and eating dinner at the computer so I could participate in his event for an additional 2 ¾ hrs, my $12 was pretty easy picken’s.

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Trying to keep it 1/2 full ....

Trying to be as upbeat and “Glass is ½ full™” as I can, last night was a little rough around the edges. I busted out early in The TuckFard Open because I decided to play the crap I was being dealt. Rather than sit there and fold out like I’ve been forced to do by the complete and utter card-deaded-ness that has seemingly gone on forever, I played the crap. Guess what? Nothing hit. Not even once. So I bust out and move on to my SnG challenge.

In the first one, I bubbled when I ran 10-10 with a board of 3-10-3 into A-A. I checked and was bet into for $1200. I raised it up to $3300 and was then put all in by my opponent. I am not laying the hand down and so I called. We see a blank on the turn and the A hits the river just like any good what? 8% chance should. I tell myself that I got in with the best of it and move on to the next one. (That’s the new and improved Bam-Bam)

The second game I am once again down to three-handed play when I get dealt pocket A-A in my BB. Button limps and the SB checks. The chip counts are;

Bam-Bam = 5,750 + 400 BB
Donkey = 2,000 + 200 SB
Doofus = 250 + 400 limp

I make a raise to isolate the committed Button player and make it 1,200 to go. Why I was surprised I don’t really know, but to my amazement, the both push all in. Easy call here. A three way pot of 9,000 and I hold the nuts. Cards ;

Bam-Bam = Ad-Ah
Donkey = As-Kc
Doofus = 9c-10c

I go into it at what, 70% or 71% to win? Here’s a flop for you !

Jc-Qs-2c…… Argh ! Followed by the turn of the Kh …… Aaaaargh ! And the river Ks.

One guy triples up, the other doubles up. Not exactly my night. I did manage to take down second place cash after they ran A-A into K-K about 4 hands later. (and yes! The King’s cracked the Aces)

I went out after making a substantial move that was called. I hit nothing but my bottom pair 4 on the board, but made a continuation bet to get the lay down. He called and I know I’m in deep crap now. I checked the turn and so did he. I took a stab at the harmless looking river card and was only called to my surprise. The 5 on the river was my un-doing, as he played the A-5 off-suit just as it should be done. Nothing but air the whole way to the river.

The third game was the same scenario, down to three-handed fairly quickly. I hit a good flop that was checked to my BB while holding the 7h-8h. The flop came 6h-9c-5h. Check-check-check. (‘cause I’m a sneaky little bugger) Turn was the Ks and after a check from the SB, I put out a pot-sized bet. I get one caller from the button and we see a river of the 4h. (Yahtzee !) I fire another bet of about ½ the pot. There is tank time taken. ALL OF IT. Right at the 1.0 second mark, he pushed all in. Weeeeeee !

Head’s up was three hands. The guy pushed the first hand and I quickly called with Ad-Kd. It miraculously held up against Ac-3h. The next hand I was dealt pocket 7-7. I limped and he let me. I hit a set on the turn after he let me check the flop. I couldn’t get all of his ships there and I knew it. I took max. value from the hand though when he called with a flopped TP weak kicker. He pushed his last 250 in and I was calling with ATC ! He-He-He……. These ATC just happened to be “The Bammer.” I hit both the 9 and the 3 on the flop. Nothing but air the rest of the way and I win one game, cash one game and played good enough to win the other two but didn’t.

The glass is definitely ½ full !

Don't forget Chad's Skills game tonight at 9:30 on FullTilt. It's DOUBLE-STACK RAZZ tonight !

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Our folks in OZ....

I'm sure most that read here are following his progress, but just in case.

A day 1 Aussie Millions update on our man.... (credit = Pauly at Pokernews)

"jeciimd" Doubles Up
On the next to last hand of the night, "jeciimd" doubled up. He was all in preflop with pocket Aces against an opponent's pocket Kings. The board ran out 6h-5s-3s-As-Qd. Chadwick won the pot and increased his stack to 49,900.

"jeciimd" is there because he won a seat on Full Tilt via the "Battle of the Blogger Tournamets: Aussie Millions Challenge." The series was run by popular blogger by the name of AlCantHang. He hosted weekly events and the winners of each of those events qualified for the Tournament of Champions (TOC), with the winner of that winning a seat to the Aussie Millions.

I can't think of anyone out there that wouldn't love to see a blogger do good in an event like this. I know I'm cheering him on. Please support both "jeciimd" and my man Pauly, by following the action on HERE on Pokernews.

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So much to say, BUT SO LITTLE TIME ....

Corporate Canada is exacting it's revenge on me for what was a pretty good week last week. Trying to get 8 days of workload out of me in the one day actually supplied, apparently seems reasonable to some around here.

A quick thanks to Astin, who was kind enough to "ship it" this direction.

Da-da-daa-da-da... GO-PACK-GO !

The first 240 seconds of that game, definately added fresh grey hair to all of the die-hard Packer-Backers like me. One fumble all year and then 2 in that first 4 minutes of play! Yikes !

Other than Kat's game on Friday and one measley SnG, I took a weekend off of poker. Pebbles went on a mini-tear at the SnG's while I watched Football this weekend. She was on a roll and cashed, (or won!) most that she sat down at. She has increased her bankroll a fair bit, which is nice to see. The TuckFards did not take a break this weekend. I have heard a few preliminary reports of a WIN(?) for darling Suzy_Q and a runner up finish for the lovely Y. Nice job ladies! Represent !!!
I'm hoping someone that was there will give a report on the action for me. If I understand things correctly, the ladies were not the only Tucks representing. Did I hear of multiple TuckFard sitings at the final table..... again ??

Let's get those stories rolling folks !

One side note on how incredibly out of hand "The Hammer" is really getting.
Read The Iraqi Hammer !

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